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An Explosive Orgasm

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My best orgasm for many years


I just had to tell you my story after one of the most intense and explosive orgasms of my life this week.

A bit of background. I am married, very sexually active, but my wife has lost interest due to ill health, so I 'look after myself', so to speak. As well as regularly masturbating at home about twice or three times a week, I do spend the occasional night away in a hotel room, where I can let my fantasises go, via my laptop, some lube and other 'accessories' to enhance my experience.

This week I was booked into a typical travel inn. I showered, and shaved my cock, balls and anal area, applying a little moisturiser, got into casual gear and went for a meal in the adjoining restaurant. A glass of wine and good food set me in the right mood for some masturbatory fun later.

I got back to my room, turned up the heating, and stripped off totally naked. I sat down on the chair, with my laptop on the desk in front of me, with a large tall mirror to the side (remember this for later). I turned on my laptop, and I brought up the images I have stored of women in thigh highs, pantyhose, lingerie etc, that started to turn me on, making my cock semi-hard. (I am an average six inches but quite thick).

After a few minutes I started applying some coconut oil to my hard cock, and rubbed it around my ballsack and down to my freshly shaven anus. I am very sensitive down there and love anal stimulation. I rubbed up and down my cock a little bit, but not really getting into hard wanking yet, I really wanted to prolong the feeling tonight.

I tied my balls and cock together, with a small length of soft thick string which I keep for the purpose, like a cock ring, making my cock fill with blood, really hard and sinewy, making my knob nice and hard and a deep purple colour.

I was still looking at images, and just gently wanking, when I got to my other accessory, a small polished wooden implement, which comes origianlly from an old woollen loom. I can describe it as six inches long, about one and a half inches thick, and a bulbous end. I lubed this up, and lubed my anus, inside and out, and gently inserted my wooden friend all the way in until I was filled.

The sensation of the tightness of my cock and balls, with the wooden friend up inside me, gave me such intense feelings. I was starting to breath heavy now, and turned on my video selection to get me closer.

I have favourite video's of masturbating women using dildo's sometimes with husbands filming them and fingering, sometimes finishing off by coming over them as they orgasm together.

Noticing the mirror to my right I stood up (my orgasms are always more intense when I stand up) with my laptop moved closer to the edge of the desk so I could still see the images on the screen and hear the excitement through my earphones.

I looked in the mirror at my hard, shiny sinewy cock in my hand, with the string pulled tight as I started to wank harder now. With my other hand I reached down between my ass cheeks and got hold of my wooden friend and started to ease the object out to my ring and then plunged it back in deeply. I was jacking quite hard now, and with the images and sounds on screen, the lovely sensation of my wooden friend plunging up my ass, I knew I wasn't far away from cumming.

I bent over slightly, giving me better access to my plunging friend, I started to jack really hard, pistoning my cock until it was a blur in the mirror. I pushed the wooden friend in and out very hard, so much so that my arm was also a blur.

This image in the mirror, and all the intense sensations in my groin, suddenly gave me the most intense orgasm I had ever had. I felt my balls tighten, my cock get even harder, and my sphincter muscles grip and pulse on my wooden friend. Cum started spurting out in short spurts, I must have spurted seven or eight times. I continued to push my friend in prolonging the milking of my prostate gland, which was aching by now. I nearly collapsed with the intense nature of the wonderful sensations in my groin and brain. I was elated and exhausted as I came down from the best masturbatory experience of my life. Wow!!



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