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Wired for Pleasure

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I've been with my girlfriend for about three years. For a while we went to the same college, and we spent a lot of time together. She would occasionally rub my cock through my jeans or by putting her hand down my pants, but she didn't do that very often. I, however, love to run my hands on her breasts and all over her pussy.
Things became much tougher when I graduated and went to grad school. She still had two years left, which meant I didn't get much time to touch her or for her to touch me. But that didn't keep me from masturbating. I would masturbate several times a day. Just this past week we made a deal. I would only masturbate when she told me I could, and I would tell her when she was allowed to play with herself. The trick was that we had to communicate on the computer because we are so far apart.
She told me I was not allowed to come yesterday, so I was so hot all day long today. I kept having to pull my hand away from my cock, everytime it wanted attention, which was all the time. I also like to spend most of the day completely naked--studying, cleaning up, whatever. She told me I was not allowed to walk around naked at all today.
Then tonight she got online and typed the words I had waited two whole days to hear: 'Take your clothes off.' I immediately stripped, falling over myself to remove my shirt, pants, underwear, and socks. She told me to get a cup of ice and a wooden chair. Going to my freezer I emptied a tray of ice into a bowl and dragged my wooden desk chair next to the couch, where my computer is located. She told me to rub my cock as slowly as possible until it got hard. Then I was to place a piece of ice on my anus and rub my dick until the ice melt. 'You are not allowed to come,' she typed. The ice was so cold and my dick ached to life. It wanted to come so badly from the two days I wasn't allowed to touch it. The ice began to melt and my body shivered. I loved the feeling coursing through my cock, and my anus was so cold. I wanted to stop, but she wouldn't let me. I wanted to come, but she just told me, 'Tough.'
Finally, the ice melted, and when I told her, she told me to stop rubbing my dick. I had to leave it alone, and I wasn't allowed to touch it. I could feel my pulse pounding through it, but she wouldn't let me touch it. Instead, I was told to kneel on the chair, bending over the back, and insert a pen into my butt. She told me to push it in and out five times as slowly as I could. It was so tight as I pushed it in, and it took my breath away every time I pulled it out.
When I finished, she made me place ice on my nipples. She kept track of the time. I had to leave them there for 45 seconds. The chill flowed over my chest. It was uncomfortable, but at the same time I wanted her to leave it on. She told me I had to take it off. My dick was still so hard, and I wanted to place my hands on it. I wanted to come for her, but she wouldn't let me. She told me to run two inches of cold water in my bathtub.
'You realize that cold water shrinks an erect penis, right?'
I could almost hear her laugh, 'Yep.'
She told me to sit in the tub for two minutes. The chill went all through my body. My dick immediately shrunk, but I couldn't get up until she told me I could. Finally, I gave me permission to get up and dry off.
Then she said, 'It's time to warm you up.'
I was to slowly rub my dick very, very slowly. I was not allowed to come no matter what. I rubbed it, and it instantly came to life. It sensation began immediately. I wanted to come. I want to feel the release, but she wouldn't let me. I just had to rub it very slowly. Finally, she let me go a little faster, and while that felt better, it made me want to come even more. The pressure building was so great. I told her that if I didn't stop I would come. She told me to stop rubbing. I was not allowed to touch it. I had to lay on the couch until my dick went limp.
After several minutes, I told her it was really soft.
'Good. I want you to think about me naked coming in and rubbing your cock until you get hard again.'
My dick sprang up. I quickly told her, hoping I could come. She told me that she was timing me. I was grab my dick and stroke it as hard and as fast as I could. I finally had permission to come. I stroked as fast as I could and finally I felt release. Thrity-nine seconds after I started my chest, stomach, and dick were covered in come. It was one of the greatest orgasm I ever had.
I can't wait until tomorrow. I want to come again right now.



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