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My Brother and Me

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I've written four experiences about my brother and me. I went back and found them and they are Dec. 27, 2002, Feb 20, 2003, April 24, 2003, and July 22, 2003. I guess I share an experience every two or three months! I love this site, and thanks everyone for posting their experiences!
Well, my brother Brandon is a freshman in college this year, and I haven't seen him for like two months because he's at another college. But my mother visited here last weekend and Brandon came up to the campus too, so the three of us could spend time together.
My mother wanted me to live in a dorm this year...I lived in a little place off-campus last year...so I showed them my room and how it's decorated. My roommate wasn't there. Then my mother left to go to a parents' meeting in another building, and Brandon and I were by ourselves in my room. If you haven't gone back and read the earlier experiences I've written, Brandon and I have been sexual (but not intercourse or even oral sex) for like two years. We just talk about our sexual experiences and either masturbate ourselves while we talk, or we do each other.
Well, it was really a turn on to be with Brandon alone in my dorm room, because it's a different place. We had never done anything together except in our home where we grew up. Brandon asked me if I talk about sex with my roommate and I said yes, she started having sex when she was a junior in hs, and she doesn't have a bf here but she dates and has sex with guys, and sometimes she brings a guy back to our room and I leave while they are having sex. Brandon asked if we masturbate in our room together and I said yes, we've talked about masturbation and we both do it, sometimes in the room together, but not with the lights on, and we don't do each other. Just in our own beds when it's dark. But we talk some while we do it, and share sexual experiences. He asked if I told her about how we play together, and I told him no!
Well, Brandon says he's turned on thinking about my roommate doing it, and asked what she looks like, and I told him, and told him her pussy has hair on it, not thick, and she doesn't shave. She sometimes sounds squishy when she masturbates, and she moans when she comes.
So Brandon says he's turned on and asks if I'll do him a hand job while he's in her bed and tell me more about her, and I say sure! Because I was feeling turned on, too. And he asks if he can lie on my roommate's bed, and I say sure. So he sits on her bed and he pulls his jeans down and I get a towel (Brandon always used a T-shirt when we were together at home, but I didn't have a man's T-shirt), and I do his cock and tell him that my roommate and I see each other naked all the time, and I talk about what the dorm showers are like and how I see all the naked girls that are in there, because I know that turns him on when I talk about what I see as a girl in shower rooms...and I tell him that my roommate moans some when she gets close then takes a deep breath and lets it out when she comes. And after about four or five minutes of talking and I'm doing his cock like slow then fast then slow then fast, I'm stroking Brandon and he he says he's getting close and then he comes all over the towel.
Then he asks me what I want, because I'm still dressed, and he's lying there with his pants down and a towel over his abdomen and chest with come all over it, and I tell him I want to hear about his sexual experiences since he's been at college. So he sits up (with his pants still down, because he's still big and fairly hard still), and I lie down on the bed and I just tell him I'm going to do myself, so I just pull my jeans down to my ankles and he tells me about how he doesn't have a steady girl but has had lots of sex and on one occasion a girl didn't want to have intercourse with him because she was having her period but she lay down on a bed and he got to rub his cock all over her tits and he came that way. So as he's talking I'm doing my clit, and I ask him to gently put his finger just a little in my vagina and I come in like one or two minutes as he's talking and moving his finger a little and I'm visualizing what he's saying about his sexual experiences.
Then we both got dressed and I took the towel and put it in my laundry bag.
So that's my experience for now. I have a good sex life with guys, and he does with girls, but we also have a very special sexual relationship with each other. Very easy and very open, and very caring.



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