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A Request I Was Happy To Fulfill

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Allan is an absolute sweetheart.....innocent as all hell.....but a real sweety. I suspect that his parents, who are much older than might be expected for a 19 year old, are rather strict and have certainly brought him up to be well mannered. He’s the sort who stands up when you come to a table, or holds the door for you. 


Allan is, as we all know, a virgin. He is saving himself for the right girl, and although a couple of us (not me!) have tried to pop his cherry for him he has politely resisted. 

So, one evening I was in his room, and we were just talking. I asked him about his sex life so far. I mean, he MUST masturbate, either that or his mum must have been ok with him having wet dreams. 

Allan admitted that, like all of us, he did masturbate, so I said “Haven’t you EVER wanted to do anything with a girl?” He said,  “Well, yes, of course, but I know where it would lead. Kissing would lead to touching and touching would lead to fucking. I really don’t want to do that until I’m married. Although....I would have liked to......no, forget it.” Liked to what? It took some persuading, but in the end he said “I’d have liked to cum ON a girl.....not for her to do anything, not even ummm to herself....just to watch me and then let me cum on her.”

Yes, but where? He hadn’t thought about this. “Oh....well, I guess it would be on her clothes, you know, whatever she was wearing at the time.” Not on her face? “Oh no! That’s for much later.....you’d have to really love someone to do that.” (Aww.....bless!) 

So, well, I offered. “Allan. I totally respect you and your views. You're the only guy I’ve met here who hasn’t tried to get into my knickers, and I don’t mind at all helping you out. If you want to cum on me, I’d like that a lot.”

And so, he got his cock out but then took his joggers and underpants right off. I asked where I should be and he said “Just sit in the chair where you are. That’ll be fine.” He stood over me and I must admit, it felt very dominant. He started wanking, hesitantly at first, but as he grew fully hard, he did it faster and with more confidence. 

Oh, I SO wanted to cup those balls in my hand, or suck his dick for him, but I knew that would totally wreck it for him. He closed his eyes for a few moments and breathed “Oh Becky, this is so horny. “ I figured I could reply since he spoke first. “Mmmm yes.....go on, cum on me. Cum all over me.” 

When he started to spurt, he opened his eyes and directed it onto my t-shirt. There was a huge amount of it and some hit my neck. Most went on my top though. 

Afterwards, he didn’t bother dressing again. He just sat back down on the bed. “Oh wow, Becky. That felt....that felt amazing. I hope I didn’t cum too much.......did it......did it do anything for you?” I said “Allan, I respect your wishes not to do anything with a girl before you are married, but, if you want to know, I feel very horny right now. I did while you were standing over me, and now, I can smell your sperm on me and it has made me horny. I’m very wet, and I could easily masturbate to orgasm. In fact, when I go back to my room, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” Unfortunately, he didn’t invite me to do it there and then. 

Back in my room, I took my sperm covered t-shirt off and flopped into bed. (No Nikki). My hand was in my panties in seconds and squishing around in my wet cunny. Meanwhile I was sucking his sperm from my t-shirt. Boys taste different, each one. Ok, there’s a common theme to it, but each boy DOES taste different. Allan tasted divine. I'd love him to cum in my mouth one day. 

I came twice licking and sucking him off my top. 

Well, this coming week, Nikki’s brother is coming down for a couple of nights. Nikki has already told me there is likely to be some brother/sister action in her bed, and I sincerely hope I get to join in! It’s been a while, and I’d like a threesome! 



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