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Evening With Bud

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Evening With Bud by Jackinnm@yahoo.com (Jackinnm@yahoo.com)
Ken was going to be out of town another day, so Bud and I decided to spend an evening together. Naturally, sex play was foremost in our minds. Both Bud and I loved to experiment, and we'd spent several happy sessions together, and in a three-way with Ken, trying different ways of pleasuring each other.
"Ever try blocking your urethra when you come?" Bud asked as we lay side by side on my queen-sized bed.
"Yeah, I've done that several times, but not lately," I replied.
"We haven't yet done it together. Would you like to make this the program for the evening?" Bud looked at me questioningly, but I knew he was confident that I'd agree.
"Love to. However, I think we ought to drink a couple of cans of Pepsi before we start." I got up and led the way to the kitchen, where Bud sat at the table while I extracted two cans of soda from the refrigerator.
"Like it straight or on the rocks?" I asked as I got a glass for myself and filled it with ice from my refrigerator.
"Make mine the same way you're fixing yours," he replied. "I prefer it on the rocks too." I placed the two glasses on the table between us and filled them with Pepsi. As we sipped, I commented:
"You know I like having a full bladder during sex. This time it's help us flush ourselves even better."
"Yes, that's why I think you had a good idea to come out here and fill up with soda. In any event, the caffeine will give us a boost too."
"I've blocked my tube a few times," I said. "It's really a different sensation from just letting it shoot."
"It's the same for me. I press a fingertip hard into the underside of my shaft when I feel myself slipping into orgasm, and instead of ejaculating I feel the back pressure of my semen distending my urethra." Bud had a very precise way of speaking, probably because he was a professor of English literature at the local university.
"I think that sometimes some of the juice leaks back into my bladder," I offered.
"I think that depends on whether your keep up the pressure throughout your orgasm. At times, I've just blocked the first two ejaculations and I think subsequent jets forced the accumulated semen out through my meatus. Other times I've kept up the pressure until I'd finished, and some of it may have leaked back. In those cases, I'd milked my urethra to force out the fluid. However, whatever had leaked into my bladder had remained there until I'd urinated."

"We're getting low. Want another can? We'll really have full bladders then." I asked, pointing to our glasses.
"Oh, yes, the more the better." I brought another two cans to the table and refilled our glasses. Bud drank quickly, and I guessed he enjoyed soda as much as I did.
"It's different, pinching my tube. It makes me feel like my cock's swelling even more."
"It's the same for me. My penis is already engorged with blood from the orgasm, and feeling my urethra stretch adds to the sensations," Bud said. "Our conversation seems to be stimulating both of us," he added.
"I see what you mean, Bud. We're both half-hard." I saw his prick had lengthened and thickened, the big red helmet standing out proudly at the end of the shaft.
"I like the way your foreskin stretches with your erection. Your glans remains fully covered, even when you're hard. As you can see, I don't have a foreskin, just a circular line of excision." Bud was fascinated by my foreskin, and enjoyed playing with it. As Ken was also intact, his foreskin received the same rapt attention from Bud that mine did when we were a threesome.
"Foreskin or not, you've got a nice tip," I said as I reached out to squeeze Bud's cock-head gently between thumb and forefinger.
"Ooohhhh… that makes my groin muscles contract," he said as his prick swelled fully. "That stimulates my bulbo-cavernal reflex."
"I know what turns you on," I said as I continued the gentle squeezing. Bud's erection was longer than mine, almost seven inches, but the same thickness. His straight shaft had a big vein on the right side, just like mine, and at the end was a beautifully shaped red helmet with a high flaring ridge that stood out sharply against the neck of his cock.
"I know what turns you on too, Jack." His fingers reached for the puckered tip of my foreskin and twisted it. I can stretch the nerve endings this way, as well as slide it sideways over your glans." My prick filled out to its full six inches, and I cupped Bud's balls with my other hand.
"You've got low-hangers," I said. "This'll tighten them up for you." His balls began to draw up against his body with his rising excitement.
"Yours are already tight," he said as he cupped them with his warm fingers.
"They've always been tight. You and Ken have the low-hangers." His fingers gently kneaded my sac, rolling the eggs around inside it, and I did the same for him. Now his fingers began pushing my hood back, stretching the opening to reveal the tip of my head.
"You've got a very attractive meatus," he said. "It's just a slit when you're soft, but when the glans swells the lips pout to form a teardrop shaped orifice."
"Just like yours. Our helmets are exactly alike, except for the color. Yours is red."
"Yes, yours is purple, and dark purple around the corona."
