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Arrhythmic Masturbation

Posted by: Age: 43 Posted on: 9 comments
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A short expression of an encounter I had.


Often I challenge myself with new and different idea’s. My latest is applying for a PHD program in Sociology. The challenging part thus far is taking the entrance exam. For a lady in her 40’s the math can be quite difficult. Having a much younger sexy tutor however helps the process move along quite nicely.

I met this guy in a group chat I had with a few online friends awhile back. We broke off on our own and started getting to know each other. We live very far apart so it was a new way to get to know someone. We mostly chit chatted with very little sexy talk at first. We exchanged a few flirtatious comments here and there but mostly it was normal everyday stuff.  When he heard I needed math help he quickly offered his help. At first I thought to myself. ‘sure…this is hard math, not many people know it’. But I sent him a few problems and he solved them on the spot. His brilliance in the subject got me excited…in more ways than one.

Soon we were crunching numbers and chatting away on live cam. He is a very science nerdy type with a brain like Einstein. He makes microcondria look sexy, I am not kidding. Not to mention his voice…oh that voice of his with a deep pitch drove me wild inside. I am not sure what came over me but I blurted out how horny I get after a long period of deep concentration. There was only but a moment of silence before he commented on how he liked my sudden explosion of horniness.

Shortly after my verbal explosion of horniness we were talking naughty to each other and showing each other our most private parts. I loved his veins and how the colors of his penis changed from the base to the tip. His moans were true and sincere. We challenged each other to stroke or rub faster or slower controlling each other from afar. He can multiply my orgasms as many times as he likes. We edged each other closer to orgasm as we both became breathless from our impending orgasms. With each moment we devoured each other through the cam. My pussy was ready to contract with orgasm. His cock was as hard as it could be. I loved watching his hand work himself. The sight took me over the edge. I came very nicely that night as did he.

It was interesting to me how a moment can change from a casual chit chat then explode into intense sexual passion in such a rapid succession. I was taken not only by myself and my own actions and reactions but by the experience itself.

I sometimes ask him to turn me on with his sexy smart mind. He laughs and sometimes we play online. I’ll never forget watching his cock shoot out a load during a tutor session. The thought makes me horny and I sometimes think of him, his cock, his brain, and his voice while I masturbate.

I’ve never loved math quite like I do now.



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