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Caught at the Arcade

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First time submiting a story, would like to hear any comments


Recently I stumbled across some vintage porn on-line and it brought back some fond memories of my teen years, which I thought given the time I've spent, ahem, enjoying other peoples stories would only be fair if I shared. This one specific story takes place a few years back, on a family holiday to the seaside. I'll skip the boring stuff, like our time at the beach, the shops and the fair and begin at the arcade.

An older arcade, it was split into two sections. One section housed the latest arcade gaming machines, it was noisy and full of people, while the other side contained the older ones, needless to say it was pretty empty. I spent a while playing with my brothers before wandering off by myself.

I decided to check out the other section by myself, here the games were all a few years old but were alot cheaper. After having a few games I noticed a small roped off area in the back, it was empty except for a young couple. The machines there were even older, vintage ones. I'm not sure what they are called, but they were the type with a small screen with a binocular like viewing device. I thought they must be like old film machines. I'm not sure from what decade they were from but I can say they where from long from before I was born. I noticed the guy peering into it, grinning, the woman stood next to him, began to giggle before walking off. A minute later the man followed in the same direction. The whole section of the arcade was now completely empty except for me. I strolled over to the back area where the couple had been, there was an old looking sign in a fancy writing that read 'Gentlemen's Section', probably from the same period as the machines. I opened the old rope divider and stepped in.

There was a collection of about sixteen machines, all set up in a square formation, obscuring people from the outside looking in. Each machine had a different name. Reading the names I soon realised they were no ordinary film machines but some type of vintage porn machines, again I'm not sure of the technical name. I could feel my penis harden. Having a discreet tug of my penis I looked around, the area was still deserted. Though the machines were old they had been updated to take modern money. Taking a deep breath I reached into my pocket and pulled out the correct change. I scanned the names of the different machines, deciding on one named 'Women of the Wild West'. Putting in my money I pressed my eyes into the binocular screen. It was not a film as I had thought, rather a collection of old black and white photographs, they were of women in saucy, old fashioned western attire with exposed breasts.

Now, to any readers it may seem pretty tame compared to what is available on the internet, but this happened just before the internet took off. My eyes had never seen anything like it, the closest thing to bare breasts I had seen was the underwear section of a catalogue. I reached down and could feel my penis rock hard. I began to tug at it over my pants before nervously slipping my hand into my jeans. Pulling my eyes away from the screen I surveyed the area before I reached in to my y fronts. Intrepidly I began stoking my penis. My bulge grew, getting uncomfortable I could feel my penis pressing hard against my jeans, struggling to get out. Every few seconds a new image would flash on screen, different women in different attire, all exposing their breasts. I remember one quite vividly, she wore dark thigh high stockings, knickers and a feather boa draped over her shoulders, her breasts pushed together with her hands. I couldn't contain it any longer. Without undoing my belt I pulled my pants down slightly, just enough to expose my y front. Reaching in I pulled out my penis. I began stroking faster and faster, thinking of these women. My pants fell down to around my ankles, but I was too engrossed in the picture show to bother pulling them back up. I could feel myself getting closer to cumming. I became quite noisy, I could hear myself making that slapping masturbation noise, but I didn't care.

After what could only have been a few minutes the machine warned of one last picture, picking up the pace I built myself up for the climax. A string of five women, all topless popped up, it looked like an old fashioned kick line, this was too much, I arched my back, giving my pecker one last pull before I exploded, my cum shooting out, four days worth, the longest I had gone without touching myself since I first discovered it. The cum hit the body of the machine, the rest of my wad splashing onto the carpet below. I paused for a second, catching my breath I lifted my eyes from the machine to survey the damage I had done. I looked around when I saw him. The bloke who had been at the machine before was back. I don't know how much he had seen but judging by the grin on his face he saw everything. Desperately I began to pull up my jeans, but the belt made it nearly impossible. I got my jeans to just above my knees before I spun around and fell backwards into the machine, hitting my back against the machine, my ass landed into the deposit of cum. Quickly I sprung to my feet, undid my belt calmly and pulled my jeans up, the man still standing there. Without looking him in the eyes I kept my head down, as I passed him I remember him letting out a little laugh saying maybe I should go to the bathroom to clean up. Leaving the empty half of the arcade I felt my backside, the ass of my y fronts were drenched.

I checked my watch, I had been gone quite a while. Upon finding my family they asked where I had been. I just said the games were so cheap it took longer than I'd have thought to use up my money.

I have more stories, which hopefully I may add at a later date if you guys like.



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