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Leo's Package

Posted by: Age: 17 Posted on: 2 comments
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My highschool best-friend invited me to his house that night to watch a movie.


We got out of school at 5 p.m, I got home first to take a bath and to change my school clothes; I put some blue sport-shorts and a white t-shirt and I was out of my house (no, i didn't change my underwear). We were 17 at the time so I took my father's car and arrived at 8:00 p.m at Leo's home. I parked in front of his house and he received me with a smile "Hey, you made it!", he was still dressed up with our school uniform; beige pants, a yellow polo shirt and he'd always wear an undershirt.

Leo looks really skinny but he's handsome; got black hair, light brown skin, he has pronounced bags under his small eyes but that doesn't make him ugly in any way. We shook hands and I gave him a brotherly hug (like always); I felt his strong back and I felt warm; then he invited me inside, my first time in his house. His parents were watching t.v on the living room so I greeted them, his mother talked to me for a while and then Leo continued to his bedroom, I followed. His room wasn't big but it smelled nice (like a room of a horny 17 years old), there was a shelf with an old computer, a rolling chair, a small closet and his bed (twin size); I automatically saw a piece of fabric laying on the bed, male underwear, white briefs.

He described me his room and explained that the only t.v was on the living room so we were gonna watch the movie later. He sat down on the rolling chair and said that I could sit on the bed, so I did (closest to the briefs). He turned on the computer and started describing his everyday life on his room "So, here I watch porn"; he said while he introduced his computer; "and here I jerk off!"; he exhibited the chair he was sitting on, then he started to simulate that he was jerking off and then he laughed, my heart started racing (he looked hot) "So that chair has to be full of cum stains"; I said joking; "No dude, I clean myself with my underwear"; he smiled, then returned his attention to the computer. I looked around and my eyes spotted the briefs on the bed, I imagined my friend cumming on them and I felt the urge to see if they were stained, when Leo returned his gaze he almost caught me touching the underwear; afraid, I ignored the briefs and asked him to transfer some of his music into my usb.

His parents entered the room at 9:00 p.m and said that they were going to bed, his mom stayed a little longer talking to me (again) about school and shit and then (finally), she left. When we were alone again Leo stood up, his arms went for his polo and without saying a word he took it off; his undershirt had no sleeves so his arms were now naked and they looked strong, I admired his muscles for a second but then I lost focus; his hands traveled now to his pants. He unlocked his belt and removed it from his waist, then he released the button of his trousers (a this point I was paralyzed) and then he undid the zipper; a perfect big round white bulge came out of his pants, it looked enormous, inflated and I could swear I felt a strong amazing smell; my cock got hard instantly. I saw a little of his thighs, he was wearing white briefs like the ones that were on his bed. It were only seconds but for me they passed slowly; the package looked filled-up, chubby and tasty. I saw the contour of Leo's dick, the shaft, pushing the soft fabric, I wanted to grab it. He saw me looking, so he hid the bulge "I'm gonna change my pants in the bathroom, I'll be quick"; he left the room.

I was in shock, it was the first time I had seen him in underwear and he looked amazing, it was big. I looked down and my cock was extremely pronounced and hardened on my shorts, had Leo seen it? I tried to cover it but I realized it didn't care at the moment, Leo wasn't there and I was so solid; and then It came to me, It was the perfect moment, I needed to be fast. I searched for Leo's briefs, the ones that were on the bed and I grabbed them. Scared, I felt them, they were soft, I looked at them and there they were, large stains. I got crazy horny so I put them on my nose; sweet, like the smell of my cock when I wake up hard in the mornings, and then extremely sour, like the smell I get when I shoot a lot of cum; I pressed them into my lips and I imagined Leo's cock on them, hardening, leaving his precum. I was touching my erection when I heard the bathroom door, I tossed the briefs and pretended to be on the computer; Leo entered the room wearing some black sport shorts, I tried not to look at his crotch "Done, want to see the movie now?"; he asked "Yeah, lets do it"; and, after I adjusted my erection upwards (and held it in place with the elastic of my boxer briefs), we walked to the living room.

