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back at Uni.

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Iíve decided to,keep my little car with me at Uni this year, so instead of my dad loading up the Land Rover and driving me back, all my stuff was crammed into my car. Iíve also decided to take up,the option of renting my college room all year round so I donít have to pack up everything at the end of each term.  Itís always sad leaving Home, but Iím determined itís going to be a year of exploration in every sense.  My room at Uni was exactly how I left it, down to the blue tack on the walls. The hostel has me and two others in it. Kate doesnít get back until early next week.   


Unpacking (boring) and setting my little nest up (less boring) went well until I found an extra Christmas gift from my sister. Right at the bottom of my suitcase was a very expensive looking Lelu vibrator! 

Well, whatís a girl to do? Itís almost totally silent, so I could use this anywhere! I found its vibrations work a treat on a pierced clit....well....most things do....but itís gentle curve meansthat it hits all the right spots when itís up me as well. I can even walk around with it in me held in place by my panties, but also with some good pelvic floor squeezing I can (almost) keep it in me on my own!

Oh, but itís a sweet little bundle of pleasure. A vibrator garuantees an orgasm, and a good one or three! It leaves you totally free to explore fantasies, romantic or dirty. Hereís what I was thinking as I used it to make me cum, once lying on my bed, and once with it in me walking around campus. These are sexual fantasies folks....NOT REAL...but they got me off nicely.

(On The Bed)

Iím at a party. One of my lecturers is there too. Heís married and much older than I am. Even so, he has a nice smile and a lovely personality, plus he has come to bed eyes. Iím imagining him taking me upstairs into a bedroom where he has me on the bed, panties to one side and he is fucking me. I love the idea that his cock has been up his wife earlier...I could taste her when I sucked him up hard....and now heís about to cum in me. At the moment he spunkís, he calls me her name.....itís so raunchy, I cum all over his cock and as I do I know that later tonight, it will be her mouth licking me from his shaft, and my juices being pushed deep up her hole. 

(Walking around campus)

My little buzzy friend is inside me turned on low, and the vibrations are hitting my G spot nicely. As I walk, I feel it move slightly inside me. Iím in one of the libraries. Up on the mezzanine floor I can see a couple of people already hard at work in the study pods, Iím leaning on a rail and I realise that if I push backwards, my bum touches one of the stacks. I instantly conjure up a boy behind me. One of the sports studies students, well known for their heavy drinking and equally heavy shagging. As I push back the vibrator moves inside me and in my mind, Iím being fucked from behind by a total stranger. I donít even know his name, but he has pulled my panties aside, and without even asking, has spit on his cock for lubrication, and pushed it up me. Instead of being outraged, I find Iím helping him by pushing backwards....I meet his thrusts, and despite myself, Iím getting close. My dirty imagination makes my lover lean forward to cup my breasts, pushing him even deeper in me as he does so. Then, what he whispers in my ear makes me cum. ďIím going to spunk inside you and make you pregnant.Ē Instantly a rush of orgasm contractions hit me and grip my lovely vibrator. 

Any girl will tell you that an orgasm feels different when youíve got something to contract around. I feel myself cumming but unlike the one in my room, I canít moan or cry out, and I want to do both. The orgasm doesnít stop either. In my room, I could just move the vibrator off my clit, but here itís deep inside me and every move seems to set off a new wave of pulses. 

Back in my room, I slip out of yet another pair of ruined panties. The entire crotch is wet and I must have squirted, I think. The vibrator needs a wash too! 

As I stand in the shower feeling the hot water sting my body, I have a thought...something I really want to do. When Kate gets back, we have a lot of talking to do. I do love her, yes, Iím sure of that, but I know that from time to time I need to be fucked by a guy. I need that animalistic rough treatment and of course, being spunked in, or on, is something another girl canít give me. But the thing I really want to do, and I have no idea if a guy would ever let me do it, is I would love to squirt on a guys face. 

My ex used to cum on my face, and I really loved that. He was a very heavy cummer and Iíd get it in my hair, all over my face, in my mouth....mmmm...yummy! But I want to squirt on a manís face now. I imagine myself just squatting over him masturbating furiously until I squirt on his face. 

Iíd be interested to know how any guys reading this feel about it. Has it happened to any of you? 



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