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A Long-time Edger

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It's been said that our priorities are defined by how we live out our life each day. Now in my early seventies I'd have to say that edging has been near the top of my priority list for many years!


Edging is not everyone’s cup of tea, but readers who do it know the kind of euphoria you can experience. A deep arousal that’s intense and sublime, producing feelings that are definitely addictive. I discovered edging quite by accident about 20 years ago, just after I turned 50. Am not sure what took me so long but, up to that point my wife and I enjoyed sex quite regularly and I masturbated only when we had a “dry spell” [owing to health reasons, or business travel for instance].
Anyway, one Saturday morning I awoke around 5:30 and was in a lazy mood, with nothing to hurry me so I thought I’d see how long I could stroke myself before giving in to the powerful urge to ‘let it fly’. What a thrill. It took me several months but I was finally able to make it through a 2-hour edging session without losing focus and going past the point of no return. And, over time I experimented with a variety of techniques for enhancing the experience. . . using the ‘back-hand’ position, concentrating alternately on either the glans, frenulum or selected parts of my shaft, massaging the perineum and scrotum, varying the pace of stroking/massaging, etcetera. Increasingly I was able to stay at or very close to the edge almost continuously. Reaching a climax wasn’t the objective obviously; the euphoric pleasure of edging was. Experience counts for something, of course, and thanks to retirement and lots of time on my hands, I’m now able to enjoy 4 or 5 hour edging sessions without accidentally “losing it”.
This morning was no exception. Starting in at just after 3 a.m., I applied my favorite lube and placed a cock ring around the base of my shaft and my scrotum. In short order I brought myself to the edge, starting to sense that familiar ‘hot arousal’ that comes with it. It almost reminds me of surfing – just like when I was a kid in southern California – except now I was riding the crest of one wave of intense arousal, veering away, then heading into another wave as it built . . . and built . . and . . . .just before breaking [ejaculating] I’d quickly steer myself back to “calmer waters”. And so it went. Time passed and before I knew it the clock said 8:05! I don’t maintain a log, but on average I spend at least 5 mornings a week engaged in my edging past-time [whether at home or away on a trip], adding up to anywhere between 60 and 90 hours per month. Yes, I confess I’m addicted, but . . . oh what ecstasy. It doesn’t interfere with anything else in my life [I don’t need much sleep, so what else might I do at 3 or 4 a.m.?] and my wife completely understands my appetite for this type of solo play.
As with a few other guys I know, it’s fantastic when one has a spouse that understands and is supportive. Our relationship – now almost 50 years – is one that’s happily accommodated my interest in solo activity [in part because certain of her health problems have increasingly limited our sexual activity]. Now and then, though, if I’ve been a bit too audible in the wee hours she’ll kid me about getting “a little carried away”! But, the main thing is that she understands and is aware of my edging and knows that it’s in ‘a separate compartment’.
When I was in my teen years all I could think about was jacking off. In other words, when I wasn’t doing it, I was thinking about it. Fairly normal, I’m sure. Now, I frequently find myself thinking about edging again, either remembering the session I had earlier in the morning that day or anticipating the session I’ll have the next morning. So . . . yes, still horny much of the time, and if not actually addicted to edging I’m in regular and active pursuit of it!! Viagra has been a big help – for approximately 10 years in fact, along with using some absolutely fantastic cock rings - although that’s for another story. Stay tuned!



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