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Wow, My Neighbor!

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My gosh. I can't believe this really happened to me!


I'm a 45-yea- old male living in a condo with lots of great neighbors, including the couple next door. He is about 42 and she is 38. Last week I was home in the middle of the day straightening and organizing some stuff in my garage. It was mid afternoon and hot; I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and was ready for a cold glass of water. My neighbor suddenly appeared at the front of the garage and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was about to wrap up cleaning my garage then I was going to drink something cold and relax. She said, 'Sounds good. Can I join you?'

I said, 'Come on in.' I popped open a cold drink and I gave her one too. I sat on my couch and then I was horrified because right there on the coffee table was the jacket for a DVD I had in the DVD player. It was an X-Rated movie called 'Hot Young Pussies.' I was hoping she wouldn't pick up the jacket, but she saw it before I could get it out of her sight. She said, 'What'cha watchin'?' as she picked up the jacket and looked at the cover. I was pretty embarrassed and said, 'You know us single guys, we have to have SOMETHING to look at!'

I was totally surprised and amazed when she said 'How about turning it on?' I said OK and turned the TV and the DVD player on. Well this movie is very light on a plot and heavily into raw close up XXX rated sex. She told me she had only seen a couple in her life and she wanted to catch a bit of this one.

Truth be known, I almost always jack myself off watching these movies, and then 99% of the time fall asleep afterwards because it is all the same stuff. My couch faces the TV so she sat beside me and we started watching. My heart was racing because I had my nice looking neighbor sitting beside me watching hot porn! I couldn't help but get hard!

I started squirming, crossing my legs, folding my arms across my lap and all that. After about 30 minutes of hard core oral and fucking on the screen my boner was raging hard. She then asked me, 'what does this do to you?' I was honest and I told her it made me hard as hell! She asked me if I was hard right then and I told her I was not only hard, but THROBBING HARD!

This killed me. She then said 'I bet you jack yourself off when you watch these, don'cha?' I said, 'Almost always!' She then said 'Why should today be any different?' Wow. I melted. I leaned back against the couch and took my arms off my lap and let her see how large and hard the big bulge in my shorts was. I asked her to feel me if she wanted to. She laid her hand in my lap and caressed my dick. Oh my. I wasn't believing what was happening. She kind of moaned and told me how nice I felt and how hard I was.

We spent a few minutes talking about her husband and what would he think, and I expressed my worries he might find out about this. She assured me he would never ever know. After that reassurance I stood up and pulled my shorts and undies right off and sat back down on the couch. She couldn't keep her hands off my dick. I started rubbing her pussy through her pants and she spread her legs to allow me more room. I then asked her if she wouldn't mind to please just take them off. She stood and stripped off her pants and underwear. I about had a heart attack. She has a lovely, beautiful, gorgeous, to die for pussy with a neat little haircut. Very trim and very clean in appearance. She sat and my fingers found her pussy and she was already really wet. She spread her legs and as we watched the movie together I fingered her and massaged her clit as she jacked me. It was wonderful. I've almost never in my life been so excited. It didn't take long and I couldn't hold back. I told her I was about to cum and leaned way back and she jacked me until I blew cum all over my stomach. She told me how hot it was watching me squirt my load!

As I wiped up the mess on my stomach she started fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit almost furiously and she came in about three minutes. When we both finished and dressed she gave me a wonderful kiss and told me this was our little secret.

I don't know if this will ever happen again but I sure hope it does. It was fantastic!



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