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A Life of Masturbation

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A history of my life of masturbating.


I discovered the joys of my penis when I was about 5. After my bath my mother would come in and check to see that I was clean and dry me off. She always used to question me about my penis, if there were any problems with it, then she would dry me off making sure it was dry. This felt good so I started to take more care in washing it. I discovered that I could push it into my body and then it would spring back out hard. I did this just before it was drying time once and my mother spent extra time checking it out because it was hard. This felt great so I always had a boner when it was drying time after that. Unfortunately, this stopped within a year because I was big enough to dry myself. I did not stop creating boners though.


When I was 9 I started hanging out with two guys who were a year older. One said that they had made a “torture chamber” where they would play and invited me over. The torture chamber was a 12” wide board with a 4” hole cut into it. One of them would lie on it with his dick hanging through the hole and the other would torture him by tickling and rubbing his dick. We took turns being tortured and I was soon hooked on this.


They then showed me a “vibrator” made from Mechano. It had an electric motor mounted on a metal plate with a gear attached to the motor. He had placed a screw with a couple of nuts on one side of the gear so that it vibrated when it ran. He than attached a metal tube about 1” in diameter to the base with tissue inside. He put his penis in it and turned it on. It was connected to a toy train transformer so you could control the speed and vibration. After he finished his friend used then it was my turn. I had no idea as to what to expect but it looked fascinating. After putting my dick in and turning it on I began to get these warm feeling all through my penis. It kept getting better and better until I shuddered then the good feeling, and the erection, disappeared. They told me I had “gone over the hill” and had to stop for a while as nothing more would happen.


I had my own Mechano set and immediately made my own vibrator but I attached a cardboard tube stuffed with tissue and it was easier on our dicks than the metal tube. We used to use these at least once a day at his house or mine together and then I would use it alone in the evening. I was hooked an self abuse.


My family went to the cottage for the summer and I could not take my Mechano set with me. I was disappointed until the boy next door showed me how to jack off. We would do it together once or twice a week but I did it on my own two or three times a day. In the summer between grade 6 and 7 I produced my first cum. I was younger than my friends but I made sperm first. When I got back to the city I had to show my two friends but they had also started to cum too. We use to have contests to see who could shoot the furthest. I could shoot it over my head but one guy could send it 8 or 9' across the basement. In grade 9 we went to different high schools so I didn't see them as much anymore.


I continued my solo masturbation 2 or 3 times a day as no one wanted to admit to jacking off to anyone else in high school but in scouts I discovered another true believer. We would volunteer to clean up after putting out the campfire. All the scouts would stand around the fire and pee on it then go to bed. We would stay to make sure it didn't flame up and jack off into it.


My parents used to take Sunday drives and I was left all alone in the house to jack off where ever I wanted. I used to pull my pants down and unbutton my shirt, lie on the couch in the back room with the blinds down and beat the meat. Once while doing this I heard a noise outside the window. I realized that the neighbour's kids where watching in the gap beneath the blinds and got turned on so I gave them a real show. This continued every Sunday for a year until they moved. I enjoyed an audience.


The next summer at the cottage my mother arranged for me to teach a 10-year-old guy how to swim while his mother took my mother to town for shopping. This gave us 2 hours alone. When changing into our bathing suits this kid became entranced with the size of my penis and wanted to know how big it got when hard. He would measure its length and circumference and then I would measure his. We did this before and after swimming once a week. I thought that I had a jerk off buddy in the making but he told me that it was a sin to play with your self, damn Catholic Church.


Because of my experience with the young voyeurs I developed a desire to jack off in public places. My favourite was in a subway station that had a bunch of pillars at one end that blocked the view from the rest of the platform I would wait until one train left then whip out my dick and pound it to climax before the next train came. I had 5 minutes of privacy, it would usually take 2 trains to cum. There was one other station with a private area but it had more passengers so I did not do it there as often. I used to sit in the back of a bus or street car late at night and jack off hidden by the back of the seat in front of me.


I have masturbated in as many places as I could, school, church, department stores, public buildings, parks, cemeteries. I have jacked off in every state in the U. S., every province in Canada and every country I have been in. It became a matter of pride. I would try and find somewhere that my cock would be hidden but I could see what was going on. I discovered that if I sat in the back row of church, the highest point of the balcony, I was often alone and my dick was hidden. I would sit there and wack off during boring sermons which were usually long enough for me  to cum.


I used this technique to jack off in libraries, labs at university, just about anywhere that would be relatively alone but mainly in public view for long enough to ejaculate.


While in university I did not have a fall weight windbreaker and had to use an old reversible trench coat as I could not afford a new coat. This had pockets that allowed you put your hand through from one side to the other. This gave me a way to masturbate while walking home in the evening. I could take out my dick and stroke it while walking up the street with no one seeing it. If I met someone I would stop beating while I walked by and then start again. When it was time to ejaculate, I would hold the coat open and shoot.


Masturbating in a lake or pool was interesting and easy to hide if the water was churned up as no one could see any distance down in the water. Lakes were better than pools for this. I would pull out my penis and rub it until it squirted. I love the way sperm behaved in water; it just drifted slowly around. I once did this while talking to my buddy’s sister who was about 20' away.


I was also interested in girls and dated but this was in the early 60s and sex was so taboo but one time I was over at my buddy's, who had to go out for 30 minutes so I was in the kitchen leaning on the counter talking to his parents in the next room that was 2' lower. His sister, 5 years older than me, came up behind me a started to massage my penis. I reached behind, stuck my right hand down her pants and fingered her to an orgasm while still carrying on a conversation with her parents. She became my first lay.


I always had a desire to jack off in places where there were people around. My favourite time was at a state park at a lake where families were swimming. I was sitting on a hill at a picnic table and dropped something on the ground. I bent down to pick it up and noticed that no one could see under the table so I pulled my dick out through the leg of my shorts and beat off until I came. I used my shoe to mash the sperm into the grass.


One place where I worked had me using a very quiet road for about 20 minutes to get there. I decided that I could jack off while driving as I never passed another car. I did this everyday for a couple of years. I had to make sure I had a supply of tissue in the car. I would throw it into the garbage on the way into the building.


Sometime at work I would whip out my dick and beat it behind the desk when no one was around. Once while waiting for a computer program to install I was doing this in the Librarian's office when she and two of her colleagues came back, I thought they gone for the day, just as I was having a huge ejaculation. I had to sit there catching the cum with Kleenex in one hand under the desk while pretending to type something on the computer and hold a conversation at the same time. She wanted to know what I was doing at her desk so I told her I was installing some new programmes. I then had to put my dick away and squeeze the tissue together so it wouldn't show and stuff it into my pocket. Closest I ever came to being caught.


I do a lot of boating so I like to sit on the fly bridge and jack off while passing other boats who can't see what I am doing while my wife suns herself on the bow. I catch the cum in tissue and heave it over the side when no one was looking. I have masturbated on average at least twice a day since I was 9 so I estimate I have done the deed 45,000 times. I enjoy regular sex but am addicted to jacking off.



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