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Weekend Pass

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I was in the army just after being married. It had been some months since my wife and I had any sex together, since I was restricted to base during my advanced training.

Being around guys, all horny and oversexed, there is no doubt you all know how horny I was getting. My buddy, Dave, who was single and just as horny as I, were issued weekend passes for the first time since we got to the training post. We decided to go to town and see if we could score with any of the town girls. It turned out the town was a soldier's town, nothing but soldiers on pass, all looking for action, not too many women available for our pleasure. We both passed on the 'hookers' in town as they were not the cleanest looking women we'd ever seen.

We met two other guys from our barracks and decided to pool our resources and take only one hotel room since none of us had much cash to work with. We got a single room and undid the bed and put the mattress on the floor for two of us, and the other two could sleep on the box spring.

We then went out to the local bars. We met one fellow who was friendly and asked if Dave and I would be interested in joining him at his house to party. We both noticed how he was constantly eyeballing our crotches. Since neither of us was gay and weren't interested in sex with a guy, we said no thanks, and continued our prowl for good looking women. I have to admit I was getting hornier and considering taking that gay guy up on his offer to satify this fire building in my loins. I had never ever been tempted to try sex with a male, but my hormones were really pushing me. I could feel myself getting semi-hard just thinking of the possibilities.

After several hours of not scoring, we both decided to call it a night, and went to our room at the hotel. We both admitted to each other that the thought of that fellow and his offer was getting us both hot, but we, being straight, were only fantasizing.

We both stripped down to our boxers and jumped onto the mattress. The other two guys were not back yet, so after a brief discussion of the night's events, we both decided it was time to sleep. I remember pulling up the covers and falling asleep on my side facing away from Dave. After about an hour or so, I felt Dave nudge me in the back, was he asleep? I turned over and was now facing Dave. My hands accidentally touched his boxers. In my half sleep I could feel this warmness pushing against my hand. I suddenly realised it was Dave's rock-hard penis, all wet and sticky. It felt very natural for me to hold his hardness in my hand, so I pulled my hard-on out of my boxers with the other hand. My eyes were still closed and the pleasure was really beginning to build in my loins. Suddenly, Dave's hands were feeling my exposed hard-on. It all felt very natural. We both began to masturbate each other mutually. The covers came off. The boxers came off. There we both were, on that mattress, stark naked, jerking each other off. We both came at the same time to a crescendo of moans and groans. Neither of us had jerked off in weeks so the cum was especially hot and abundant. We held each other's staff under the covers for the rest of the night ignoring all the cum we spurted all over our hands and naked bodies.

The next day we got up, showered separately, said goodbye to our roommates and left to go back to the base. Neither of us ever mentioned the jerk-off session we had that night. That night's episode still gets me hard whenever I think of it. It ranks up there with some of the best cum sessions I ever had.



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