"We'd better finish our drinks and get into the bedroom," I said, letting go of him and picking up my glass. Bud brought his glass up and drained it, and we walked into the bedroom.

"I really adore your penis," he said as he grasped it again and pushed my foreskin back to bare the round front dome of the helmet. "I wish so much I had one of these." I grasped his around the base with one hand while I ran my fingertip around his scar ring.
"This feels good, doesn't it?" I asked. "I know your cut line is sensitive."
"Yes it is," he replied as he pulled my foreskin forward. Then he retracted it slightly farther until it was halfway down the head. "Stretching your foreskin back in stages is very sensual."
"For you or for me?" I asked, laughing.
"Both," he replied. "I love to slip it back and feel it stretch under my fingers as it thins out. You're fortunate to have a big glans to stretch your foreskin when I retract it. Now I'll pull it forward to engulf it." I watched his fingers pull on my foreskin until the head was once again hidden.
"That sliding action feels good when you do it to me," I said, stroking the rim of his big helmet as I spoke.
"Now I'll stretch it back once more, until it's right on your corona." His warm fingers pushed my foreskin back, slowly and gently, until almost the entire head was bared, the edge of my foreskin wrapped snugly around the rim. He put his nose close to my prick, inhaling deeply. "I love the way your penis smells. That rich masculine odor is so arousing." He gently twisted my foreskin around the flaring rim.
"You've got magic fingers," I remarked as the delicious sensations flooded my penis.
"I enjoy mutual masturbation the most," he said as his fingers continued to work their magic on my rock-hard prick. "Nothing else provides the variety of sensations. I can push and pull your foreskin, twist it, pump it, stroke your glans directly, cup your balls, and bring you to orgasm in many different ways."
"That's because you know what you're doing," I said. "Some cut guys don't know what to do with the foreskin except strip it back and suck on the head." Now I moved my finger down his rim until I reached the underside of the head, where I pressed my fingertip into his hot spot.
"You know what you're doing too, Jack. You just hit a sensitive spot. I've had a couple of partners who were also circumcised, and all they seemed to know how to do was try to pull my shaft skin up over the head. That didn't work well because I was cut so tightly."
"I guess lubing your prick is the best way to go, isn't it?"
"Yes, I can enjoy some tremendous sensations when I lubricate. I know I'll really enjoy it when I feel your fingers sliding smoothly over my glans and shaft."
"Well, a gentle touch always seems to work with you. I like the way you touch me too." Bud had pulled my foreskin all the way forward, then pushed it back again.
"Now your foreskin's poised at your corona. I'll just give it a little push back over the edge and make it snap down into your sulcus." His fingers dragged my foreskin back, and it slid over my rim and snapped into the deep groove behind it. "I like the way your abundant foreskin forms a thick collar behind the corona. With men who have less foreskin than you do, it slides back upon erection and lies flat along the shaft. You've got a lot to play with." Now my helmet was totally bare, and he stared at it avidly as a large drop of clear fluid filled his hole. My fingertip dipped into it.
"You lube a lot, more than I do. Now I'll start spreading that lube around your head," I said as I traced small wet circles around his pouting slit.
"My glans isn't as sensitive as yours but that still feels wonderful when you do it." Bud's fingertip lightly traced my ridge around to the hot spot under the head. I drew in my breath sharply at the sudden shock of pleasant sensation, and my prick jerked in his hand. "That really reached you," he said.

"The head's pretty sensitive," I said. "That felt almost like an electric shock."
"That's what I especially like about your penis," he said. "Even the slightest touch has an effect. With mine, you have to use a firmer touch." Bud had seeped more lube during this time, and I spread it all over his helmet, massaging it into his flaring rim and the tender flesh behind it.
"Now I think I'll change my style," I said as I grasped his prick
by the base and began snapping my fingertip against the head. I began at the top, and gradually worked down to the rim, sending shock waves through the big meaty helmet.
"That's why I like mutual," he whispered. "There are so many ways of stimulating the penis. You're limited only by your imagination." Now I snapped my finger against the hot spot under the head, right between the two bulges where both sides of the rim meet.
"Your balls are so tight against your body," I said. "Your prick feels so hard……." I trailed off as Bud pulled my foreskin forward again. When the head was fully covered by the protective skin, he stabilized my prick and snapped a finger against the head. I felt the shock wave shoot through the head and my crotch muscles contracted.
"I felt your shaft jerk," he said. His finger snapped against the broad upper surface of the head again, and my cock throbbed hard.
"That's nice," I said. "You're really turning me on." His finger snapped against my helmet again, sending its shock wave through the covering foreskin and into the tender tissue underneath.
