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A Long Day

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Lovers in love. A story written in collaboration with my lover Tailfeather. In his words: "Veriness I hope you like this story, my cock was so hard and dripping I just had to make myself cum. OMG!" You get the gist. xxx


It's been a long day and all I have had on my mind is you, my sweetness, the smell of your hair, the softness in your touch, the small of your back where you loved to be kissed, the crease where your beautiful ass meets your legs and, of course, best of all, your eyes and smile that can light up a room.

I think to myself as I am driving home, I am the luckiest man on the world and can't wait to get home.

As I pull into the garage my mind starts to think back to the other night and my cock begins to stir. I walk through the door and call your name but I get no answer. I put my jacket down and make my way down the hallway to our room. You’re asleep, face down, with a leg and your ass partly uncovered. I stand there and take in your beauty as you sleep, and again remind myself how lucky I am.

I quietly walk over and pull the sheet completely off of you. You stir a little but do not wake up, you are stark naked, and I can tell you’ve recently had a shower, as I can smell your favourite body wash. I just stand there in awe of your sensuous body. M cock is now hard and straining to get out of my pants. 

I undress and gently climb onto the bed. I start to softly kiss your feet, and slowly make my way up your long legs. I get about half way up the back of your legs and you stir, eyes open, you smile and say “Mmm, I thought that I was dreaming”. “No my sweet, it’s for real” I reply and softly kiss your ass cheeks. You let out a little moan and raise your ass up to meet my lips. I continue kissing, slowly working my way up to the small of your back. By this time my body is touching yours and my now dripping cock is sliding up the inside of your leg.

You moan again as I begin kissing the back of your neck. It’s another of your favourite spots. “Mmm, don't stop” you say while raising up to meet my kisses.  I reach up and slowly bring my hands down your sides as I kiss my way up your back. My mind is going crazy with lust, and I just want to slide my now very hard cock inside you, to feel how wet and warm you are. I know I can't just yet, because this is about you.

I make sure as I kiss my way up your back that my body is sliding up your body, (we both love skin on skin contact). Your moans are getting louder along with your breathing that is getting faster. I'm so turned on and horny my sweet, it feels so good, the best it yet to cum I reply, as I move up your back the tip of my dripping cock is resting at the top of your gorgeous ass. I just about cum right there and then, but I control myself and slowly slide my cock down between your sweet ass cheeks. There is so much pre-cum that is goes down so easy; you gasp as my cock head grazes your ass and I stop to bring it back up across and you really moan OMG!!!! 

I begin teasing you over and over, you keep raising up to meet my cock, I'm going to cum you moan and then it hits you I can feel your sweet hole spasm as you cry out in sweet pleasure, I softly kiss the back of your neck and whisper there's the first one.

I let you calm down a bit and begin sliding my cock up and down between your cheeks again but this time I go a little lower to reach your sweet, warm and very wet pussy lips. Again your cry out Oh fuck! I kiss you again and whisper not yet, not yet, I'm now just sliding the head of my cock over your lips and I'm about ready to cum, I've been edging both of us for what seems like hours.

I roll you over and you reach up and pull my face down and give me the most passionate kiss I've ever had and as I pull away I can look into your eyes and again say to myself I am a lucky man. You reach down and take my swollen cock head between your fingers and very slowly and softly begin to rub your clit with my cock.

My mind is swirling as I can now smell your sweet pussy and I can see how wet you are. Your clit is swollen and hard, and it is sending electric shocks to my cock. I look down and see that your beautiful nipples are enlarged and dark. I bend down gently, take one in my mouth and begin to softly nibble and suck on it, sending electric shocks to your pussy. You moan yet again and begin to go faster rubbing your clit. I'm going to cum, I moan, OMG, I'm going to cum, you cry. Cum with me my sweet, and with that I begin to cum, sending rope after rope of cream all over your clit and pussy. I can feel you cum and you cry as your orgasm hits you, over and over still rubbing your clit with my cock, your body shaking uncontrollably.

Our bodies unwind, covered with my cum and your sweet juice. I lean down and kiss you, look into your eyes. That familiar smile is there, and I again remember what a lucky man I am to have you as my wife.




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