We put a movie about a demon, a girl with big boobs and a killer, I don't remember the name, all I had on mind at that moment was my friend's big white package and the smell of his underwear. We both sat on the same couch, a free space between us, he was watching the movie and I was watching his pants (at times a nice tent was formed). I couldn't concentrate, the smell of his cock stuck in my nostrils and I was hard as fuck. The thing about Leo is that he's always horny or talking about sex and this time it didn't helped me "Dude look at her tits! I could cum all over then", "That dude is almost as horny as I am right now", "That man's gotta have an enormous cock if that hottie's after him", "I need to see some fucking, dude just fuck her already!"; he said; "Yeah, I need to see some fucking too"; I tried, hoping for more. My dick was firm all the fucking movie, I grabbed it and stroked it in the dark everytime my friend wasn't paying attention. Finally the movie ended and there wasn't a single sex scene, Leo was disappointed and I was mournful that I didn't had the change to see his bulge in full action. "Man, that girl looked so fucking good, I really wanted to see her naked"; he said grabbing his crotch; "Yeah, she made me really horny too"; I waited for his reaction; "Yeah"; nothing more. Leo stood up to retrieved the dvd and I understood that the night was over. It was almost midnight and I needed to get home before I was grounded, the problem was that I didn't wanted to leave, I needed to try something; I needed to please my hornyness; so I took a chance: "Bro, you got some porn we could watch?"; I couldn't believe I asked, my heart was exploding. It took him by surprise, he looked me a little weirded-out but said "You don't have to go?"; "I can stay a little longer"; I said without hesitating; "Well, we could watch it in my room, we can't do it here, my parents said until midnight and I can't put porn here neither way"; he said; "Ok".

We got to his room in complete darkness, he closed the door and turned the lock; I didn't knew what to do so I sat on his bed while he managed the computer. I was really nervous, I had never watched porn with someone else and there was the possibility to see Leo's package; if I was lucky I could catch a glimpse of his hard cock marked on his shorts. The light from the monitor's screen illuminated much, I could see him sitting in the rolling chair, the dim light formed contrasts on his arms, it looked erotic. "I'm on it"; he broke the silence. On the screen I saw a girl with a big white cock and some cum on her face, Cum Feast 4, he clicked play and the movie started. Leo settled himself, he sat back looking for comfort, his chest looked hard, his right hand ended on his crotch. My heart was beating like an earthquake, I was scared as fuck but it was happening. We saw the movie in total silence at first, then Leo started making comments about the girls "I would penetrate her hard, put it all in". I got as hard as ever watching how he played with his pants, at one moment I saw a glimpse Leo's briefs but since I was sitting on the bed I couldn't tell; for my contentment, Leo grabbed the border of his sport shorts and lowered them, I could see more of his briefs now. I was so horny imagining how his cock would look and it ocurred to me "Bro, your dick is cut or uncut?"; I asked with a trembling voice, he stopped what he was doing, I felt the discomfort "Why you ask dude?"; "I dont know, just asking. Tell me"; I insisted; "But why you want to know man?"; "Just asking, I was talking about it today with the rest of the gang and everybody said"; I lied; "But why?"; his voice was trembling; "Just tell me man, is not that big of a deal. I'm cut ok, now, your turn"; I was a little impatient, I needed to know; "I'm uncut"; he said. At this moment I hadn't seen another man's cock, but mine's cut so I had never seen an un-cut cock before, when he told me that his was different from mine I just got hornier, I needed to see it "Can I see it?"; the words escaped from my mouth and I felt embarassed. He turned the chair and now I could see him completely. His black shorts were almost at his knees so his white package was now at full view and on full erection, much bigger and fatter, it was laying on Leo's right thigh and it looked solid; I could see all of his form, the head and the long trunk, the hard-on was on the edge of the briefs so it elevated the elastic (almost out), his meat wanted to get out "Dude wtf, why you want to see it?"; he asked; "I've never seen an uncut cock"; I said trembling, grabbing my erection for him to see it.