"I know exactly where to snap it, because I can see the outline of your big helmet through the foreskin. You're lucky to have such a sharply defined glans." His finger snapped again, and I moaned with pleasure.
"We'd better take a break," I suggested. "If we don't, the show will be over before we want it."
"You're right. I'm glad you enjoy a prolonged build-up as much as I do."
"Well, getting there is half the fun. Anyway, I have a hotter orgasm with a long build-up." We lay back on the bed, side by side, my hip and thigh against his. I enjoyed the contact with his warm flesh as we lay quietly.
"How would you like to finish up?" he asked.
"I think the best way for me would be to stroke my foreskin up and down the head. Then you can use your other hand to pinch my tube. How about you? What would you like?"
"I guess the plain vanilla way would be best for me too. Just lubricate my glans and use your fist. You know the twisting stroke I like." I knew it well, running my encircling fingers up and down the forward half of his prick and twisting when I got to the head. That always brought on his climax quickly. I felt Bud's hand slide over my thigh, and his fingertips closed around my hard prick, slowly sliding the skin over the shaft and helmet.
"I can feel the contours of your helmet so well, even though you've got a thick foreskin masking them. Your foreskin's thicker than Ken's."
"Yeah, and a bit tighter too." His fingers were easing my hood back part-way over the head, and then forward again, and I enjoyed the delicious gentle friction. "My foreskin's a little dry. Can you reach over and put a little Astroglide on me? The bottle's right on the table next to you." Bud picked up the bottle and eased my foreskin back all the way back to bare the groove, pouring several drops into my groove. He pulled my hood forward again, and I felt the deliciously warm sensation of the Astro as the viscous liquid spread over the head.
"How did you avoid circumcision? You're younger than I am, and more of your age group got clipped." Bud was 50, and Ken and I were in our early 40s.

"I'm not sure," I replied. "My parents were European, but a lot of kids born to European parents got it. Maybe the doctor didn't believe in it."
"Well, whatever the reason, I'm glad your penis is the way nature made it. Ken too."
"Ken's got a lot of skin too, but it isn't as stretchy as mine."
"No, yours is both tighter and stretches farther. At first, I wondered if you were able to retract it." My fingers closed around his prick.
"You found out soon enough that it does go back. I like it tight the way it is. That tightness feels really good when you slide the skin. It was tighter when I was younger, though. When I was a young kid I couldn't get it back all the way. I guess all the exercise I've been giving it loosened it up." Now Bud slipped my foreskin back all the way until it was bunched up in the groove behind the rim.
"Yes, it's fully retractile, and I'm glad it is. I'd hate to be deprived of the pleasure of seeing your glans, naked and purple. By the way, it's pretty purple now. You must be getting really excited."
"I am. Now want me to do you?" Bud's fingers were sliding my foreskin faster, building up my sensations. The Astro he'd added made the skin slide smoothly and sensually.
"No, I want to do you first. I'm really eager to watch you come. Want this towel over you?"
"Yeah, spread it over me." Bud's other hand deployed the towel over my stomach.
"You may not need the towel if you want me to contain your entire ejaculation. On the other hand, when I let go some might dribble out of your urethra."
"Probably will. Better pinch it hard, and keep it pinched until I stop coming." Bud's fingers picked up the pace and we fell silent as my excitement mounted. I felt his other hand clamp around the base of my shaft, constricting the veins to increase the blood pressure in my prick.
"Now that I'm squeezing your veins your glans is becoming darker, Jack. The corona is really dark, and the back face is almost black. You're close. I'm glad you're holding on to my penis. That must excite you."
"Yeah, it does, and it feels so good, the way you're doing it to me."
"Try to relax, Jack. You'll last longer that way." I was trying to remain relaxed, but the tension was building up inside me.
"I'm trying, Bud, but I can feel my bladder swelling, and that's making it hard to stay relaxed. I don't think I can last much longer."
"Your glans and shaft are so hard now. I'm going to slow my strokes to try to make your last. Feel it when I pull your foreskin all the way back? The glans really stands out when I stretch your foreskin back along the shaft."
"Oh, yeah, that feels so good," I said. The gentle friction along the head and the stretching of the skin were adding to my excitement. "Just be sure to pump me hard when you feel me start to come."
"I'm going to enjoy feeling your penis throb when your orgasm begins," he said. "I know that vigorous pumping of your foreskin will maintain your orgasm." Now he pulled my foreskin forward in a long gliding action that brought it up to cover the entire head.
"I can feel a tickling in the head, Bud," I said.
