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A Sexual Awakening

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A Sexual AwakeningThis is basically the story of my "sexual awakening." Bob and I were best friends from elementary through high-school. From about the age of ten onwards (we were the same age) we often had weekend sleep-overs at one or the other of our homes. For the first couple of years, these events basically involved the two of us staying up late watching horror movies and reading comic books. Gradually though, our interest began to gravitate more towards Bob's dad's large collection of "dirty" magazines (which he made little effort to hide from our young eyes). At first, we would sneak a few into Bob's bedroom and eagerly scan the pages, giggling at the images and stories.This went on until we were 12 - 13 years old. However, as we grew older and our interest grew more intense, things began to change. We would head down to his basement under the pretense of watching those late-nite horror flicks (although I'm quite sure his parents new what we were up to) and set up a "camp-site" in front of the big TV. Some blankets on the floor, a big bottle of pop, potato chips, and a big stack of carefully chosen magazines from his dad's collection. There, by the light of the TV and little else, we would spend the nite gazing longingly at the glossy pictures in the magazines, analyzing every detail ("look how hard her nipples are!", "man, look how wet she is!") and working ourselves into a sexual frenzy. Around this time, we began to discuss the subject of masturbation with each other. I had been masturbating since the age of twelve and gladly described the act to Bob. He admitted that he enjoyed fondling and rubbing himself but said that he had never felt the need to "go all the way." Up to this point though, our activities had involved no more than sitting around in or pajamas (penis's erect but covered) looking at pictures and talking about sex.We soon moved into a new phase though. As we became more comfortable with ourselves and each other, our sleep-overs began to change. Now (around the age of 14) our ritual involved the two of us lying side by side covered by a sheet and of course the ever present pile of magazines. We would study the pictures for a while, then take turns, one of us reading a story or letter out loud while the other stroked his penis beneath the sheet. I remember these as some of the most erotic nights of my life. While we remained covered at all times, the tents created by our erections beneath the sheet were clearly visible. When it was my turn to read, I constantly glanced over to where I could see the outline of the head of Bob's cock and the movement of his hand on the hard shaft under the sheet. This only added to my excitement.This would go on for hours on end until the sexual energy became almost palpable. Even so, we never actually brought ourselves to orgasm. At least, not while the lights were on. It was just too much for me to stand. To this point, Bob still claimed never to have had an orgasm. He simply had not yet gotten "over that hump," so to speak. While I would occasionally suggest that we "go all the way", he just never seemed to reach the point where he had to and I never forced the issue. I on the other hand was by this time an experienced masturbator and by the end of these extended tease sessions I simply had to cum. So, sometime during the evening I would secretly aquire a wad of kleenex or toilet paper which I would hide under the blanket. Then, once we'd finally had enough and decided to call it a night, I would masturbate myself to a much needed orgasm in the darkness, Bob only a couple of feet away from me. The thought that he might be able to hear me only made it hotter and, while I'm not a moaner, I did little to hide the noises my hand made as it moved up and down my rigid penis. I'm sure my breathing became noticeably heavier as well. I would shoot a load of cum into the wad of tissue which I would deposit in the toilet the next morning. Then, only then, could I sleep.I began to find the "exhibitionistic" aspect of this more and more exciting. Finally, after another of these extended sleep-over sessions and just before the lights went out, I worked up the nerve and asked Bob if he'd mind if I jacked off before I went to sleep (to this point I'd been doing it secretly). He said that he didn't mind and even gave me a small towel to cum on. So, for the first time I masturbated knowing that Bob actually was fully aware of what I was doing (although it was still with the lights off.) I even let out a few moans when I came. It was very exciting and afterwards he asked me how it was, to which I answered "great!"Things went on like this for a period of time. Then, when we were about 16, we entered a new phase. During an "innocent" visit one day, Bob revealed that he had FINALLY actually jacked himself to orgasm. He had been out catching some sun in his back yard and went to put on some suntan oil. Liking the texture of the oil, he had started to rub it on his penis. Soon, he said, he had to run in to the basement where, continuing to use the oil as lube, he quickly exploded in a powerful orgasm. Of course, this turned me on as well. I told him I'd like to try the oil sometime and suggested maybe we try it together. He agreed, and before too long we had arranged a time.



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