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French Massage

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This happened when I was 15-years old on a vacation with my family. We had been biking around the country in France and we made a stop at a very beautiful resort with only 100 or so rooms. There was an excellent spa at the resort at which my parents made appointments for my brother, two sisters, themselves and me. I had three treatments that day.

The first was the Jet Stream. Basically, a staff member takes a hose and sprays you while you hold on to bars to keep your balance. Think of a hose down in a jail. Anyway, I stripped down and held on to the bars waiting for the staff member to come and hose me down. In came a gorgeous blond French woman who picked up the hose. Butt naked, I looked her in the eyes, as she looked at my naked body. I felt myself getting aroused and she started using the hose on me. All the while my cock swelled, but didn't get erect.

My next treatment was the Exfoliating Bath. It's like your own personal hot tub, but they put minerals in the bath to treat your skin. So I took off my robe and got into the tub, waiting for a staff member to come and turn on the water. In came a cute brunette with long legs (all of the female staff were wearing white uniform blouses and skirts). She bent forward, giving me an excellent view of cleavage and turned the knobs open for water to come into the tub.

My cock started to stir as the warm water ran over my thighs. She looked at me and smiled, making my cock twitch and get harder. Alas though, she had done all she needed to and gave me a look over as she left the room. I just sat back and let the multiple jet streams run over my thighs, directly at my balls. This was heaven and I took this pleasure ride for a long time. Finally the automatic system cut in and the water drained around my fully erect cock.

In came the same woman who brought me my robe and asked me to get out of the tub. I stood up with my fully erect cock and took my robe. She looked down and smiled, saying with a sexy French accent, 'I see someone enjoyed the bath.' I then had to wait half an hour for my next treatment. After waiting, a new staff member got me and led me to the room.

She said, 'Please remove all of your clothing and lie on the table, your masseuse will be right with you.'

My last treatment was called a Wet Massage. So I put my robe on a hook and laid flat on the table in the centre of the room. It was kind of cool, so needless to say I wasn't aroused. In came the same woman who turned on my bath for me and blood started rushing to my cock. She looked me over, smiled and then started the water for the massage. A Wet Massage is the same as a normal massage, but there are lots of jet streams directly above you. They spray water onto your body while you get massaged. She turned on the water and one or two streams hit my balls and semi-aroused cock. This light tickling drove me crazy and I soon had a complete erection before the masseuse touched me.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax, but when the masseuse touched me it was electric. My cock twitched and pre-cum oozed slowly out, dripping onto my stomach. She worked my upper body and her touch was very erotic, making my arousal more intense. She slowly got lower and started working on my feet, before working her way up. She caressed my right thigh and inched her hand up, just grazing my ball sack. My cock twitched and she switched to my left thigh. She inched her hand up and just grazed my sack again. I opened my eyes and looked at her, as she gave me an evil smile. She was teasing me! While our eyes remained in contact, her hand slowly reached for my balls and started to tickle them. I almost came right then.

This beautiful French masseuse was giving me a devilish smile, while playing with my balls. She then reached for some more oil and rubbed it on my chest. Rubbing more and moving her hands down to finally take hold of my cock. She slowly and lovingly jacked me off and I was groaning with long awaited pleasure. She increased her pace and I felt hotness in the pit of my stomach. It was growing and the pleasure was building.

I was about to cum and looked her in the eyes. She winked and increased her speed. I exploded, with the first spurt of cum sailing through the air and landing on my chest. The next shot into the air and landed a little lower. I just kept pumping semen out of my cock and in dribbles past her hands onto my pubic hair.

She got up, walked over to me and kisses me on the lips. A true French kiss, as she said, 'I'm finished.' She then walked out of the room.



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