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First Anal!

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Fingers, yes! Even a small vibrator, but I never thought I would go for all the way, full on anal. 


Until, that is, Kate sent me a video of her and a guy having sex. We agreed when she went off for her study leave that we would,do whatever we wanted, and then see how we feel when she returns late this year. Meanwhile, we sext each other and have Skyped each other to orgasm a few times. 

This was Kate fucking, and enjoying every minute of it. The camera was sideways on to them but the angle,of his dick looked wrong. I stared, wondering what was going on until Kate turned her head to the camera and mouthed, quite clearly “Up my arse.” I watched until it was obvious both of them had cum, him deeply embedded up my girlfriends tight arse. 

Well, of course, I was frigging myself like th bitch in heat I am. I wanted my arse full as well. Really full.

One thing about large Universities is that it isn’t hard to find Male students who want sex. I hooked up with a guy in one of the bars and we went back to his place. 

Oddly, I knew as we ran back through the rain that I didn’t want him in my cunny. Back in his room I explained I was ‘saving myself’. He looked really disappointed, but perked up when I told him there were other things we could do. 

Bless him, he respected the boundary with no problems, and licked me out to two lovely orgasms. He actually stopped me when I was sucking him because he was going to cum too soon. Then I asked him if he’d ever......

His eyes widened and he said that he had tried it with his ex, but it was way too painful for her. Well, I’d planned this, and I took from my bag a small bottle of baby oil, and we, well, lubed up, I think the expression is. 

I lay flat on my tummy and I felt him sliding between my bum cheeks, which was nice in itself. Then, after a bit of slipping around I felt real pressure on my bumhole. I took a breath and relaxed. Fuck, it was tight though.....really tight.....but pleasant too. I’ve had things up my bum before, so I kind of knew what to expect in a way. He was so gentle though. I expanded and I felt a little ‘plop’ as he suddenly slipped in full length. 

Meanwhile, my clit was on fucking fire! I slipped a hand under myself and found that my cunny was, quite literally, gushing. He started to fuck me really slowly, but I guessed after his blow,job, he wouldn’t last too long. I started pushing back against him and fingering myself wildly at the same time. 

Bless him. He actually asked if it was ok to cum inside. I didn’t respond other than to push back more firmly and I felt, for the first time, a guy shoot his load in my bum. My own orgasm was nothing less than shattering. I bucked and writhed under him and, to my intense delight, it didn’t feel like he was getting any softer either! 

We lay there for a few moments, him still in me before he said “I could cum again.” I told me so could I! I felt him start to move again, very gently at first, but then he whispered, “can I be rough....and....and say dirty things?” My favourite. I told him that he could be rough only up to a point, but he could talk dirty, and call me dirty names too. I think that’s what he really wanted to do anyway. 

I felt him start to fuck me strongly and he pinned my hands down on the bed. I love being restrained and this hit the spot perfectly. Then, “you fucking bitch.....you like it up you’re arse huh? .......I’m gonna make you wet, you dirty cunt.” He already was. I was heading towards a place I didn’t know existed. 

The fullness in my bum, and whatever his cock was stimulating inside was really driving me fucking crazy. He pulled me up onto all fours, and things went even tighter. Then his hand pushed mine away and he started rubbing my clit, but it was when I felt him sucking hard on my shoulder, and shoving two,fingers into my cunny that I came....I came, wet myself, everything, anything. The cum was nuclear. I felt his second orgasm too....a series of twitches deep inside me n a place I have never felt them before. I had a mental,image of his cock spurting in me which kept my cum going longer.

After a very careful withdrawal, yes, I felt sore, stretched, but beautifully fucked. Anal is now definitely in my repertoire! 



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