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With My Brother on Cam

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I had stopped by my mom and dad's house one day, and when I got there they weren't home. It was a Saturday, so I figured they were out doing some shopping. My younger brother wasn't there either, but that really wasn't a surprise. I watched a little TV waiting for them to come back, but after a while I got bored so I went upstairs and got on the computer. I looked at a few sites but after while I got nosy, so I started looking at the history. One page that caught my eye looked like some kind of porno site but when I opened it, it was a webcam site and I was already logged in. I knew it had to be my brother doing this, and I couldn't hardly believe it, but at the same time it started to get me a little turned on knowing that my brother was camming with strangers and probably masturbating with them too. I wrote down his username and shut it down, then just waited for my parents downstairs.

I remembered the site name and for the next few nights checked off and on to see if he was there. After about four nights, his name finally popped up. My heart started pounding as I signed up, just to see him doing what he does. Before I logged on I turned off the light and covered my chair with a sheet so he couldn't recognize it. When I aimed my cam at my chest and down, I went for it. When the window opened there were about 10 people in there and it showed that his webcam was on. I clicked on it and there he was...naked and stroking himself, I requested a private chat which he accepted. This was the first time I had seen him naked since he was about eight and he wasn't bad looking.

His penis wasn't that long, but it was pretty thick and had a nice upward curve to it. We didn't talk a ton, just a few dirty comments here and there while we masturbated together for the first time. We did this for probably 10 minutes before he told me he was about to cum. I told him how badly I wanted to see him shoot, and he spun sideways and pointed his penis away from him, and when he came huge globs of hot cum spewed from his cock all over the floor. When it slowed down he massaged the runny stuff all over his penis and balls with both hands, then asked if I liked what I saw while it slowly went down. I told him it was fantastic, and he quickly said he had to go and the video stopped.

I don't think I had ever been hornier in my life, watching my little brother cum like that. I shut down my computer and got my vibrator, slamming it into me and humping it in every position I could think of. I lost count of how many times I came, but it was at least four that night. When I woke up in the morning I was naked on my side, legs wide open and my vibrator next to me, but the batteries were dead. I couldn't believe what I did the night before, because on one hand it didn't feel right because it was my brother, but on the other it was so daring and taboo that it was incredible, plus I had the best masturbation session of my life because of it.

It took me about a week but I went back on and found him and we did it again. We did it about four more times before I stopped going on there, one time wearing my robe wide open and fucking myself with my vibe. That time we both came in front of each other.

It felt a little weird the first time I saw him after, because there was always that thought that he would recognize me somehow, but he never acted any different around me. I, however, knew exactly what I was looking at, and I couldn't help but think if he had masturbated the night before or even that morning, having a fantastic cum. It doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes I still think about what I saw those nights when I'm masturbating.



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