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I Was a Tease With the Boys

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This started at school when I noticed the way boys were always looking at me.


Very interesting site here. Enjoy visiting it. Time for me to add something I did when I was 17 years old.

As a mid teen I couldn't help but notice the way boys at school were always looking at me. I was a very good looking girl and was well developed with big boobs, thin waist and nice round butt with long shapely legs. I got where I'd do things to tease the boys showing off things to them. I had seen lots of nice bulges in lots of boy's pants as a result of my teasing. I always thought this was neat to have this much control over them just using there natural sex urges.

Well, at 17, we had this paper boy who was around 13 or 14. He was real cute and because our house was well off the road he'd drive up the driveway to our porch and drop the paper. One day I thought of a plan where I could have a little fun with him and of course it involved my thing with teasing.

I started by standing at the front door behind the screen door wearing a tiny swim suit. Another time I wore a pair of short shorts that were too small for me and was in the yard pretending to be working and was bent over in a way that gave him a good view of my butt cheeks and at the same time I could see him looking at me. He couldn't take his eyes off of me. Then there was the day that I put on this very skimpy bikini and was laying out front 'sunbathing' and had on sunglasses so I could watch him. I had my legs spread and I know that I was showing a nice 'cameltoe' in that suit. He literally ran his bike into the porch!

Then I decided to take it a step further. It was hot and on this day I had on some tiny thin panties and bra and had a robe on standing at the front door when he drove up. I called to him asking him if he'd like a drink of water. He said sure and came to the door. I invited him in. I went to the kitchen for the glass of water and on the way back to the living room I allowed my robe to come open. His eyes went wide and his mouth dropped seeing this. I handed him the glass and he was speechless standing there looking at my body. He slowly drank the water all the while looking. I then sat down opening the robe all the way and spread my legs a little.

He still had not spoke a word so I asked him if anything was wrong. He finally spoke and said 'no ma'am' to me. I then looked down at the front of his pants and there it was. This young man was obviously well developed too. His dick looked big. I then told him 'looks like you like what you're seeing' pointing at the front of his pants. He started blushing real cute. I had given several of the boys I'd dated hand jobs so I was familiar with this and also familiar with how boys loved to get there hands on my soft body. So I told him to come closer.

He got in front of me and I asked him if he'd like to feel me. He answered 'can I'? I told him yes and pulled my bra up showing him my boobs. He reached for them and started squeezing on them telling me how good they feel. I then reached for his pants and dropped his zipper. I reached in pulling his dick out the zipper opening. I then took my finger tips from the front of his dick and formed a cup with them over the head. I went to moving my hand back and forth a little and after around 10 of these he came in my hand. He was so aroused that he didn't last 10 seconds. For as young as he was he turned loose a surprising amount of cum and it was running down my arm and dripping to the floor.

I then released it and got up to get some paper towels. He put his dick away telling me thank you. At the door he asked me 'can we do this again'? I told him 'we'll see'. I knew I started this so I didn't think it was right to just leave him hanging so I went ahead every few days and met him at the front door asking him 'would you like some water'? He of course knew what this meant and would come in a running. I soon broke him into masturbating a girl and he was a very quick learner. He also got to where he wanted to shoot his cum on my body and I sure got a good view of a dick squirting cum. Something I enjoy seeing to this day.



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