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A Heart To Heart

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Here’s a theory.  As we get older (either in sheer number of years, or experience) does sex become demystified?


I was talking to my aunt on the phone. (Mums sister). We’ve always been super close, and talk about anything and everything. 

We were talking about the fact that I like masturbating in ‘risky’ situations, places where I might be caught or seen. 

My aunt said “you’re going to find that as you get older, sex in general becomes far less mysterious. Think about it. When you first started masturbating, you were, what, 12?  13? And I bet you anything that you did it descretely, well, most of the time. 

Well, when you reach out age, it doesn’t bother you any more. If your uncle and I wanted sex, it wouldn’t bother us who might see, we’d just find a spot and do it. 

I think she’s right. I don’t mind who sees me when I play with myself. If someone wants to watch, I have no problem with that. After all, if I chose to do it outdoors someplace, I loose the right to expect privacy. If they want to watch, fine, if not, then peace to them, and they can jog on. 

As for joining in, hmmm, well. That’s a tricky one. Being fucked by a total stranger is all very nice in theory, but there’s STDs and HIV and Hepatitis to worry about these days. (If I saw a wedding ring it might not stop me though). There are definitely times when I want someone to catch me and JUST watch. There are other time when I wouldn’t mind if they masturbated too. There are times when I’m desperate for a cock and sperm, and other times when only a girl will do. I guess I’m more complex than I thought. 

But, I gave me a flash back memory, and one that I adapted to suit my mood. 

I remembered when I was 13, lying on my bed at home, my legs spread and my hand in my panties. The other hand was up under my school shirt pinching my nipples. I liked that image a lot. I remember that I had my legs spread wide, and I was also imagining someone doing it to me. 

The memory was strong, and made me want to recreate it. I believe in making an effort for all aspects of sex. I wouldn’t have this image, for example, and then just have a wank in whatever I was wearing. I had to live the part. So, white cotton panties, no bra, white top, skirt. 

In my head, I was 13 all over again, but I wanted to run the risk of being caught. (Not on University grounds, of course, I’m still on Deans warning.) So I walked to a nearby beauty spot. The weather has been very mild of late and by the time I got there, I was nicely sweaty too. The car park there is surrounded by a low wall made of logs. Sitting there with my knees clamped together and my feet apart (thereby exposing my little white panties) really started me off well, and I felt my juices flowing. 

I considered having a little pee, but decided against it. So I just sat there, cars came and went, some people looked at me, and immediately looked away, one or two stared at my crotch. When the car park was empty (people often come there at night to enjoy a spot of dogging, but in the day, the views are astounding, so people will come, take a few photos and leave) I stood up and walked into the woods that surround the car park. 

In there, I leaned against a tree. Remember, I was reliving my 13 year old wank, so I pushed my hand up under my top and started pinching my nipple, meanwhile I plunged a hand into my panties and felt how wet I was before focusing on my clit. 

This time, though, I imagined someone was watching me. Over there....in the tree line. He’s watching me play with myself. I bent my knees a little and dipped a finger inside, hooking it forward to my g spot. Mmmm....that delicious ‘I need to piss’ feeling! I now I,gained he had taken his cock out and was watching me while wanking. I really wanted to feel exposed, so I pulled my panties down to mid thigh. I love that feeling of trying to spread my legs but being confined by the waistband. When I looked down, of course, I would see the creamy crotch of my little, virgin schoolgirl panties. 

I imagined I could see him wanking hard. His huge cock.....well....all cocks look huge to a schoolgirl...(lol)...another hard pinch on my nipple, and I’ve getting very close now....VERY close. All that I needed was.....

.......to see him splatter his cum all over the leaves of the bushes. I came suddenly and very hard. As I stared down between my legs at the taught crotch of my panties, I quieted right into them. I saw the spray of wetness hit the crotch and get absorbed into it. The contractions pulsed hard and strong and showed no sign of stopping. Since I was wet through already, I did the other thing that happened during that secretive wank five years ago.....I wet myself. 

Watching that stain my panties prolonged the orgasm, together with the feeling of peeing. (Every sensation turns sexual if it happens during an orgasm).

once my breathing had returned to normal, I found myself almost doubled up. I slipped my soaking panties off the rest of the way, and hung them on a brink of the tree. I hope someone finds them before they get spoiled by wind and weather. 

Walking back, naked under my skirt, I thought of a couple walking arm in arm through the woods. Two lovers, just talking about this and that. They both see my panties on the tree. She is disgusted, but he looks longingly at them. They pass very close by and her nose wrinkles. “Eww....look! She’s peed in them! Who would do a thing like that and just leave them hanging on a tree?” Meanwhile he has a semi forming. He aches to reach for them, to smell them lick them. Perhaps he aches for his girlfriend to pee in hers for him? 



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