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My First Guy For Real.

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I had recently come out of the closet and...

(For reference, my profile picture is me) I came out of the closet later in life (Right after my 20th birthday) and I was feeling pretty good. While I was in it, I'd had some male to male experiences experimentally, but was never comfortable enough to do much, being closeted. Once I came out, I was ready for anything and everything. It just so happened a few days after I came out my best friend threw a party because her parents were out of town for the weekend and we could drink and be as loud as we wanted. At the party was..well, we'll call him Jake, a guy I hadn't seen for three or so years, since I graduated high school. Everybody knew Jake was gay, he came out very young and had that sort of vibe. He and I spoke for a while about our coming out experiences and all that stuff, and then out came the booze and the playing cards. I dealt rounds of hold 'em poker, where chips weren't bet, but dares were, so the winner got to choose any loser they pleased and dare them. Now, when I was younger I performed card magic as a hobby, so I knew more than my way around a deck and could rig any player to win if I pleased. I didn't cheat much, only when somebody had a particularly interesting dare in mind. The dares started off tame enough, but soon enough, more booze and more time made everything dirtier. Jake and I were the only gay guys, among a group of straight boys and girls. The straight boys had the girls making out and stripping for their amusement, and so the girls started to want Jake and I to fool around for their amusement. At this point I hadn't kissed any guys, and so I was nervous as could be, but lo and behold, we were dared to each take a shot, me of rum, him of coke, and mix them in our mouths. The kiss was electrifying, and he even dared me to kiss him again when he won the next round. Jake and I hardly paid attention to any other dares (Minus two of the straight boys having to kiss, that was a funny one) and focused more on each other. I stopped drinking after the kiss so I could sober up and a few hours later decided I should probably get going, because I had work in the morning and it was late. I don't remember why, but the group decided that as punishment for leaving early I had to do a few more dares. They were tame enough, flashing the group my dick and my ass, and spanking one of the girls, but the interesting dare was the last one. I had to give Jake a hickey. Now, I was attracted to him, and he was totally cool with the dare, but nervously asked if we could move to the bathroom for the hickey. I said sure and he led the way. Once in there, he unbuttoned his shirt and told me to go for it. The moment my teeth hit his skin, he moaned a high pitch moan of pure pleasure that instantly made me rock hard. I stayed, barring my teeth into him for as long as he could handle it, before he grabbed me by the shoulders, threw me against the wall and started biting me. I could hardly catch my breath, but I managed to say to him "well that wasn't part of the dare" with a cocky grin. He replied with a wicked smile that I can still see perfectly, and then he kissed me, deeper and more passionately before. My hands gravitated behind him and I started to rub his cute little ass before moving my hands to the front. He withdrew his mouth, planted it on my neck and began to unbutton me. Being that I was ready for anything with my new found comfort in my sexuality, I pushed him off of me and turned him to the wall and bit my way down his stomach before reaching his jeans, straining against a rock hard dick. I unbuttoned them and teased him with the palm of my hand until he started pulling on the back of my hair, turning my face up, kissing me, and asking me what I wanted to do. I pulled his underwear and jeans to his ankles and began stroking him slowly and teasingly, giving the head a good circle with my tongue every now and then. Once I tired of teasing him, I took him into my mouth and learned that, blissfully, I don't have a gag reflex and could deep throat him with relative ease. He laid his head against the wall and let me do what I wanted, moaning in bliss without a care in the world that the rest of the party could probably hear him. When he was getting close, about 10 or 15 minutes in, I slowed myself and stop sucking, and was about to tell him he was okay to finish in my mouth, but even after my mouth was off, it was too much to handle and he came on his stomach, all over the bite marks I had left on my way down. My tongue traced the line of cum all the way up to his neck, which I bit again, and he kissed me, cum still in my mouth and began to move his way down on me. He was much less interested in teasing than I was, being as horny as he was, and he began giving me the best blowjob of my life. Now, I've always had plenty of stamina, so he was down there at least 20 minutes before he asked me how close I was, and I told him "Getting there". He went back, and then started jerking my dick while sucking on my balls, which eventually got me off, all over his face, which he happily drank up. I had forgotten completely about time and where we were, but once we left the bathroom, one of my friends said, feigning ignorance "What happened in there?". I turned red and took my leave, and went to work the next day tired, but satisfied.



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