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A Keeper

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This, too, is about finding a new spot...and more.


I'll start with a description of my new man, for those of you who are keeping track of them ;-) This one should be around for a while. His name is Tony; mid-30s, curly black hair, Greek features, great sense of humor, I could go on. I met him through a mutual friend and neighbor when he moved onto my block, and we flirted around for a few weeks (with both of us hesitant to risk a new friendship for a possible fling) before taking things to the next level.

On the night that we approached the next level, Tony brought over a bottle of wine. We drank and talked for hours before he posed the question ("So when are we going to take this thing to the next level?"). I was still unsure that "this thing" should progress, and was about to say as much when he leaned over and grabbed my face and kissed me.

Now I should say that Tony is tall; so tall that when my close guys friends find out I'm dating him, they invariably ask me about the size of his dick. I had no idea that Tony was 6'6" when I first met him (he was sitting down), but once I took notice of his height, I admit that my thoughts also wandered to the size of his cock and, since I am just over five foot and every ounce of 102 pounds, I questioned my ability to handle it should I get the chance.

Once Tony took the initiative and laid the first kiss on me, little doubt remained as to where the night would lead. He maintained control of the situation and, to my delight, had me on the bed with his face between my legs in a matter of minutes. He was intent on pleasing me, but I still felt some trepidation concerning the whole affair, and my reservations prevented me from fully letting go. When I told him this, he asked, "what do you need?" and at the same time thrust two of his fingers deep inside my pussy and moved his fingertips in circles, causing me to jerk with pleasure and make all sorts of involuntary noises I had never made before. He alternated the circles with fast taps on my upper vaginal wall, and with every passing second I grew hotter and wetter, and my hips rose off the bed to meet the force of his hand. The sensations that his fingers created in me were like nothing I had experienced before, as if he were rubbing my clit from the inside to trigger an instant orgasm that had no end. I felt a strong urge to piss, and the sensations were so intense that I was simultaneously on the verge of peaking and crying. When I could take no more, I begged him to stop and he slowly pulled his fingers out of me, causing me to jerk and twitch from the withdrawal, and laid next to me on the bed.

My mind reeled from the experience, and I lay breathless facing him with my arm thrown over his waist. I didn't know that such a feeling as he had created was possible, and I made a mental note to do some research on the spot when I had the time. I had found my g-spot years ago but this spot was further back, closer to my cervix. Later, when examining diagrams from a website linked to theclitoris.com, I discovered that there is a soft spot on the upper vaginal wall beneath the bladder (called the urethral sponge) that cushions the bladder during sex and has been linked with female ejaculation. But at the time, I was just in awe of Tony's skills, and soon my mind was focused on other research.

Apart from my curiosity as to the actual size of Tony's cock, I hadn't given much thought to his bodily appearance until my hand strayed under his tee shirt and I felt his warm stomach. As you WL readers might know by now, I love stomachs, and when I lifted his shirt, I found Tony's stomach to be supreme. Smooth, tan, and firm, with a trail of curly black hair leading to his cock.

I rubbed my hand across his belly, my fingers straying lower and lower each time, until my fingertips grazed the band of his boxers. I was insanely curious about his cock by this time, but instead of slipping my hand directly in his shorts, I slid past them and grabbed his dick through his jeans. oh my god.

He had apparently gotten this reaction from girls before, because he laughed as he unzipped his pants said "You wanna check me out, girl? Well go ahead and check me out!" He threw off his clothes and lay back on my bed with his hard cock bobbing heavily an inch or so from his body. He inhaled deeply as I grasped it with my hand, and I rested my head on his stomach so that I could admire the view close-up. Nested in a triangle of curly black hair, the shaft was so thick that my fingers could barely encircle it, and the girth remained nearly the same all the way up to the flare of the head, making me think more along the lines of an aluminum can rather than an Oscar Mayer hot dog. Now I'm not a girl who necessarily needs a larger-than-average penis, but this beautiful cock thrilled me to no end, and I just had to let him know.

Sliding closer to Tony's cock, I kissed and licked the shaft before taking the head, nearly all I could manage at first, in my mouth. Tony moaned my name as I circled it with my tongue, and when I repositioned myself between his legs, he grabbed a handful of my hair. With one hand wrapped around the base and the other caressing his balls, I spit on the head, wetting it so my mouth could take in a few more inches. Tony kept moaning and whispering my name as he pulled my hair and thrusted his cock deeper into my mouth. I sucked him for as long as I could, flicking the underside of his head with my tongue, and when my mouth tired I slid my hand up to the head and twisted it like a doorknob, first one way and then the other, while watching the ecstasy expressed on Tony's face.

His moans grew louder as I squeezed the head, and my pussy creamed at his increasing excitement. I slid my hand to the base as I went down on him again, this time allowing the head to slide as far back in my mouth as I could stand while licking the underside ridge at a faster rate. He responded with more inarticulate moans, oh my gods, and "Oh Yessss." Once again I slid my hand from the base to the head of his soaked cock, squeezing it tightly and alternating between twists and jerks right below the head until he moaned "You're gonna make me cum..." I quickened the pace and moved my hand in short, fast strokes along the head and he lifted his upper body off the bed as his orgasm hit, causing him to jerk uncontrollably while he squeezed my legs tight in his hands. His cum coated my hand, creating a warm lube for the remaining strokes, and more landed along his belly. I continued to jerk his cock until his spasms subsided and he fell back exhausted on the bed.

About a month has passed since we achieved "the next level," and Tony is now my boyfriend--by far the best I've ever had. But I won't bore you with all that love stuff....well maybe I will, but not today :-)



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