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Workout Before the Workout

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Hello to all my fellow pleasure seekers. I have to admit - this is my first time posting.
Let me give you a little background info first... I am relatively new to this site and I give Chris kudos for maintaining this incredible site for us all. Anyway, I have yet to experience a truly satisfying sexual relationship and have turned to self pleasure as my sole source of relief and exploration. It was only a year ago that I found my g-spot and began having incredible orgasms without touching my clit.
I have to say also that I am surprised (to say the least) at the number of you all out there with the same thrill I have with watching others masturbate. There is just something about watching a man take his beautiful hard cock in his hands and begin stroking... something I can't do for him like he can - only he can stroke it in the way that is perfect for him and gives him the ultimate pleasure.
After reading so many stories about you guys getting it on in public places it inspired me to try it myself. I am usually so tired when I get home from work and get my son taken care of and in bed that play time isn't something that's high on my list of things to do. I have found reading stories here at work in the middle of the day is a great way to pass a boring work day but results in a high need for some finger work by the time I leave. The walls in our bathrooms at work are so thin that I haven't been able to bring myself to take care of it here. I have started going to the gym again after work a couple of days a week and I think I have just found a new, more exciting reason to go...
I decided yesterday that I was gonna try something new. Already dripping wet by the time I arrived at the gym I quickly entered one of the few cubicles to change out of my office attire and into my workout clothes. (Unfortunately my gym doesn't permit nudity in the locker room otherwise I might be more tempted to change in the open. Besides, it would be hard to keep my eyes neutral...) I chose the one cube that seemed to have the most privacy. The walls around the door had visible gaps where they didn't meet and I could see out into the locker room. As I began to take off my slacks I saw one of the gym counselors walk by and wondered how much trouble I could get in if I was caught. By now I was getting very nervous about doing something so personal in a very public place. Now completely naked I sat down on the creaky bench and ran a finger lightly over my throbbing clit. Again I looked out to see if anybody was sitting on the bench outside the cube and might be watching me. A little shot of pleasure streaked through my groin as I imagined another woman trying not to watch intently for the show I was about to put on. Nobody there... I could hear many voices but see no people.
Like a few of the ladies that have posted, I am turned on by other women's bodies. I don't consider myself a lesbian and I'm not sure somebody else can totally understand that unless they feel the way we do. I wouldn't encourage or seek out a relationship with another woman, but the thought of another woman's breasts make me wet just thinking about it. I love watching two girls lick and suck on each other - especially the nipples since that is such a hot spot for me. Again, I wonder if someone is happening to walk by and chances a look in my cube seeing me with my legs wide open and beginning to massage my hot pussy. I imagine her tits getting hard at the brief sight of me naked and her tight shirt rubbing ever so softly on her nipples making them rock hard. How awesome would it be if she stopped for a moment outside my door and then softly knocked. Silently I would unlock the door and let her in. She watches me for a minute as I sit back down and run a finger over my nipple, gently pulling and circling it with my thumb and forefinger. She begins to rub her nipples and then decides to join me in my nakedness. I watch in eager anticipation as her chest looks inviting already. My nameless beauty has just revealed a hairless snatch and the most beautiful breasts I have seen. Soft and full - perky with nipples that are begging to be sucked. I pull her close and take a nipple into my mouth gently sucking and flicking it with my tongue. I hear her moan her approval and then feel a jolt go through my pussy as her fingers have found my clit. Around and around she circles making me hotter and hotter. I feel two fingers being inserted into me and shock waves as my g-spot is massaged. She hasn't given up attention to my clit and I lick her entire breast and tease her nipples with my tongue and fingers. Suddenly the door opens and a man in dirty jeans and a toolbelt is outside. My lover has forgotten to lock the door behind her and the man has stopped dead in his tracks, blatantly watching us. I am so close to orgasm I beg her not to stop even though I want to panic.
The man's hard on is plainly visible and my lover pulls him into the tiny cube. Silently he is stripped naked as well and my lover returns to me. This time she has spread my legs wide open inserting her fingers again and begins to lick the outside of my pussy lips. The man watches in amazement and takes his hard cock in his hand. It's magnificent; thick and long and slightly curved at the head. He is so hard and I can tell he is already trying to hold back his orgasm. I am in ecstasy... Every lick of her tongue pushes me closer to bliss while I watch our new friend stroking his raging hard on. I admire his strong facial features, his 5 o'clock shadow, his dark chest hair and the treasure trail leading south. Our eyes meet and then I see his body tense up and hear him softly groan as he shoots his load of cum over my lover's rear. My lover understands my response to him and begins to lick faster and harder pushing my clit up on my pelvic bone. She fingers my g-spot faster and I can feel it coming... my pussy is so wet and sloppy and she stays with me until I'm over the edge.
I explode and try not to hiss my breath in as the waves consume me. I continue to rub my clit as my orgasm persists. My legs go weak and my body begins to shake. Incredible waves of pleasure course through my pussy and I recognize that I haven't had such a powerful orgasm in a very long time. As reality starts to come back to me and my labored breathing softens, I once again peek out the crack between the wall and the door. Still nobody visible. Maybe next time I'll work up the courage to use a different cube with a larger crack...
Hope you all enjoyed my little story. =)



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