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Odd Jobs

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The good old days. You know she still paid me for the lawn mowing.


At age 18 I would mow lawns and do odd jobs in our area. Back in the sixties life was good, you came and went nobody locked doors and as a kid you were trusted. I did the lawn for a lady across the street; her husband was away truck driving a lot so she got me to do lots of jobs. It took me a while to realize she was teasing me she would do things like have a shower and not close the door properly. What 18 year old can walk past a sight of a naked woman.

Looking back she must have seen me but didn't let on. She was about mid 30's at the time large breasts, full figure but not fat. This day I came in after mowing she had just had a shower and was wrapped in a towel. It was stinking hot so she insisted I take a shower as well. I closed the door stripped off and showered then I realized there was no towel yelled out then Sue came in I was embarrassed but she laughed and said it's no big deal if you are shy I will take my towel off too. Sue stood stark naked before me for a split second we both just looked. Then in a flash she was toweling me off those big tits dancing in front of my eyes and my cock sticking out like a lance.

No words spoken then when Sue had me dried she said after I have a shower I rub body lotion on, come on I need help. I wrapped myself in a towel as she did and followed her to the bedroom she laid a towel on the bed, dropped the one she was wearing and laid on her stomach. Sue said there is a big bottle of lotion next to the bed start on my shoulders. My cock was so hard it was hurting as I rubbed on the lotion, working my way down. Then sue turned over and said start at my shoulders again.

I was shaking as I started to rub those tits her nipples were as big as the tip of my thump. Now sue was giving me orders move lower, more lotion. As I got to her pussy it was a mass of black hair sue said tip more lotion on and rub it in. I was straddling sues leg as I rubbed her pussy the lips were opening up, this was my first sexual encounter and I was about to cum on her leg. Sue spread her legs lifted her knees and said put your fingers in my hole as I did she rub her pussy and moaned instructions. Harder finger me harder so I thrust into her as hard as I could her pussy was so wet it was squelching then she grabbed my hand and stuck fingers thumb and yelled push.

Shit I was sure I had done some damage but Sue still barking instructions, make a fist and do me. Sue was rocking and arching as she rubbed her slit, I now know was her orgasm as I spewed come on her leg. Then Sue asked me to pull my hand out slowly. What a mess come, body lotion, sweat and pussy juice. We lay on the bed for a while and recovered then sue got to work on my pecker with the hand lotion and got me off two more times that afternoon. You know she still paid me for the lawn mowing. Odd



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