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With My Brother

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My brother and I are twins. We were only only two minutes apart, and he was the oldest. So we had both just turned 14. We lived with our 16 year old sister and our two parents. We had three bedrooms; one for my sister, one for my parents, and of course, we were stuck in the same room. We both had brown hair, skinny body, and armpit hair. Then one night came along.

I never watched porn because I was 14 in the early 90s, so it was not that available, but I learned how to masturbate from a friend about two years before. Every night I would get into my pyjamas, which was comprised of a old t-shirt and really soft pants. When it was bed time we would both lay down into our bunk. He was on the top and I was on the bottom. Then I would get under the blanket and rub my penis through my pants. I never took them off because I was afraid I was going to get caught by my brother.

I did this almost every night ever since I learned how to masturbate. But I came to be curious if my brother did the same. One night I was kind of daring, so when we went to bed, I just laid there and did not do anything. I wanted to see if my brother was making any loud breathing noises or shaking the bed. Sure enough, I waited and I noticed that he was starting to breathe a bit irregular. I waited and I thought I could make out an orgasm, but he was very quiet about it.

The next night, I wanted to do the same, so I stayed up a bit, and then he started again. I wanted to stand up to see if he actually was doing it. So I gently climbed out of my bed because if he felt me move he would know I was awake. When I got out, he stopped but then continued. He thought I just moved instead of getting out of the bed. I stood up and my head was just below parallel with his body. It was dark, so he would not be able to see me unless he really focused. I saw him lying on his back, his knees in the air, and his pajama bottoms pulled to his knees. He was nude and I could faintly see him moving his penis up and down. He had his orgasm, and then went to bed, and so did I.

On the third night, I repeated the whole process, and so did he. I was standing up and I could see him masturbating. I wanted to see more but I was afraid, but I suddenly just asked him what he was doing...as if I did not know.

Of course he replies with 'nothing', and I said I want to see. At first he said no, but I pleaded and he agreed. I told him to come down to my bed, so he did. Then he began to take off his clothes, and I followed. We turned on a small lamp in the corner of the room so we could see what was going on.

When we were both nude, be sat on my bottom bunk across from each other. His penis was about the same length as mine, and he had just about the same amount of pubic hair. Then again we are twins. I said to start masturbating, so we did. We both grabbed our hard cocks, and began to move them up and down.

We did it and we got faster and faster as time went on. I noticed his chest was rising higher than before, and I imagine mine was doing the same. Then all of the sudden he let out a loud breath and shot out five or six ropes of cum. Just a few moments later, I did the same. We both cleaned up and went to bed.

We continued to do this a lot until we both moved away from home. We are both 32 now, and we will never forget the times we had together at night.



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