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Anonymous Sexting

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I have read so many stories about sexting lately, I finally had to give it a try and let me say I am an idiot for not doing it sooner. It is so much fun, and such low risk. If you haven't tried it, you should.

I went out and got the cheapest plan I could and started snapping pics of my cock within minutes of getting home. I had about 20 shots taken and then I knew I had to start sending them out.

First, I sent one to each of my sisters.

Within 10 minutes I received back a message, 'Nice cock. Who the fuck is this?' from one of my sisters. Which was a bit shocking since I've never heard her swear. So I sent another and said, 'Just someone who dreams of cumming all over you.'

'That could be arranged,' she said.

My other sister didn't respond.

After that, I sent one to a coworker who responded, 'I would love to ride that. I need to go jill now.'

I sent one to my aunt Ethyl in Arizona, and she responded with a pic of her pussy. I sent her several more and she responded in kind with each. She is in her 50s, but her tits are big and her pussy is beautiful.

But the surprise was when I sent one to my cousin Doreen in Arizona, 'I've always loved your cock. Send more.'

'Hahaha, you don't know who this is,' I sent back.

She said, 'wanna bet?'

'What are the stakes?'

'If I call you on your real phone, you have to admit it and from now on, you'll have to cum for me whenever I want you to.'

'And if you don't get it?'

'Then I'll cum for you whenever you want me to.'

'Hah! Deal'

My phone rang, 'Told you I knew,' she said when I answered.

'How did you know!' I said.

'Oedie, I have been watching you jerk off since we were kids, I know you're cock.'

'I haven't seen you in years, there's no way,' I said.

'You think I haven't accidently caught you on Yahoo? You leave your cam open to the world you know. And whatabout those other sites? I've seen you there too. I'm not stupid.'

'Holy shit.'

'Your cock is mine now, cuz'

I smirked, 'Ok, what do you want me to do.'

'Turn on your webcam and cum for me.'

I turned on the camera, and pointed it at my cock. I started to stroke and in my ear she's saying, 'That's good, that's good, keep going. I want you to cum for me.'

Then the invite popped up, and when I opened her camera, it was her pussy, completely bald and her fingers flying over it. She was groaning and almost growling and I was ready to cum.

'Cum for me now, fucker. DO IT.'

And with that, I squirted hard, and let out a low groan.

'Nice,' she said, 'You know you've always wanted my pussy.'

I was watching her, she was still rubbing her clit, 'Well, yes, but how did you know?'

'I'm not stupid, Oedie,' she giggled, 'I've seen all the erections since we were kids.'

Her breath grew uneven and all of a sudden she gasped, 'ouhhhhgagggggaaaaahddd'

'That was so good,' she moaned.

'I can't believe this.'

'Who else did you send your cock to besides me?' she asked.

'You don't want to know.'

'I mean besides me and your sisters and my mom.'

'You're a little presumptuous,' I said.

'Nah, I just know who you want, and who I'm going to send it to tomorrow.'

I laughed, 'You're serious aren't you.'

'Fuck yeah. This is awesome. I promise you, by the end of the year, everyone will be sharing their privates with everyone, it's going to change the world. The fucking world.'

We both laughed, and I wondered if she was right.



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