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Re: Family Nudism

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It seems like nudism amongst family members is more common than one would think. This story is in response to the one about the family that wanted to try a nudist vacation


Unlike the other story, my experience with family nudism was one of necessity. It happened about 40 years back. I was an older 14 (birthday just a month away), my sister, a young 13 (her birthday just a month past). My mom needed someone to watch us three or four days a week that summer while she worked. Latch key kids didn't exist in those days; parents were as worried and protective about kids our age as younger ones.

She talked to a neighbor friend, whose kids my sister and I played with, over coffee one morning. About a week later, the neighbor lady called and had a suggestion for our mom. After she hung up the phone, our mother had a really funny look on her face. Later that night, her and our dad had a quiet discussion after dinner after they hustled us out of the house so they could talk in private.

The next day, she sprung an outlandish idea on my sister and me. Mrs. Smith (made up name) had offered to let us stay at her house through the day, no charge. I remember my mother stammering a bit when she was talking to us. There was one catch. The Smith family were nudists. We didn't necessarily have to join in, but Mrs. Smith felt that we ought to know. And that we would probably feel more comfortable without our clothes around their family. My mom asked us what we thought. Naked in front of strangers?? We talked about an hour, my sister was blushing when I looked at her, and I knew that my face was red too. Finally, my mother said that the only way to know if we could do it was to try if for ourselves. And that she wouldn't ask the two of us to try something if she couldn't do it.

She told us to go to our rooms, undress and then come down to the living room wearing towels. It seemed almost surreal. I was going to be naked in front of my sister and my mom. Our dad had gone to work that morning. After undressing in my room, I managed to get myself down the steps. I didn't get erect or anything, at least not right away.

When I got downstairs, my mom was waiting for me, wrapped in a towel, knotted under her arm. A few minutes later, my sister came down, wrapped up similarly. Mine was at my waist. We all sort of just grinned at one another, but I remember looking anywhere but at my mom and my sister. Finally my mom said on the count of three. We did it. My mom had full and heavy breasts and a thick patch of hair down below. Her ass was smooth and shaped like an upside down heart. My sister even had a little fan of hair at her legs, but much lighter than my mom's. Her little titties were more like swells on her chest. Her butt was slender and smooth. Seeing them was all it took. I had a boner that beat any boner I ever had to that point. I could feel myself getting red from down around my ankles. Mom and my sister giggled and mom assured me that this was very normal. Not that I knew why then, but her nipples were sticking out like pencil erasers. I noticed that my sister's boobs were pointy too.

We were to stay that way for the rest of the day. After an hour or so of my boner sticking out, my mom suggested that maybe I wanted to go to my room for a while. I was barely in my room with the door shut before I was stroking on my five inch rod (those stories where a 13 or 14 year old kid has a nine inch erection-yeah right!!). I splashed my cum all over my bedroom floor and it was the best orgasm I had to that point. I mopped it up with my underwear and went back down, without an erection. I recall that my sister came down after me and then we had lunch. Later we all played a board game. Looking at Mom sitting there, I felt myself getting hard again, but I managed to control it until I got back upstairs.

We all got dressed before Dad got home and when Mom related our experiences that day, he smiled and suggested that we try it again the next Saturday, all together. That night my sister I talked about that first day, and she confessed that she went to her room too that morning when I did, and played with herself until she came.

Maybe I'll relate what happened with the 'Undress rehearsal' that Saturday, and then later, the following week when my sister and I went to the Smiths house that first day.



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