There was a long silence; decision, fear, anticipation. Leo grabbed the edge of the briefs and with no warning he removed the fabric; a big piece of meat elevated with a jolt, a beautiful straight fat-trunk cock. It was incredible, the thickness was the first thing one could process, it looked so meaty, Leo grabbed the hard shaft with his full hand and it looked even bigger. It was as straight and hard as a baseball bat, I saw some veins and then the foreskin; the prepuce covered half of his head, a reddish and voluptuous head; Leo pulled the skin down and the big velvet helmet was totally exposed now; triangular and rounded on the tip, it was shiny, it was wet. I watched for a long time, amazed, but my fear returned; I searched for Leo's eyes and he was watching me perplexed, he looked scared as fuck but he was stroking his meat. My cock wanted to tear my shorts, my tent was hard and it felt soaked "You want to see mine?"; I asked him while I grabbed it harder. He didn't answered for a time, he continued stroking, swapping his gaze from the porn to my package, then to my eyes and to the porn again "Ok"; he said finally, his voice cracked. I didn't loose time, I got up and sent my blue shorts to the floor, my erection was forcing my gray boxer briefs; the pyramid looked big and strong, the head was pronounced in the fabric rounded by a big stain of precum. Leo's eyes were settled on my package now and he was stroking fiercely, I saw some precum covering his head. I started playing with the head of my cock over my underwear first (my fingers got sticky), then I took the edge of the boxer briefs and stopped there for a second, I looked at Leo "Just do it"; he told me, so I pulled my underwear down. My cock was so hard that it got out with so much force that it slapped me on the waist leaving some precum there, Leo took a deep breath. My hard pale meat stood there facing him, I let him watch it for a minute, then I grab it "Nice cock"; he told me; "Yours' is bigger"; I told him and he gave me a nervous smile. I felt so more close to him on my feet, so I started stroking my piece right there.

We were watching each other, both dicks were hard as fuck; his foreskin covering and discovering his head with each movement, mine with the head always visible "How does it feel?"; I asked instinctively; "Huh?"; he was sincerely confused; "How does it feel to have a foreskin, sorry"; I corrected; "I don't know"; he said and changed his gaze to the movie. He looked so good; his thin but athletic body (I saw him once shirtless and he's got some awesome abs), his black hair, his strong arms stroking his big meat (he had put his cock and balls through the hole of his white briefs), his balls were perfectly rounded and hairless, his shorts were now on his feet so I could see his tights all the way, but the best part of the picture was his big uncut cock "Let me touch it"; I said. He looked scandalized "Wtf man! You're gay?"; he said really scared; "I'm not gay, I'm just curious about how the foreskin feels"; I fucked-up, he covered himself and he looked really angry, I was sure he was going to hit me. There was a long uncomfortable silence, but then "Ok, you can touch it".

I stood closer; he was still sitting on his rolling chair, he spread his legs and his cock was free for me to grab it; it looked more detailed now, it had more veins and some trimmed hairs I haven't seen before. Leo wasn't looking at me but he was waiting, his cock started to move itself "Come on! Do it, feel it!"; he pressured myself so I stretched my right hand and went for his trunk. My fingers felt the hardness and I traced the meat, he left out a moan while I felt his veins on my finger tips. We both watched my inspection; the base of his trunk, I went up slowly, feeling all of his cock's body, going up, I felt the beginning of his head under the prepuce and I made it to his foreskin. I felt the folded skin, how it moved, and I played with it, up and down, slowly. The triangular head appeared once, twice, everytime with more precum, the third time it was soaking wet and I touched it; I massaged it in circular motion, he moaned again. I felt his head moving under the foreskin and it was hot, when I looked at Leo I found his gaze stuck on my erected cock, so I started stroking mine too. Both cocks; his with my right hand and mine with my left; he started making noises more continuously and his red head was expulsing a lot more liquid; at one moment I had both hands bathed in our juices. "Fuck, it feels really nice"; he said concentrating again on the movie, on the screen there were two hot dudes penetrating a girl at the same time. "You can touch mine"; I said, hoping for the best, he just looked at me, then at my cock and returned to the movie without saying a word. I grabbed his cock stronger now, tightening it with my palm, a loud and sensual moan escaped his mouth, I imagined myself penetrating his lips, stroking my cock on his mouth and cumming on his handsome face "Fuck! It feels so fucking nice"; he almost yelled. I could feel his smell right on my nose, it intensified with each stroke, I wanted him to smell mine too so I moved my hard cock closer to his face. He saw it and he held his gaze; watching it from up close; I saw him looking at my head, at the birth mark on my cock's head (it's shaped like an axe) and I almost came. It motivated me and I beat Leo's meat faster, he moaned again and this time I moaned too, he smiled. I was on my foot in front of him, he was on the chair leg spread, I had my back arched so that I could fully jerk him with my right arm and at the same time I was jerking my cock with my left one. We were both looking at each other now; I explored his face, his expressions were powerful and hot, I looked at his big uncut cock on my hand and I got frenzied; he watched my meat and his face looked amazed, he looked right into my eyes and he seemed horny as fuck.

