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With a Lady on a Plane

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This was totally awesome!


There was one time I actually saw a lady on the plane secretly rubbing herself off. It was incredibly intense masturbating this time....I became so excited when I realized what was happening.

Me I'm just always horny and I've been doing it since I was a kid so I've figured out ways for a guy to manage discretely.

Pretty much everytime I fly or take a long busride.....

Flying is fun for me, I like to go to cool places, but there is something about flying that just makes me get hard (I think the boredom and movement restriction). On long flights I've actually gotten myself off more than three times. I'll even go ahead rub one out right there in the seat if I'm alone or there's a woman sitting next to me. I've gotten pretty flustered sometimes when I cum but I'm usually pretty discrete. I think a few knew happened but nobody's ever said anything.

Although there was one time.....

Usually I start by reading a book in my lap. Then I gently squeeze my dick when I get hard-guiding it down my leg in my jeans. Under my book I'll slowly squeeze it or rub my head in tiny circles with just one or two fingers so not even my hand moves (if I'm wearing underwear....normally I don't but it gets cold on planes....I'll often continue like that until I make myself cum in my pants then change into clean ones in the lavatory). Later I unfold the airplane blanket onto my lap(I actually do get cold) and continue. Unobtrusively I move my hand under the blanket to slowly rub myself, making adjustments when I turn a page in my book. I'm careful to only move my fingers and not my arm muscles....this is stealthy and really teases me: it prolongs the enjoyment while building to extremely intense orgasms. Plus I have this disposable blanket to cum in and wipe up with.

This time I was going coast to coast across the US. The lady sitting next to me in the aisle seat looked nice, probably in her mid-thirties with wavy auburn hair. She wore tight dark jeans and a thick comfy sweater. I really didn't pay any attention to her yet, besides being thankful she was sitting next to me instead of some fat smelly dude. I started reading my book and eating the snacks I brought with me.

I actually got pretty far in the story before my penis began to wake up. I followed my usual routine, casually rubbing my hardening member. I didn't even bother to look over until I was moving my blanket into position. Checking the lady next to me I see she's engrossed in a magazine. All clear, I feel great as I breathe deeply and lean back. I really focus on moving my first two fingers as fast as I can on the underside of my cockhead while keeping my forearm perfectly still. I do this until I feel my butt squeezing and my balls begin to tighten. Then I switch to squeezing with my whole hand and go back and forth like this feeling my cum building up, then edging back.

Stealthily I check the lady next to me to find her totally absorbed in her magazine. Out of the corner of my eye I start watching her. It kinda seems like her legs are moving and squeezing together a lot more than usual. I stopped reading long ago, although I kept pretending and turning pages. I'm now focusing on watching her movement from the corner of my eye, carefully avoiding her eyes. My imagination told me she was getting turned on reading some article and I started imagining what kind of panties she might be wearing and I could visualize a tiny little damp spot growing in the center of her satiny panty, right in the spot that nestled comfortably on her luscious labia. I could feel my slick precum oozing out of my swollen cockhead. I gradually adjusted myself during various procedures like drinking from my water bottle, aggressive page turning and retrieval of the tiny airplane pillow. Sitting by the window, I eventually got my jeans unzipped and maneuvered my raging hardon free from its confines but still hidden under the blanket. The pillow was in my lap with my book on top in one hand with my right hand (actually the one next to her) unobtrusively under the blanket and holding my engorged penis. I was discretely smearing the copious amounts of precum around my glans and enjoying my imaginary show. She was really fidgiting around in her seat and I just had all kinds of sexy thoughts about her romping through my mind.

Then I actually saw her hand move slowly and rhythmically along her inner thigh; starting casually at her knee until she came to the crotch of her tight denim jeans. There she would rest her hand and I could see the slightest movement of her knuckles.... she would occasionally run her hand back up her inner thigh a little bit, methodically rubbing herself before moving back to her crotch. She was partially covered by her magazine but I was so tuned into her movements I knew what was happening and that her panties probably were getting wet. I was so turned on!!! This lady was actually getting herself all horny while I was over here one step ahead of her. This was just too good to be true, I couldn't believe it was happening!

During a break in her action, I suddenly realized my motions had become more exaggerated and that my right arm was moving noticibly. I immediately became real still while hazarding a glance at her eyes. While her head had been pointed forward, her eyes were on my lap!!

She looked forward when we made eye contact but slowly proceeded to squeeze her legs together again!!! I was pretty much way too horny to stop now; but she actually seemed aware of the whole situation. Here I was on a plane masturbating with a complete stranger I have never even said one word to!

I wasn't sure of the protocol in the situation and didn't want to blow it so I kept up the charade. She still had her magazine open just kinda over her lap but facing more toward the aisle. We both started watching each other from the corner of our eyes, maintaining our previous aloofness, yet now both fully aware what was happening. I resumed my motions, becoming bolder in my movements. I cautiously pressed my leg next to hers so we were touching: our legs had been close together before, even occasionally brushing but now I pressed up deliberately against her...thrilling at the contact and her unspoken approval of my rhythmic motions against her body.

She was squeezing her thighs together with one hand pressed in her crotch... I focused on her movements and more on our bodily contact. We were so fucking close! Her body was right next to mine as I gently leaned closer until my shoulder came in contact with hers. I stared at the profile of her breasts pressing against her sweater then looked her directly in her eyes before closing mine. I leaned back, exhaled deeply and reveled in the bodily presence of this completely unknown woman. My own body was shaking now and I was blatantly rubbing myself under the blanket: all the while leaning deliberately into this lady. It was the feeling of her pressing back against me that sent me over the edge....I grunted softly as I came....spurt after spurt of hot cum. I spewed so much I felt it ooze all over my hand and when I opened my eyes I could see it seeping through the blanket. It even smelt like hot spunk as I tried to control my breathing and return to normal. I realized my leg was still pressed against hers so I moved it back as I looked toward her. She met my happy gaze with wide eyes and pursed lips, stood up and walked directly to the back of the plane. To the lavatory where in my hazy mind she pulled down her jeans and furiously rubbed her clit to a shuddering orgasm through her wet panties.

Whoa....thanks for reading.... hope you enjoyed it!



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