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A Thank You

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I was invited to a dinner party at a restaurant with a whole group of people I barely knew. I was by far the youngest and there were some well known people going and I was a little nervous. When I arrived I was introduced to a man at the bar who turned out to be a famous playwright. He was looking somewhat wolfish in his linen trouser suit and battered hat. He took my hand and raised it to his lips. Was it me or was he mentally undressing me? Despite the fact that I wasn't attracted to him, a charge went through me. We chatted for a few moments and then I was led away to the table and wasn't seated anywhere near him and turned my attention to my dining partners.

The party turned out to be a lively one with a great deal of chatter. Dessert came round and it was decreed that all the men should swap places. Before I could count to three my playwright friend from the bar was next to me.

I have no idea what we were talking about but the conversation quickly became a fencing match. This man was trying to find my soft spot and I didn't like it. I think I must have snapped at him.


"This is pretty terrifying for a man."

"What is?"

"You have no idea what you radiate!"

"What? What are you talking about?"

"You! You are so horny... you're about to pop! Someone should just take you..."

"Oh my god. You are such a man."

"Yeah? And you're all woman."

Silence. He leaned in.

"You have an extraordinary face.. no, don't look at me like that, I mean it. I've been around a lot you know and trust me, there aren't too many faces like yours. The French have a good word for it..."

"Jolie laide?"

"You're incredible. Someone should paint you."

Let's face it, he was a playwright and he had some good lines. I was horny and he was starting to have an effect on me.

The party was now moving on to another place and we staggered out of the restaurant. He offered me a ride and I accepted. As I opened the car door I said:

"Aren't we going to give anyone else a ride?"

He ignored me. I got in.

I slid onto the black leather seat and leant back. It was really comfortable and I was starting to feel seriously sexy. He opened the roof and the hot, starry night opened before me. I was wearing a soft, clingy dress and heels and I gently opened my legs and stretched out the way a cat would. I felt silken and sinewy and ready for a tumble.

"Do you want to smoke?" he asked.


We smoked, and drove, listening to music full blast on the stereo; neither of us said a word. I remember the lights of the city flickering all around me as sweat trickled between my breasts and thighs. I was sticky everywhere and wanted to take my dress off and throw it on the back seat. The scent of my sex was filling up the car. I glanced over at his crotch and looked away.

We pulled into a corner of a dark parking lot. I got out and walked round to his side of the car as he was getting out. He didn't see me coming and I saw that he had his hand down the front of his pants. He froze as he saw me looking at him.

"It's okay" I said.

I wasn't really attracted to him but for some reason I couldn't stop myself. I walked up to him and undid his belt.

"Close the car door" I breathed moving my mouth close to his but not going in for a kiss. I pushed him gently back against the car.

I unzipped his pants and felt for his cock. It was good and hard. I knew the really sexy thing to do now would be to go down on him right there in the parking lot but, as I say, I didn't really fancy him. He had made me feel damn sexy though and I wanted to thank him.

I started to stroke his cock with my hand and he groaned.

"Does that feel good?" I asked, softly.

"Oh yeah".

I stroked him harder and allowed him to put his hand up my dress, but as soon as he touched my wet panties he grunted and spurted his come onto the concrete.



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