I was lost on his gaze when he moved his right arm, it took me by surprise, I almost came; his fingers were inspecting my cock's head. I released my meat before I exploded and now I felt all of Leo's hand on my trunk, he started stroking my cock "You like it?"; he asked me excited; "Fuck yeah"; it was the first time someone else jerked me and it felt extraordinary, every stroke was exhilarating. Leo was excited, he tightened his hold and stroked my white inflated piece harder; he was closer to my body now, my erection only a few inches from his face. I was captivated, I felt weak on the feet; he jerked me like a champ, his bicep was prominent, his hand felt strongly manly. Leo got on his feet; without releasing our grip, he placed himself in front of me, we were face to face, our dicks almost touching. It gave me time to get back into business, now we were both beating each other's cocks at the same pace, an intense pace. He was looking into my eyes, making the hottest faces when I felt our cocks meet; it was only a moment but I went overexcited, I moved his cock closer to mine's and they were now against each other; they meet, they touched and both were extremely hard. I massaged them together, the trunks rubbing, both were soaked, mixed with our precum; I put the heads together, both were like steels, sword fighting, pleasuring with daggers. "Oooohhhh oooohhhh"; Leo was yearning, impatient. We both were sweating, moaning like kids, the most horny we had been ever. Leo went for the cocks now, he took both dicks on his hand and started inciting them, moving them, rubbing them together; we were watching the hardon's clash when Leo got jumpy, he looked at me, desperation on his eyes, he seemed scared but I knew better...

"I'm cumming"; he said. He tossed his head back and closed his eyes, he started a sweet infinite moan that went intensifying; it sounded like he was complaining. The first shoot of cum hit him on his neck, his cum looked dense and solid white; the second string of semen caught me on the chin, it felt warm. A third and a fourth string both ended on his undershirt; his moaning was too loud; a fifth shot of his cum got his right arm and a sixth once ended on his hand. Three or more shots left both our cocks covered in his cum and the explosion was finally over. The smell of semen was intoxicating, I wanted to taste it but couldn't dare. A few minutes we stood there, the only sound was Leo's heavy breathing, he looked tired. My full erection was still on his hand but there was no movement and I was fucking horny, I started penetrating his hand, I wanted to cum; he snapped out of his calm and released my meat, he looked pissed off now so I released his piece too. He hid his soaked cock inside his white briefs in a hurry and stopped the porn movie "Sorry man, you need to go, is really late"; he said without looking at me; "I'm going to the bathroom"; and he left the room. I was left alone, confused and a little annoyed, but my dick was still solid. The smell of his cum still invaded the room and I processed what had just happened; I had pulled out Leo's cum with my own hands. I started stroking alone. I saw Leo's whities still laying on his bed so I took'em, I saw the rolling chair and I sat down; I inspected the underwear, I looked at the cums stains on the fabric and I pleased myself. I remembered Leo cumming, all that cum firing everywhere, and I felt something wet on my chin; I had Leo's cum on my skin. I took the semen from my mentum and the smell got me crazy, the white liquid looked exquisite. I holded the briefs on my nose with my left hand and licked Leo's cum from my right hand; it tasted sweet, fruity, it felt gummy and it stuck to my throat. I continued jerking off, I felt my cum moving on the shaft; I licked Leo's briefs (where they were cum stained) and they tasted salty. I felt my cum.

Leo entered the room, I stared right into his eyes and I started shooting; I felt cum firing everywhere, on my face and arms, I felt it fell on my shirt, I felt the smell. Leo watched every second of it with a curious gaze, a string of cum passed my arm and went to the floor. I moaned for him to heard, I stroked my cock slowly now for him to see every inch of it, taking the last drops out of my meat, more cum got out and finally I was done. I was tired as fuck, Leo was speechless. I realized that I still had Leo's briefs on my chest and that he had seen them, but at this point I didn't care. I took his underwear and cleaned all my cum with them while he was still watching; my shirt, my arms, my face, the floor, even the rolling chair got cummed. When I was done I tossed the now filled with both our cums briefs on his bed and I put my sport shorts on. Leo didn't say a word, he looked mesmerized and when I looked to his pants a big package was formed. "I'm going"; I said, after almost a minute he assented. We left his room, passed the living room and got outside of his house "Well, I'll see you tomorrow"; I said while giving him a little pat on the back; "Yeah"; he smiled weakly. I went into my car and he returned to his house with a big tent on his shorts. Before I left, I took out my hard cock right there, in my father's car, and I jerked off thinking about Leo and his nice package till I cummed for a second time that night. Man, that package...



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