"Your glans is very dark now. I'm going to place my thumb on top of your shaft and my index finger against your urethra. When I feel the first throb I'll bear down to stop the ejaculations." I felt his other hand shift its grip as he'd said. My eyes closed as I withdrew into myself with the rise of sensations.

"Now I'm drawing your foreskin back all the way to bare the glans again. It's really dark and swollen."
"Ohhhh," I moaned lightly. Bud was stretching the nerve endings in my skin, and my prick was so swollen it felt ready to explode.
"Now feel the foreskin bump over your corona on the up-stroke." He slid my skin up and I felt it catch momentarily on my swollen rim. My hot hard tip ached for release as the skin slid forward to cover it fully. The pressure in my bladder seemed to increase, but I knew I couldn't pee with my prick so hard.
"Back again," he said as he gently eased the hood back off the head and down my shaft. My hot tip began tingling, and I knew he'd make me come on the next stroke because a light warning throb contracted my crotch muscles.
"Now forward again…" he said he as slid my tight hood up my rock-hard head. My crotch muscles tightened hard, then I felt myself dissolving into orgasm as the first jet shot into my tube.
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…" I cried out as the first wave hit. I felt his fingers clamp down on my shaft, pressing into my tube to stop the gush. I was fully into it now, and I felt Bud's skilled fingers jerk my foreskin back hard, then push it firmly up again over the head, sending shock waves of sensation through the head and down my shaft. Another jet began, and my tube expanded under the pressure of my trapped fluid as Bud pumped my foreskin.
Another surge shot into my tube, and I cried out in joy and agony as the multiple sensations filled my prick and groin. My swollen cock throbbed hard in his fingers as he worked my foreskin up and down over the throbbing head.
"Your glans is so hard and glossy," I heard him say through the fog that filled my brain. The heavy pounding in my groin continued as my tube stretched to the limit, and I mindlessly cried out again.
The heavy pulses in my cock-root spewed more fluid into my prick, and now I felt my bladder stretch even more as some of the juice backed up into it. I was totally helpless, a prisoner of Bud's skilled hands as pumped my foreskin hard to force the orgasm from my straining body.
"I'm holding on tightly," I heard him say as the intensity of my spasms weakened, and I knew I was slowly coming down the slope off the high. My groin twitched a few more times, then became very still.
"I'm letting go now," he said, and I felt his fingers release the pressure on my tube and as he gently slid the skin forward to cover the super-sensitive head I jumped. Then I lay utterly still, drained and exhausted.
"I see some fluid seeping out," he said. "It's oozing from your foreskin." I opened my eyes and raised my head to see my still hard prick lying flat on the towel covering my stomach as a thin string of white fluid flowed steadily from my foreskin's pucker.
"Thanks," I said weakly. "That was really intense." Bud leaned over to kiss me lightly on the lips. I saw his cock was rock-hard and some clear fluid was dribbling out of his hole.
"I almost came to orgasm, watching and feeling your penis throbbing so hard." Bud grasped a corner of the towel and dabbed at the end of my foreskin.

"Well, lie back and I'll make you come now." I gave his prick a squeeze around the shaft.
"Do you have to urinate?" he asked.
"No, my muscles haven't relaxed enough yet. I'll do you now. Just lie back and relax." He lay back on the bed and I sat up beside him.
"I'm going to hold on to your penis while you do me. You know how much foreskin excites me. Use the Astroglide on me," he said. "I don't think I've got enough lubricant of my own, and anyway the warm feeling it produces will add to the sensations." I squeezed several drops from the bottle onto his big helmet, working it in with my encircling fingers, then added more until his entire shaft was well-lubed. Now I began stroking him gently up and down, my fist traveling the entire length of his slippery shaft. When I reached the head on the up-stroke, I twisted my fist to give him an extra fillip of sensation.
"I felt your prick jerk just now," I said.
"Yes, that delicious twisting motion did it," he replied. "My bladder's very full, and that's also exciting." I ran my fist down his shaft to the base, then reversed towards the head, where I again twisted my fist. I saw his eyes close.
"You're really ready to pop," I commented.
"Yes, working on you already had made me very aroused. Just keep it up and you'll bring on my orgasm." I continued stroking him, but shortened my strokes to concentrate on the head and leave the bottom of his shaft free for my other hand.
"I'm going to clamp your shaft now, make you really hard," I said as my fingers closed tightly around his prick. Within seconds the red head had swelled even more and the rim really stood out above the neck. I watched it getting darker red under my twisting fingers as I massaged his lubricated nerve endings.
"That's nice, that's just right," he moaned as I continued my strokes. "My bladder's straining, but I know I can't urinate right now. I'm not going to be able to hold off, Jack. Just finish me off."
