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An Early Experience

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This happened when I was fifteen, and it was one of the first sexual experiences I had with a male.


When I was fourteen, my mom applied for a job that required her to leave the state to train for. It was something federal, (but it doesn't really matter because she ended up turning down the job), and it happened to be around my parents' anniversary that she had to leave. My parents decided to celebrate their anniversary during the same trip, and I was left shit out of luck.

Actually, that isn't true. I was left at my cousin's house for about two weeks, sometime during late October. My cousin's house is on the border of North and South Carolina, though, so it didn't get too cold or too warm during this time of year.

My cousin, Matt, was about a year older than me, and he often had friends out to his house, some of which could already drive. Halloween night rolled around, and my cousin was out with some friends until late into the night, maybe eleven or so. My aunt had also left to visit my diabetic grandma on the other side of town. She was having trouble with her meds, and had been feeling light-headed most of the day, so my aunt agreed to stay with her overnight. It was only about a thirty minute drive, and my aunt told me to call if there was any trouble.

My cousin came in late with some of his friends. I noticed them all immediately, mostly because I had lusted after each of them at one point of another. There was Alex, my age, Jake, 16, and Seth, Matt's age. Alex was extremely muscular, especially for his age, and had short, spiked brown hair, and green eyes. He also had braces, which I thought were cute. Jake was a little taller, and had long blond hair and blue eyes. He matched the atmosphere of the coastline of North Carolina. Seth also had longer hair, but it was brown and his eyes were also green. He was the shortest of the group.

Matt, my cousin, was actually the most attractive of the group, as strange as it sounds. He had the perfect muscle tone, shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, and was the perfect height. I always teased him that he had missed his calling as a male model, mostly because he was good at anything but looking good.

I feel obligated to describe myself as well. I was tall for a girl, about 5'10' or so, and I am thin, not extremely skinny, but not exactly 'curvy' yet either. I grew into a more attractive body as I got older, but at the time I was a little flat in the chest and my butt was still just bubbly, but bouncy. I was born with brown hair, but I usually have it covered with enough highlights to resemble a natural blond.

As I was saying, it was late when they got in, pushing eleven or so, and I was in the guest room upstairs. It was where I was staying while I was at Matt's.

I had been in my room, reading a Cosmo magazine fantasizing about various things. I had just discovered the art of masturbation at that age, but I hadn't yet started for the night. I had planned to stay up all night, preparing myself with fantasies and then having an extended masturbation session, but then Matt got home.

I went downstairs to greet him and tell him where Aunt Beth had gone. He put a couple pizzas in the oven while we were talking and told me that he would probably be in the basement the whole night with the guys. There was a TV down there, and a couch, but the main entertainment system was in the den, which was on the main floor. I knew that they would be back up here, so I just told him that I would be upstairs and went back to my room.

I waited for the commotion downstairs to come to a halt, indicating that the group had gone into the basement, and then I spread my legs on my bed and started to ever so gently rub my self through my panties. I was still reading the Cosmo, which I had stolen from Aunt Beth's magazine rack. There was an article about pleasing guys in bed, and I absolutely loved to read about things like this. I liked 'preparing' for when I actually got the chance to sleep with a guy. I would be a 'Sexpert', as Cosmo put it.

I finished reading what I could in the magazine, and just lay there for a while rubbing myself to random fantasies. Sometimes I would just focus on how great it felt. I checked the clock. It was about twelve thirty. I decided to head downstairs to shower. I didn't actually need a shower, but I liked to rub myself under the water. My Aunt also had a removable shower head, unlike the shower at my house.

I undressed and let the shower get plenty warm before I climbed in. While I was waiting I massaged my clit even more. I was already dripping wet, and my panties had been soaked before I had taken them off. Still yet, I wasn't that excited yet. I was still barely into my masturbation session, and so I took it slow. I got in the shower and rubbed my whole body with lather and shampoo. I like to lay in the bottom of the tub while the shower is one and play with myself. I rubbed my nipples with the lather. They got hard quickly.

