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Bulldogs & Pussycats

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This happened the summer after sixth grade when I was 12.


For sometime, toward the end of the school year, I had noticed some of the hot boys in seventh grade carrying around a patch of a Bulldog on their backpacks or on the shoulder of their jackets. I asked one of my friends what it was all about and was told that it was a 'secret fraternity' for boys only, and that rumors were flying about sex parties at their meetings. They supposedly had a special 'bark signal' and handshake. To be a member was a high honor and not all the boys trying to get in were able to. It was 'THE CLUB' to get into.

In an attempt to have an equal opportunity for females, my best friend Marla started a club called Pussycats. She presented her idea to five of us, and we thought it would be cool to have an exclusive club just for girls. Of course, there would have to be an initiation, something of a challenge to be able to join this special fraternity and Marla thought up a good series of 'tests' that would have to be passed.

First off, you had to prove you were a female which meant showing off your pussy to the group. A couple of Marla's candidates elected not to go further, but three of us had no problem showing off what we have, myself included.

In fact, I'm not a Lez, but I have to admit, being the first time seeing another pussy other than mine in the mirror was really exciting, and with three of us flashing and comparing clits, I got really wet and was shivering with excitement!

Meetings were about an hour or so, all conversation was about sex - mostly talk about boys, rumors about the Bulldogs and their parties, hearing our parents' beds squeek during sex; things like that. After our first meeting, I was so horny I went home, dashed into the bathroom and got myself off in like three minutes! Funny thing was, at our first meeting, we never talked about masturbation.

A few weeks later, Marla called an 'Emergency Meeting' holding it in the cellar of her house while her parents were away for the day. We initiated two more girls, who gladly exposed themselves. Then, we all stood in a circle and dropped our pants to bare our pussies. One of the girls pulled herself open while meowing like a cat and we all fell over laughing. We got dressed and waited anxiously for Marla to let us in on what the 'Emergency' was about.

Turns out Marla's older brother (14 I think) had left two of their Dad's porno video tapes sticking out from under the couch and Marla found them. Frantically, Carl was searching for them and Marla told him she knew where they were, but he was going to have to do something to get them back. Since he was a member of the Bulldogs, he had to tell her what they did at their meetings. She also wanted to borrow the tapes for a while so he had to tell her where their Dad kept them.

Marla told us that the Bulldogs jerk off together, often times to porno videos and once had a girl from another school who they paid to show off her pussy while they jerked off around her. To top it off, they had one meeting in the very cellar we were now meeting in (which was converted into a den)and watched the same videos we were about to see. The thought of a bunch of boys, playing with their dicks in the same room we were in caused my heart to start pounding.

I felt my pussy ooze, I was so wet, and quicky cupped myself to stop it from seeping past the leg band of my underwear. I was shaking - I'd never seen a porno film. I'd heard about them, but this was going to be a very exciting afternoon!

We watched the first one for about a half hour, and I was amazed that I was watching men and women actually playing with themselves in front of each other. Marla wanted to see what was on the other one and quickly traded tapes in the machine. The second on was just women, talking dirty and showing off their pussies, then masturbating until they came. They oozed lots of juice when they came. By the second girl's orgasm, I thought I was going to faint, and my poor pussy ached to be touched. I looked around to see the other girls reactions, their faces were beet red (mine felt hot and was most likely just as red). One girl was rubbing her thighs slightly and squeezing them together.

Marla finally said she was going to have to take care of things and with that she slid off her shorts and panties and started to work on her pussy while watching the third girl on the screen. Within seconds of that, I heard one of the newly initiated girls moan slightly, and remove her pants as well.

I felt less inhibited, and after a short debate with myself, dropped my shorts and panties and started my glorious manipulations on my swollen pussy. God it felt so GOOD!!! So three of us went at it, while the remaining two watched the tube and our live show, and squirmed. Within a very short time I could see Marla getting really into it; her pussy was red and swollen and every once in a while she would pull it open to check on her clit. I did the same - my clit was a deep red and somewhat hard. It was the first time I really took the time to watch how my pussy reacted to stimulation, and I was so turned on watching Marla and Jenn playing with themselves. We were sharing something very private, and the three of us were even with the woman on the screen in our quest toward the land of Orgasm. About four or five minutes went by and our breathing became more evident.

Suddenly Marla came, and I felt a surge, a quick drop, and then pulses started ripping through my pussy and wave upon wave of bliss coursed through my body. I kept coming for what seemed like two or three minutes but was most likely 30 seconds or so - a good one at any rate. A minute or two later, Jenn blew at the same time as the woman on the screen, and covering her mouth, she let out a scream while frantically working her clit.

The other two girls got up suddenly and said they had to get home. We started laughing uncontrolably as they dashed off to go work themselves in private.

That summer we had maybe four or five more meetings, and only one of the girls that dashed off ever joined in the activities. But I found out I like to get off with other girls or watch girls get off on TV to this day some 19 years later. But now it's mostly my boyfriend and me getting off in front of each other; that's a real thrill.

If you'll excuse me, he's due home in about half an hour and I know just what we're going to do!!



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