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Memories of Sexual Awakening

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I've been reminiscing about discoveries made with a friend at school one long, hot summer.


When I was 16 years old, I had a very good schoolfriend who I shared a lot of time & confidences with. As we grew up, we began to notice changes in our bodies and it became clear that we had discovered masturbation about the same time. We would talk on our journey to school and on our breaks about things we had experienced the night before. In my case, I had played with my cock in bed when the lights went out, probably wearing pyjamas with my penis poking out through the fly hole. I had learned that if I excited myself long enough I'd experience a tingling spasm  &, in time, a sticky substance would come out of the small opening in the tip of my cock. I began to share these experiences with my friend and looked forward to hearing what he had learned. I'd often sit in class with a hard-on, day-dreaming about him wanking. Until we went to senior school, I had never seen other boys naked and yet we were expected to take communal showers. I was the chubby lad with a not-very-big-cock so, at times, it was tough.

During the long summer holidays, we saw a lot of each other but at my house, my mother & siblings were home so we couldn't say much. One day, out of the blue, he invited my over to his house. I knew his dad had left some years previously and his mother worked so we would have the place to ourselves and could speak freely. The next morning, I headed over with a few favourite records (45's, vinyl, remember those!). We sat in his lounge drinking orange juice and chatting while listening to some tunes. Soon. the conversation turned to our favourite topic - wanking! I was jealous when he told me that his mother worked most days so he had a lot of time at home on his own. This meant that, when he felt aroused, he could go upstairs, strip off and take his time pleasuring himself & sometimes he would wear some of his mother's underwear. I'd never imagined that kind of freedom let alone dressing up.

He then uttered some life changing words -'Come upstairs!' As we walked upstairs I felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement. He led me into his mother's room and sat on her double bed. Motioning for me to come and stand bside the bed he began to stroke me through my jeans. I began to get aroused and he could tell. Standing, he removed his shirt and began to help me with mine. He was intrigued by my chubby physique and began to tease my nipples, gently tweaking them. I still like that to this day.

He undid his belt, unzipped his jeans and took them off. As I followed suit, he lay on the bed in his pants & indicated that I should join him. I forget who made the first move but we began to explore each other's bodies, stroking squeezing, legs becoming intertwined but no suggestion of kissing. This was two mates having fun not a gay relationship. At last, he rolled away and pulled down his pants to reveal his cock and balls in all their glory, His cock was slightly longer than mine with downy hair above it and a good full pair of low-hanging balls beneath. Even semi-erect, I noticed a strange thing. His cock had a pronounced upward bend to it from the top of the shaft. Gingerly, I reached over and took hold of him in my right hand. As I stroked him, he became fully erect and pulling his foreskin back revealed a delightful hard cockhead, purple and engorged, shiny in the summer sunlight.

I removed my last item of clothing and he stroked me to erection too. My foreskin was a bit tight at that time so I used saliva to ease it back and we lay there hot and hard and he smiled. I knelt beside him and began to slide my hand up and down his shaft and rubbing my palm over his knob and fondled his balls with my other hand. His breathing was ragged and he bagan to move his hips and thrust to meet my hand movements. When he could take no more he gasped and groaned as I pulled his skin right back for the final time and he bagan to pump his white, creamy spunk over my hand as it ran down his shaft. He wasn't a shooter but he produced a lot of cum. I continued to stroke him gently, rubbing the spunk into his cock and he shivered and jerked as it was quite sensitive for him.

I could see he'd enjoyed himself as he grinned and then pushed me down on the bed and returned the favour. The pleasure was intense and I soon came, almost as much of a load as him, hot and sticky, all over my belly.

We showered and went back downstairs to music and ordinary chat, never referring to what had happened in the bedroom but one thing was clear - this wasn't the end of it. (to be continued)



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