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With My Friend

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Enjoy, I know I did.


When I was around the age of 14, I had a friend named Derrick. Derrick and I were very close, but never really talked about girls, because it always got awkward. Derrick, although not being shy, nice, and fairly good looking (or so I was told) just never had any girlfriends at that age. One time I was sleeping over at his house and we were talking. I was on the floor in a sleeping bag and he was on the bed. It was fairly dark, but we could make out each others bodies.

We were talking about girls we liked at school when out of the blue he asked me 'Do you wake up in the morning with a boner?' The question surprised me, but I told him I did. He then asked me how often I masturbated. I decided to be truthful and said about once a day. He said he did it usually twice a day. I then proceeded to pull down my pants, fully exposing my 7 inch penis to the world. The circulating air felt so good on my bare dick. I told him that I had pulled down my pants and he told me he did too. I then started to slowly rub my rock hard cock under my sleeping bad. He saw the motion and asked me if I was doing what he thought I was. I told him yes. He then followed suit and started rubbing his cock. I then stood up, and masturbated by the window. Derrick faced away, not wanting to see me.

I told him how good it felt jerking off right in the open and told him to give it a shot. He reluctantly agreed, but only if I didn't look. I told him 'of course not, I'm not gay.' I heard him get up and start to jerk off. It was dark, so he couldn't tell that my eyes were open. I got frustrated that I couldn't see his dick and suddenly I got an idea. As he was standing up jerking off, I turned on the stand up lamp that was right next to the head of my sleeping bag.

He froze, dick in hand. He was maybe 5 or 6 inches, with dark pubic hair. There was silence for about a minute before I broke it by saying 'please keep going.' At that, he walked over to me and said, 'Since you lied about not peeking and turned on the light, you have to jerk me off.' I looked up to see his hard dick right over my head. I sat him down and jerked it like there was no tomorrow. He came all over my face. We never did it again, and never spoke of it. Derrick and I are still good friends.



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