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A Memory

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As you can see from my profile pic, I played tennis at school....but it wasn't entirely for the love of the sport. I loved the little short skirt....and small white panties I wore....and sometimes didn't wear. I loved getting hot and sweaty, and I loved, oh how I loved the times when I'd go back to the changing rooms early.


Because then, I wasn't sure of my sexuality. I felt like I might be bi, but didn't really have the opportunity. Sometimes, I would masturbate in the changing room among the scent of hot, sweaty girls. Something's, though, I'd go further. Much further. 

Gillian had a history....or so we were told. She had lost her cherry and she claimed she had 'done everything a girl can do.' This was deliciously vague. Did she mean just with boys, or with girls too? Gillian looked so...well...normal! You would never think of her on her back getting seen to, quite the opposite in fact 

I remember that time, alone in that room, when I had found her clothes. I rummaged through them and found her bra. It smelled sweaty, and even that was horny! But on this occasion, I struck gold. I found her panties there too! Pale yellow, and stained. And.....still damp. 

I remember I held them for a while before I smelled them. And I remember the heady, horny scent making me feel faint. I'd never smelled a girl until that moment, and oh...it was so dirty! I had a hand in my panties before I could think, and there I stood, rubbing at my clit, while smelling Gillian. All kinds of dirty thoughts flashed through my mind. Had she masturbated into these today? Was she always this wet? Might this be sperm too? 

I remember though, just as the orgasm built to the point of no return, I licked them. In fact, I sucked them....hard. My entire head filled with her scent as I came into my own panties. 

We had math immediately after, and Gillian sat next to me. Knowing that she was wearing the same panties, and that I had been licking them made me wet up again. 

Now and then, girls would play sexy games....especially at the back of the class. We would write each other dirty notes, or pretend to be boys wanking off. Sometimes, we would lift our skirts and show our panties, and I wondered if Gillian was as bored as I was.

I drew a cock on a piece of scrap paper and she smiled. Then I pushed my chair back a little and made a small wanking motion. She giggled. Then I wrote "I could do with a cock right now!" She wrote back "me too....I'm so wet!" Well, I knew that already. I spread my legs and lifted my skirt to waste level. I took the piece of paper and began moving it back and forwards making it look like it was about to fuck me. We both took a look over at Sister Veronica who, as usual, was stuck behind her desk. She was one fat nun and hardly ever moved. 

I took a chance and wrote "I could do with a wank myself," Gillian immediately wrote back "Go for it!" As she watched, I slipped my hand into my panties and...er...went for it. At one point, she wrote "are you really doing it?" So I showed her my glistening wet fingers. I came, sitting next to her. Then I wrote "you?"

Gillian nodded and spread her own legs and pushed a hand inside her panties. I could see the material moving and I so wished it was my hand in there. 

Gillian gave a little sigh and I knew she had cum in her panties just like, I did.  We never did more than that, unfortunately, but we did wank off together in math quite a few times that year.



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