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Jade's Fun Alone and With Others

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I hope you enjoy it...


I just love to get myself off...either alone, with a boy or with my best mate (we'll call her Michelle).
I'm rubbing myself down there as I type.
When alone my usual way is to play with my nipples first...until they're hard as bullets, then I run my fingers gently all over my body until I feel myself getting wet down there. Before a single touch, I tease myself with gentle strokes to the pussy lips before I open them wide and start to rub at my clit. I go slowly at first, feeling the sensations through my body. I trace the alphabet on my clit and it feels so good that I can't stop myself squirming and writhing around... I'm so hot! I run fantasies through my brain as I'm doing it, usually with girls but I'm not lesbian. I like to think of a masterbation workshop where a teacher explains how to get yourself off to girls, for their first time. The teacher touches herself and some of the other girls. Everyone rubs their own pussy too.
I'll tell you about my first time with a girl, my best friend and we still experiment sometimes.
Once, when we were 13, we went swimming together at the local pool. I couldn't help noticing Michelle's costume was a bit tight for her and I could make out the shape of her vagina lips. It really turned me on but I didn't say nothing... I kept staring and she finally must have noticed. I don't think she minded. In the shower room she kept 'washing' that area so much. I think she was turned on as well... I just looked but when we got home she must have felt bolder. We went up to her room and she said, 'I think I'll get changed.' She made sure to take her time about it, and even took her knickers off... I kept staring because I felt hot. I wished I could rub my pussy but couldn't get up the courage. Finally Michelle could see my situation. I was turned on so much but didn't dare do anything about it. She took the initiative and said, 'Jade, do you want to get changed too?' Then she said, 'I saw you looking at my pussy so, come on, lemme see yours.' I gulped, but I was so turned on at the time that I whipped my knickers straight down to reveal my young pussy.
'Do you know to how masterbate?' asked Michelle. I did but I pretended not to so she could show me. When I shook my head she said, 'Lie down on the floor.' So I did and she said, 'I'll show you a way to make yourself feel great.' I couldn't wait; my pussy was already wet with anticipation... Michelle started touching my tits but I was so hot I couldn't wait for her to go down lower. I'd never been touched there by a girl and I was so excited. Finally she took my hand and guided it down to my pussy. 'Rub yourself like this,' she said and moved my hand for me. My fingers were getting so wet... it was really hot. I started going faster and finally came... Wow! It was better than on my own! 'So,' said Michelle, 'your first orgasm.' ;-) I confessed to her that I lied but I just wanted her to show me... There was no point being shy now, after she just had her hand on my cunt and everything! Then she said, 'In that case it's only fair that you do me.' I never did that before but I said I'd try because she got me off so well. She spread her legs and I put my fingers between them. After a couple of minutes she was squirming so much and then she came.
It looked like she really enjoyed it so I asked, 'Can I have another go with that?' She agreed.
After that we stopped... and we thought we better not tell anyone about it or do it again. But a few months later I came round her house and without knocking I went into her room. She was on the computer chair rubbing the electric massager on herself with one hand and reading this site with the other. She didn't see me so I sat down and watched her finish herself off. When she turned round and saw I had seen, she felt so hot, she showed me this site and said I should read it often and rub myself. It really makes me feel excited to read the stories, especially with girls.
Since then I got a boyfriend and we watched each other masterbate in his room...it was great to see how hot it made him to see me rub my little pussy.
More another time ;)
Jade xxx



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