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Wish It Had Gone This Way

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Wish it had happened this way.

Part of this story is true, unfortunately not the really interesting part.

I think it was about eighth grade, though I was a year younger that all my friends, most of which were ironically girls despite my shyness, the exobitionism would come later. I was somehow the only boy at my friend's birthday party, we'll call her Lora. She and Amanda were about the only people I hung out with though there were a couple other girls whose names I don't remember. I kind of felt like some strange creature they all wanted to examine most of the night and for the most part it made me uncomfortable, but these were my friends so I hung around. At some point her parents went to bed, maybe they forgot I was over? Anyway we found ourselves in the basement unattended for a while. Somehow we started playing truth or dare which started innocently enough. Then some extra categories were added, one of which being 'white elephant' suggested by Amanda, who already had some very nice breasts and I had a bit of a crush on her. Now I had never heard about this category, and I wasn't alone. So she explained that it was an extreme dare category, and not the jump off the roof kind of dare. The dare had to be of some sort of sexual nature; exposure, feeling, that sort of thing. We played a few more rounds, all avoiding that category until it came back around to my turn. Feeling lucky, and probably a little red in the face I presented Amanda with her options. To my surprise she actually took white elephant! Not expecting it to actually happen it took me a moment to come up with something and the best I could stammer out was for her to show us her boobs. She blushed but complied, lifting her t-shirt and bra up and allowing her perky tits to hang for a moment before covering up again. She kind of cuddled into herself for a moment while I sat stone still and wide eyed. Fortunately she was merciful and called on another of the girls, who had some truth about being felt up or something. It then went on to Lora, who as the birthday girl was given the option of declining a dare. Somehow she was dared to moon us. Now not only was I rather red, my pants were getting uncomfortably tight. Lora, normally shy and quiet decided to call on me. At this point I have no idea what came over me but I chose white elephant as knowing full well I couldn't turn her down. She blushed at what she was thinking and shared a look with Amanda. My heart sank and I was already embarrassed before she said anything. I could feel how hot my face was as all the girls started to giggle. I was here before most of them, never in the bathroom long. Had they had time to plan something? It took Lora three short giggle fits to get it out...'show us your penis'. I had a cold feeling come over me, but it was her birthday, and I was a horny boy. Slowly I stood up, revealing the obvious bulge in my pants. I hadn't started to get big yet but at that moment I wished I had. I gulped again and then rushed through undoing my belt and pants before forcing them down. My dick was so ridged at this point it slapped back into my stomach, standing erect in sharp contrast to my dark colored t-shirt. 4 pairs of young, curious female eyes stared at me. Hastily I asked 'is that good?' but Lora just shook her head. One of the other girls told me to take off my shirt, and they all nodded in agreement. For the moment I forgot about my turn, taking my shirt off was no big deal. As it dropped to the floor I started to plot my revenge, someone was getting naked besides me. I uncomfortably pulled my pants back up as I sat down on the floor again, still bright red. I left my shirt off though. The girl to my left hadn't taken many dares that night, so I gave her the choices. She almost safely went for a double dare. Thwarted, so told her to take her shirt off. She somehow blushed harder before being cajoled by the other three into complying. So now I'm hard as a rock and cant hide it sitting next to a semi clad girl with nicely budding breasts waiting for my color to go back to normal when Crystal quiet girl to my left decides I was playing fair and goes for the last girl, whom we'll call Jen. Jen takes double dog dare and ends up with no shorts on. Again the question comes to me, so I go with double dare. Jen tells me to kiss Lora. Again my heart pounds. Kiss her? I don't have a clue what I'm doing! Last time I show up as the only guy at the party. Lora is to my right so I scoot over and quickly peck her on the lips. She isn't satisfied with that and makes me kiss her for longer, but not much more passionately as we were both clueless. I take my chance again and see if I can get Amanda topless. She goes for white elephant, obviously trying to keep the game that direction, and obligingly takes her shirt off. Lora is the only one still dressed and she looks nervous as Amanda turns to her. Her attempt at only taking a dare is quickly smashed by the other girls teasing so in the end she joins Jen sitting in her panties. At this point I desperately want to sneak of to the bathroom and jack off, which I had only recently started doing proficiently. Before I can try to excuse my self Lora picks me again. I don't have time to respond when Amanda huddles with her. I know something is coming when they both giggle, and I fully expect them to try to get me completely naked before the night if over. I stick with double dog dare and end up in only my oversized boxers. Not wanting too much of their conspiring on me I go for Jen, who has very nice legs for being a little heavier. Another double dog dare, so I get her shirt off. At least some one is as close to naked and beat red as me now. Unfortuantly she decides to discuss her next move with the other three and I cant make out a word of it with the blood pounding in my head. Jen gives me the choices. Do I play it safe, keep a little dignity? No, may as well have been drunk. Turning redder I say 'white elephant'. A furtive glance...shy smiles and wide eyes. 'Show us how you jerk off'. I freeze, my own eyes widen and I feel the cold sweat sensation. Before I respond Amanda takes off her shorts and Lora her shirt. Three of them are now only in their underwear. I look down and only then do I realize that my still hard dick has poked through the gap in my boxers and has probably been peeking out for the last ten minutes. An idea occurs to me though, something to even the game a little. 'Its going to take a couple minutes, and there'll be a mess...someone has to help me clean it up.' They all nod. I ask for some lotion or vasaline or something, Lora brings a small tub of vasaline from the bathroom. Reluctantly but with my confidence growing as the three of them watch me intently. Standing I drop my boxers and begin as I usually do before getting in the shower. My little body is tense, hips forward and slightly hunched forward as I begin to rub my lubed dick. Normally I let my eyes close but I decide I'm going to watch them watching me. They all move in close and sit up on their knees, which is a very hot looking position from where I stand, though it's a few more years before I figure out how hot. I keep looking at them as I jerk, building up to a rapid pace. Nothing like this happening ever occurred to me so it wasn't like I was prepared, and it had been about a week since I'd last had the opportunity to rub one out. With all four girls only a couple feet away I started to feel the twitching sensation I hadn't learned to control yet. I didn't have time to warn them I was going to cum as I shot my load. Hot, thin cum shot out of my cock, arching over Amanda and Lora in front of me before some of the thicker jizz landed on them and the floor. I managed to spray Jen and Crystal with the stuff that flung off as I finished jacking. I let out a shuddering breath and took my hand off my dick before standing upright again. All the girls had a wide eyed, astonished look on their faces but no one seemed annoyed with the mess I'd made. To my surprise Jen dabbed her finger in the drop that had landed on her leg and tasted it. She made a face and complained about it not being very good so no one else tried it. I shyly, though still naked, snuck off to the bathroom to clean up. I got back and was able to get dressed, almost hoping to play more truth or dare but it didn't happen. Instead I was asked a lot of questions and got to hear even more about some of the finer point of a girls mind, which sadly I never did use on Amanda.

I haven't seen Amanda or Lora in years, but if I somehow found myself hanging out with them again I would love to make up for not taking that white elephant option.



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