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A Teenage Experience

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As I get older and less sexually active, memories have started coming back to me.  This is one which still excites me.

It was a fine evening in May with the promise of summer heat to come. I was walking back along a narrow lane after driving my family’s cows out to pasture after they had been milked. At a gateway in the lane I met a young neighbour going home having checked on her family’s cattle. We had played together when much younger but we hadn’t spoken in maybe a year or more. I had gone to an all boys' school in one town while she had gone to an all girls' school in a different town. As teenagers do we exchanged shy greetings and began to talk about our different schools and people we knew there. She was about a year younger than I was but she was showing the signs of physical development. Her breasts were more prominent although not very large. Still I took note of them and faint stirrings of sexual arousal began in my body. I was a late developer and although I had been having wet dreams since I was 13 I had only begun to masturbate regularly about six months previously. Having discovered this activity I made up for lost time.

My young neighbour, call her Helen, was wearing a corduroy trousers which were somewhat loose and had generous pockets. I was wearing an old t-shirt and track pants. Because we were teenagers we didn’t really look each other in the eye as we spoke. We leant on the gate and gazed into the field. As we spoke Helen moved back from the gate slightly and put her hands in her pockets. I kept glancing at her and I noticed that she had her hands deep in her pockets. She pushed them down her sides it seemed and then brought them across to her middle at the bottom of her stomach. Then she seemed to lean forward and push her hands into herself for a few seconds. It seemed to me she pulled upwards on her knickers and then pushed her hands down her sides again before bringing them to the middle and repeating the process I have just described. I was now a bit concerned that my erect penis would show through the track pants and I slightly turned away. As I did I noticed that Helen was not looking into the field but glancing at the front of my track pants. I felt a blush coming on my face and I wondered if Helen was going to say something. But all she did was excuse herself saying that she had to go home.

We said goodbye and I walked back along the lane to a gate that led into one of my family’s fields. There I found a place behind a hedge and treated myself to a quick but intense wank picturing Helen’s hands in her trousers and thinking of what she might have been doing. 



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