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Young School Fun

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In my old school teachers in a grade had to teach two subjects. My one teacher taught science and took my class down to the gym to do exercises.
Around this time I was 14 and a year before I began masterbating. Instead of desks in this class we had long, kind of lunch tables, but without the extra seat part and it was lower, 4 people on one and it wasnt 2 people infront of 2 other people, it was 4 facing the board. Anyway, my best friend whom was a male sat next to me. Our gym teacher on fridays ((gym day)) would at times wear tight shorts, she was around 26-28 Id say, was beautiful and had nice, medium build tits, not to small not to large. One day she wore a tight shirt, and them tight pants ((we went to a public school then)) and I told my friend that I had to jerk off to her and if anyone was looking to tell me because I had a big hard on. He eventually agreed after 2 min. and I exposed my hard dick and began to jerk off to her beautiful body under the table as she turned around and then wrote homework for science on the board. After about 5-10 min. of jerking off slowly I began to get that rise of pleasure and for my first time came, I then told my friend to ask to go to the bathroom, and he did choosing me as a partner because he had to choose someone to go with since she told him they might leave to go to gym class. While he asked I zipped up my pants and looked for any stains, and I left with him to the bathroom. When we got to the bathroom I locked my stall and sat down and jerked off somemore, in a faster motion for a minute till I came alittle more, and wiped the cum that was in my boxers and on my cock. I then went and unlocked the stall and sat on the toilet waiting for my erection to go down so the teacher wouldnt see. My friend then asked what was taking so long and I told him that I wanted my rock as I called it to soften. He then asked how I got mine so hard and I showed him. He then asked if we could compare our privates erect because he wanted to see if his was the normal size. I said sure since he was my best friend and I took mine out, jerking it up and down to get it a bit erect again as he jerked off his and we then compared ours which came out to be around the same size, mine just beating him barely. He then asked if he could try something he had done with his cousin. I said alright, a bit scared as he got on his knees and gave me a hand job and then a blowjob, which lasted for maybe 2 minutes when he asked me if I could do the same so he could image our teacher doing it to him like I had done. I uneasily said yes and did the same as he had done for me. I didnt like the taste of his private area but I thought then that I needed to return the favor. When I stopped I told him we better leave because the teacher would get curious. As we did I kept to my jerking off in the class for the three weeks that followed and did the bathroom thing four more times still not liking the taste, but the other times we would jerkoff in seperate stalls, taking turns in the classroom and asking to leave, half the time asking ourselves when we were ready.



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