"Tell me when the head starts to tingle," I said. Then I'll pinch off your tube." My fingers were working hard on the red swollen head, slippery with Astro and the drops that were seeping from his teardrop hole. I saw his body tighten.
"I'm so close, I need the orgasm so much, it's tingling…" he trailed off as his eyes closed. I shifted the grip of my other hand, placing my thumb on top of his rigid shaft and my index finger touching his urethra on the bottom. I gave his hard glans another quick twist and felt it throb. Now I pressed my fingertip hard into the underside of his prick as I heard him cry out helplessly.
Bud's balls were tight against his body as his hips bucked and his cock throbbed hard in my fist. I felt the pulse of his ejaculation hit my index finger as he cried out in mindless joy. I twisted my fist quickly around the hard, throbbing head, and felt another heavy throb. Bud grunted loudly, and his hips bucked again. His orgasm was in full flight now, and his breathing was hard and ragged. His lips were drawn back from his teeth and his face was contorted with the sweet torture of the orgasm.
I watched the deep hole at the top of the head as I continued to stroke him, and not a drop escaped because I was pressing hard into his tube, blocking the flow. I knew he must be feeling the pressure I had just minutes ago, and that this was intensifying his orgasm. His hips bucked again and his prick throbbed hard in my hand as another spasm wracked his body. His fingers around my cock tightened against my softening erection, squeezing the blood out of it as he went through another spasm.
I felt his orgasm fading, and his contractions grew weaker. His prick throbbed a few more times, and when it stopped I let go, letting it drop onto the towel I'd placed on his stomach. A drop of white cream slowly oozed from his tip. I dipped a finger into it and brought it to my lips.
"Enjoying the taste?" he said playfully as he opened his eyes.
"Always," I replied.
"Oh, now I feel my bladder's ready to burst. How's yours?"
"I think I can pee now. Let's get into the shower. That'll rinse off the cream and the Astro." I got up and Bud followed as I got into the shower and turned on the flow. We stood facing each other as the hot water coursed over the fronts of our bodies, running over our softening pricks.
"The hot water on my naked glans is so stimulating," he moaned. "Let me skin you back so you can feel it too." His fingers urged back my foreskin, and it slid easily over the shrunken head. The hot water made my prick tingle, and I couldn't hold back. I felt the rush of burning liquid running down my tube and watched it gush out between us. At the same moment, Bud's flow began, and I saw the blissful expression on his face as relief swept over him. Clumps of white poured from our naked tips along with the yellow liquid.
"We're draining the semen that leaked back into our bladders," Bud pointed out. Semen forcing its way back past our tight sphincters heightened our sensations during orgasm."
"Yeah, that was a real blast," I replied. "I was really out of it when I came. Guess you were too."
"Yes, it intensified orgasm for me. My entire body seemed to be throbbing when you clamped my urethra."
"It was so hot it was almost painful. I'm glad it was hot for you too."
"Feeling your fingers twisting my glans as you massaged it was heavenly."
"Your pumping my foreskin so fast kept my orgasm going."
Our thick yellow streams seemed to last forever as we stood silently enjoying the sensations. When we were almost drained, Bud's fingers pulled my foreskin forward, pinching the end of my nipple shut, and we watched my foreskin swell like a balloon.
"I love to do that to you," he said. "I waited until you were almost drained because I knew how much you needed relief." He released my foreskin's long nipple, and a thick yellow gush flowed from the end to drop onto the shower floor. Bud stripped my foreskin back behind the head again, letting the hot water flow over the exposed nerve endings, making me drain myself completely.
When our flows stopped, our hand traveled all over each other's cocks and balls, massaging them to help the water rinse away the lubricant, cream, and urine. After a minute, we were squeaky clean.
"That's another thing I like about Astroglide," he said. "It rinses off totally because it's water soluble, not like oil or Vaseline."
"Me too," I added. "It doesn't leave a trace." I turned off the water and we shared a towel to dry ourselves. Then we returned to the bedroom, where Bud picked up the bottle of Astroglide.
"I know you don't have much lubricant or smegma," he said, "and you use this to keep your foreskin lubricated. Let me put some on you." I stood still while he skinned me back totally and squeezed a couple of drops into the groove behind the head, then slid my foreskin forward to spread it over the sensitive surface. Limp, my prick dangled in front of my tight sac, the foreskin forming a long nipple ahead of the big bulging helmet.
"Thanks," I said.
"Oh, no thanks necessary. I enjoyed lubricating your foreskin. I love to handle it." We now lay down on the bed, with Bud still holding my prick by the long foreskin nipple. My fingers closed around his limp cock and we fell asleep that way.



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