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A Haunting Experience

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When you talk about the supernatural, people are never willing to believe. I know that now.


It had been weeks since I had explored the old Johnson house. The arousing experience that I had felt previously, was so real that I knew it had to have been, but still I was starting to feel some doubt. I finally broke down and told my best friend Cindy the whole story of how I felt really aroused and wet in there, and then a feeling that someone was touching me, sexually. She looked at me with disbelief but she also knew that I would never lie to her. She smiled suggestively and said that the both of us should go visit the house on the following Saturday.

Saturday came and Cindy came to pick me up in her car. I felt a slight uneasiness on the trip up there. As the house came into sight I pointed it out to Cindy and she pulled up the drive and parked near the front porch. The front door creaked as I slowly pushed it open. Cindy was right behind me as I walked in. We both stopped in the front room and looked around and soaked the place in.

The pleasant calm feeling began to return to me as we stood there, and so was the desire to remove my clothing. I looked over at Cindy and she too looked quite calm and relaxed. I resisted the urge and kept my clothing on but the desire seemed to be gradually growing stronger. Cindy wanted to see more of the house so we began to explore. When we reached the kitchen she picked up my panties from the table that I left last time, when I was so aroused I fingered myself, and she giggled as she told me that they were such a nice pair of granny panties and then she set them back down and said that she didn't want to upset the house.

We continued the tour of the house. Cindy ended up standing in the sunlight that was shining through a broken window in an upstairs bedroom. She told me how good the sun felt and what a serene feeling she had. I, myself, was also feeling quite peaceful but really wanted to remove my clothing. I was almost to the point of ripping them off, but fought off the urge. Cindy looked at me and smiled and told me she felt like someone was watching us but that she really felt too good to care. Then she shocked me when she said she wondered what the sun would feel like on her nude body. Cindy is very modest and I would have never expected her to say such a thing.

This is when I received this desire to undress her. I have never ever had this desire before and I have known Cindy since the first grade. This desire didn't seem to bother me though, I felt as peaceful as I had ever had. I walked over to Cindy and said "Why don't you find out how the sun feels", and began to unbutton her blouse. She didn't say a word and just stood there as I helped her out of her blouse. I reached for her belt and still no comment. I gently unsnapped her jeans and pushed the zipper down. "Here, I had better take these off if you are going to take of my jeans", Cindy said as she slipped out of her shoes. I pushed her jeans down and she stepped out of them. The house and its residents seemed pleased.

In the back of my head I knew I wasn't acting normal. It is hard to describe. It was like I was intoxicated but yet wasn't. I felt like I was thinking clear but yet I was thinking and doing things that I never thought about doing before. I was doing things that I wouldn't normally do and had a desire to keep on going. I stepped behind Cindy and began to unhook her bra and pulled it off of her. I grabbed the elastic on her panties and slowly pulled them to the floor. Again the residents of the house seemed pleased.

Cindy was standing nude in the sunlight. Except for her arms and lower legs her skin was so white that it looked like it had never seen sunlight before. Her pubic hair was bushy and dark and never looked like it had been trimmed before. Then I thought to myself, am I that white? Cindy reached out and began to unbutton my blouse and I just stood there. She gently tugged it off of me and dropped it to the floor. I slipped out of my shoes as Cindy began to unzip me and watched my pants tumble to the floor. "Granny panties again"? she said as she pulled them off of me. She stood back up and removed my bra.

I looked at myself and I was just as white as Cindy and my pubic hair just as dark and just as bushy. The sun felt good on my bare skin. We stood there in silence looking at each other glow in the sunlight. Then Cindy spoke, "This is going to sound very weird and I can't believe I'm asking this, but what does your vagina look like? Both you and I have hair covering them and I have never looked at mine, yet alone someone else's. My curiosity seems to be overwhelming". Was it Cindy asking or the house? I thought to myself.

"Sure, I guess, only if I can look at yours when you are done looking at mine", I answered Cindy. "Where do want me to be"? She suggested the kitchen table so she followed me down the stairs to the kitchen where I climbed up and laid back on the table. I was still feeling very relaxed and comfortable. I pulled my knees up and spread my legs exposing my vagina for the house, its residents and Cindy to see. I could feel us being watched, but it felt pleasant. I stared at the ceiling as Cindy placed her head between my thighs and began to examine my vagina. I began to feel her fingers gently touch my labia. Her fingers were soft and gentle as they explored around. I could feel myself become wet. "This must be the clitoris"... I heard as I felt this large tingle when her finger touched it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her fingers and began to tug on my nipples. I could feel the orgasm build from inside of me. I was moaning loudly with pleasure. "Cindy faster"... I yelled and then sparkles filled my brain as I arched my back and let loose.

When I came back to where I could focus I could see Cindy smiling and telling me it was time to switch positions. I was still panting as I slid off the table. My legs were like rubber as my feet touched the floor. Cindy helped me steady myself with the table. She was standing facing the table when suddenly she bent over at the waist and her boobs went down against the table. "Cindy what is going on"? I asked. "Something or someone seems to be holding me down", she calmly answered with an aroused smile on her face. "I feel fingers rubbing my vagina". I looked and didn't see anything behind her. "Oh wow, they feel so good. Oh God" Cindy began to move her rear slowly around. "Feels so good", she said again and gasped and rocked forward and backwards. "Cindy what is it"? I asked not seeing anything. "Something's up inside me", she answered as her rear began to thrust forward and back. Cindy reached down and began fingering herself as she moved forward and back. Now I felt something bending me over the table. My boobs were pressed against the table but I wasn't frightened. I felt as if some romantic lover was there to pleasure me. I felt something slide up into me, and it was very pleasurable. It, he, whatever began to slide in and out of me. I felt so full, so good, no matter what was causing it. It felt so gentle yet so strong. It was slow at first with a gradual increase of rhythm. I was feeling the pressure of another orgasm building. The sliding was becoming more of thrusting motion. I reached down between my legs and began play with myself. I could hear Cindy moaning in the background as I felt her rhythm on the table. Things began to move faster. I heard grunts and groans as things became blurry. I was crying out in pleasure, "MORE, MORE" I cried. "Fuck me......." The tingles began to fill my head as I felt my orgasm hit. I heard screaming from Cindy just before I passed out.

When I began to come around I could see Cindy on the floor sleeping next to me. I nudged her to see if she was all right. "What" she mumbled. She seemed OK. I grabbed the leg of the table and began to pull myself up. It was slow going. As I used the table to help myself stand I looked out the window and saw the sun going down. How long had we been out? I thought. Cindy was now pulling herself up. I looked over at the kitchen counter and saw our clothes neatly folded. Cindy and I slowly eased our way over to the counter and began to dress. "Hey, my panties are gone", Cindy giggled. I looked and my panties were not to be seen. "I guess they wanted a souvenir", I replied.

After we were dressed we walked back up to the bedroom and watched the sun peacefully set on the horizon. As we talked we both realized that we had never been frightened at any time and in someway it felt magical and dream like. As we drove down the highway we agreed that this should be our secret to keep. "Nobody would believe us anyway", said Cindy, "Was it real?" she asked me.

Today I had a gynecological exam and the doctor told me that my hymen was still intact. It seems that I have no evidence of our experience.



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