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Working Out With Ronny

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He believed everything I told him.


When I was younger I worked out quite a bit more than the others in my high-school. I would come home right after school and into my basement where my weights were. I would workout before anybody got home closer to dinner time.

Almost always I would strip nude and between sets look at my sexy girl mags and stroke my cock. I would have a hardon through my entire workout then squirt my cum at the end. I did this every day after school as long as nobody was home. I loved being nude and watching myself in the mirror both working and jerking. It made my workouts much more enjoyable.

My almost best friend Ronny asked me if I would help him grow some muscle. He was real skinny and knew I read a ton of workout mags learning exactly what to do. I told Ronny he could come home with me after school and I would teach him how to train every night. He was very eager to train with me.

I always wanted to let others watch me naked or even better if I could jerk off while they watched or if I could watch them too. I always wanted it to happen but never had a chance.

I had no interest in guys but for some reason the thought of masturbating while they watched or together was a real turn on. The only girls I ever got to see masturbate were on video back then and if I could have made that happen in real life I would have been in heaven.

So the first day of our new workout came and as we walked home I eased into the conversation about how I worked out. I told Ronny I read from a great secret source that if you worked out completely naked the blood flow was perfect for growing muscle about 50% better than with any clothes whatsoever. He asked if that was how I did it and I said yes. I said it was ok because most afternoons the house was empty until close to dinner. He hesitated a bit but agreed because I knew what I was talking about.

We got home then went straight to the basement. I told him we should start right away to give us the proper amount of time. I stripped off all my clothes and my cock was about half hard. I told him to hurry and he dropped his clothes then too. I tried not to stare at his cock so as not to make him uneasy. I noticed Ronny kept looking at my half hard cock then within a few seconds I was fully erect. I said don't mind that. It happens every tiime before I workout.

There we were naked and I was showing Ronny how to work his skinny muscles. He kept asking me about better ways to increase growth. I told him I also read another secret but I was not going to tell him for a while. He said he wanted to know now. I said ok but you cannot tell anyone ever.

Here's what I told him. If you realy want to grow fast you need to increase the blood flow in your body as you workout. The best way to do it is to keep an erection while you workout. I went behind the cabinet where my mags were and pulled them out. I told him I use these to keep my cock hard and if you stroke it between sets it works best. I said I had been doing it for about a year and it works great.

He squished his face up looking at me and said that it sounds odd. I told him he did not have to but I was going to continue with this best kept secret.

I showed him how to do his next set then changed the weights for myself. I did mine then told him to change the weight and I was going to get the blood flowing better. As he started to change the weights I took my hard cock and started to slowly stroke it up and down. I glanced over and noticed Ronny kept looking at me and his cock started to grow hard. Within seconds he was fully hard with his cock sticking in an upward position. His cock was really long and thick. I was amazed! I said to him that he was doing better now and his workout would now be better. He laid down and pushed the weights up and down as I continued on my cock. He stopped then sat up with his cock still fully erect. I said lets change places so he could do his jerking set and held out the magazine.

Now he was more into it. He sat down and took his large cock into his hand and started stroking away. I commented on how big his cock was and he said he always thought it was normal. We both only had one time ever that our coach made us hit the showers after gym class. That time there was about 30 naked guys and a few got unwanted hardons. Because we were all very shy nobody said a thing.

We kept this up each taking his turn until I knew we should stop before my parents came home. I told him that when I was reading about this jerking and working out that the article said you should always ejaculate directly after your workout is finshed for best results. He did not ask any questions this time except for where should he squirt his cum. I went into the small bath across the room and brought back a long strip of toilet paper. I said this is what I use. We were both now standing with huge erections and I was dripping precum. I said any time is good and started to stroke faster than before. Ronny did the same then he started to cum first.

He held the paper if front of his hand then shot two long ropes right over it onto the carpet. His body was jerking back and forth as he finished up then within a few seconds he bent down to clean up the floor. It just sort of smeared in and I told him forget it. I started to stroke harder again and then while holding my breath I let out a big chest full of air while the first squirt of cum plunged from my cock. I was so turned on that the cum felt like it would never stop. My body kept on trying to squirt even after about five or six good loads came out. I think my cock kept trying to squirt for about 15 times and it felt fantastic knowing my friend was watching. I was pretty well out of breath when I finaly stopped and I just stood there with my hard cock in my hand. I looked at Ronny and he asked if I came like that because I worked out so much. I said it was from lots of practice after my workouts and his would be the same after a while.

We both got dressed and Ronny was off to go home. The next day at school Ronny told me he could feel his muscles growing bigger already which is impossible. I said great as he asked if he could come over every night for sure.

That night we did the same thing and Ronny was only too happy to strip naked workout and masturbate with me. We continued these workouts for many months and Ronny did start to grow and although it had nothing to do with his cock he believed it did. We finally stopped when I got a girlfriend and I did not want to do it any more.

I'll bet that Ronny still works out the same to this day!



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