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A Sister, a Beer bBottle and my Bum Hole.

Jayney tells me that more happened on the beach when she fucked herself with a beer bottle than she put in her story. I don't know if I'm quite ready to let a total stranger up me yet, although the thought is certainly exciting. I guess when we go,dogging later thi year, I'll find out for myself. Anyway, back to the here and now. Jayneys been telling me of things she did that she hasn't posted here, and that, of course, got my quim in a state....


.....but Since said quim is on its period right now, action is limited to my clit.....or so I thought. 

So, were in Jayneys room, sitting on her bed, and she's telling me all this stuff and getting me so antsy I can't sit still. B ing the caring sister she is, she suggested that I "cream a couple out". I think since she's become long haul, our periods no longer line up. 

I explained that I was on, but that my body really wanted something inside. So, she suggested that I go on all fours and just tug my knickers down to my knees. She knows I love this position, it makes me feel very vulnerable.

So, there I was, bum in the air, fingers on my clit, and rubbing away. I felt her kiss me....and right on my qui too! That really turned me on! Big time! Then her attention moved to my bum hole and she licked it and all around it, venturing inside a little as I relaxed for her.

"Don't cum yet, you dirty little cunt. I've got a surprise for you"

Again, being called names is almost enough on its own to get me there. 

Then I felt something cold and hard pressing against my bum hole. I relaxed and there was a stretching, followed by a kind of plop as something cold and hard slipped past my ring and inside me. It kept on going too, sweeping slightly before it started to really widen....way too much for me to take.

Then Jayney started to gently fuck my bum with whatever it was. It felt fucking a,axing, but it was what she said that sent me crashing over into an orgasm.

"Remember me fucking my cunt with a beer bottle? Well, sister dear, this is the same bottle, and I'm fucking your arse with it."

The orgasm hit from out of nowhere, and it hit like a fucking earthquake. All I can clearly remember is the first couple of contractions, and pressing back as if I wanted the whole thing up my bum.

She was very careful taking it out, but WHAT a fucking feeling. I guess also knowing it had been up her cunt did it as well. Fuuuuuck...it felt good.

Naturally, I could smell the familiar scent of my sisters pussy, and a few minutes later, I was licking her off to an equally impressive cum. Jayney squirts most times now, and I got a good mouthful of girl cum.

I was up for a full on session, but I think she wants to take it easy while she works the jet lag out.

Me? I find myself thinking back to my school days a lot at the moment. I had another nice, gentle, whimsical,wank in bed later that evening.

It started when I thought about a friit nd called Gillian. Gillian would sometimes balance her school bag on a raised knee, and it not only exposed her panties, but also some whisks of pubes that had escaped through the leg hole. 

Then there was Jenny. Jenny was drop-dead gorgeous, and she used to sit on the field at lunchtime near the school fence with her knees raised and spread and her arms out behind her supporting her. 

I asked her why she did this and she told me to look into the bedroom window of a house opposite. In there was a man with binoculars who was enjoying looking up Jenny's skirt while he wanked with the other hand. Jenny used to love watching him, so I joined in too. 

We were joined by a third girl, and we called ourselves the panty brigade. Every lunchtime, we would sit there offering this man a choice of cute, teenage quim. I was the one who suggested one day not wearing panties. 

It was the thought of that that helped me cum, although, as a hormonal 13year old, cumming IN my panties was my all time thrill, and I could,do,that in class. I'll write about that later.



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