I removed the shower head from the wall and lowered it to my crotch area. I only applied the stream of water in shorts bursts because it caused my pussy to throb like crazy. I continued with the on-off pattern until I was near an orgasm, and then I shut the water off. I climbed out of the shower and waited until my vagina was no longer throbbing with excitement, and then I dried off.

Stood in front of the mirror now and rubbed myself while I watched. This is another of my favorite techniques because I get to see what it looks like from another angle. I was standing there, now inserting just a single finger at a time, when Jake walked in on me. I guess I had forgotten to lock the door, thinking that they were all downstairs for the night. He quickly apologized and shut the door.

I stood there, listening, but I never heard him walk away. I called out for him, and he responded not long after.

'What are you doing?' I asked.

'I need to use the restroom, and the one downstairs doesn't work.'

'Oh, well, I'm done showering. You can come in now.'

All I had done was put a towel on, and opened the door for him. My clothes were still in a pile by the shower, wet panties on top, but I don't think he even noticed they were there.

'I am just fixing my hair before it dries, but you can still go if you want. I don't mind if you don't'

He had already walked into the bathroom when I said that, probably expecting me to leave as he walked in. He seemed to think for a moment, but then he undid his shorts and started to go, just as casual as could be. Alex came running up the stairs, trying to say something to Jake.

'Hey, Jake! You gotta get back down here... It's the best part of the movie! And Matt just beat Seth in beer pong, so your up next against me.'

By the time he had finished talking, he had reached the bathroom door, and Jake was just exiting the bathroom. I saw Alex, who looked like he had been drinking, but Jake seemed to be sober still. Alex didn't even take note of the fact that I was naked except for a beach towel.

'Okay, just hold on a sec. I'm going to, uhh, grab some pizza. I'll be down in a little bit, just record it or something.'

Then he turned back to me, and I could see that he was shifting something in his shorts, trying to hide a boner. He looked like he wanted to say something, but was short of words, so I spoke up first.

'I'm done with my hair, but I left my clothes up stairs. Will you help me carry this up there so I don't drop my towel by accident?'

I picked up my pile of clothes, keeping the panties on top, and handed him my purse and accessories bag, too. All I was holding was my cell phone. I directed him to my room and told him to sit the stuff on my bed, which he did. Then, I shut the door behind us and walked over to the dresser.

I bent over to open the very bottom drawer and pulled out a pair of panties. I intentionally exposed my bottom to Jake, and I'm sure he could see my pussy lips as well. I turned back to look at him, and he was dumbfounded. He was staring intently at my ass, and then his eyes darted to my face. I dropped the towel, and slowly pulled on a pair of panties. He was obviously hard now. I was still topless as I walked over to him and pushed him gently onto the bed.

'I REALLY wanted to masturbate today, but I was interrupted while I was in the bathroom earlier. Would you mind if I finish now?'

He didn't even respond, and so I lay on my back on the bed and spread my legs. I started in slowly, rubbing through the panties, but I soon put my hand below the panties and began to rub ferociously. He had grabbed his dick now, through his pants. I got on my knees in front of him and unzipped his jeans. His dick popped up through his boxers, which I also removed. I began to stroke his dick, but then I just left him to do it himself as I laid on my back on the floor in front of him and started to masturbate myself.

I could hear him moaning above me, and when his pace started to quicken, I rose up again. I stroked his dick this time until he said, 'I'm about to cum. Right now,' and then I pointed his dick head at my chest and let him blow his load all over me. It was a tremendous amount. It rolled off my nipples and down past my belly button. I had to stop it before it reached my vagina lips, so I cupped my hand and let it roll into my hand. It landed on the carpet and even some on my inner thighs. The very last few drops landed near my neck and mouth.

I was covered in cum. I leaned back once again, now smothered in his cum, and masturbated until I orgasmed loudly. I was certain that Matt and his friends had heard me, even over their movie, two stories down. I wiped his cum from my thighs and from around my lips and chin. I then went back downstairs, in nothing but my panties and showered again, managing to orgasm once more to the thought of what had just happened.



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