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Caught by Surprise by Best Friends Dad

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I hope this excites you and you enjoy it as much as I did! Let me know what you think or if you got any stories you would like to share!


This happened a couple of months ago when I was home visiting from college. My best friend was also in town but was home for the summer. I am really close to my buddy, Mike, and his family is like my second family. We have grown up our lives pretty much playing little league baseball together and stuff. We were always hanging out and I was always at his house or vice versa. One day I went to his house to see if he wanted to chill and arrived at his door like I would do any other day. As I approached the door and knocked on it his dad came to the door and answered. A little background on his dad. His name is Frank he's 49 years old about 5'10 dark hair, and has a little stomach but is nowhere near fat. We have always had a really good relationship and was my second dad when my dad wasn't around. He was always teaching me and my friend new shit and was very easy to talk too. We could talk to him about anything including girls, jacking off, and other guy stuff. Last New Years we were all taking a piss in a dark corner and he had a few drinks and the conversation had come up about measuring dick sizes and I asked him "hey Frank have you ever measured your dick before?" Me thinking he's going to be no dumb shit but caught me and my buddy by surprise with his answer. "Yeah I have before..." In shock I blurted out "How big are you?" He quickly replied with "8.5." This got me interested from then on and I have always fantasized about playing around with him sense. Now I am straight as could be, but there has always been a little part of me that has always wanted to try wacking it with another guy, especially older guy. Fast backforward to when I was at their house. He opened up the door and greeted with me and said what's up. I replied "Nothing I was seeing if Mike was here. I was bored at the house." "No he just went out with his mom and sister." I about to turn around and leave I say "oh then I'll catch you later" "Wait up why don't you come in and chill for a little, I'm here by myself and would be nice to have company." "Yeah that's fine" As I entered into the house and went to the TV room. I am always watching tv with Frank and this was like no other time but we got to talking like we always do. He started talking about school like always and making sure I'm doing nothing stupid their and when I assured him of that the conversation kept going. Eventually a girl came up on tv and we both were raving how hot she was and he made a comment "Wow Ben you see those tits." As he readjusted his cock in his shorts. I saw that and it starting to make me stir. My cock started to stiffen. A little more time went on and I could see he was rubbing himself more often and it caught my eye. I'm almost positive he saw me see him and he did it more. Then he abruptly got up and started to head to his room, I thought possibly to use the bathroom for some kind. About a minute late I heard him call "Ben come here!" I got up and went to the room. As entered the room I saw him leaning up against his tall bed looking at me and the TV. At this point my mind had run wild and the bulge in my pants had grown tremendously. He took notice to this and told me to come closer. As I go closer he started to take off his shirt and you could see his chest hair visibly but wasn't over bearing. He then gave me a nod as to take off my stuff too and so I proceeded to take my shirt off. "Get on the bed and lets relax" he told me as I was standing their shocked. We both hopped on and laid there for a few realizing what we were doing. He then out of sudden leaned over and rubbed my chest down to my belt and graze my rock hard cock. He then proceeded to take off my belt and unzip my pants. My cock then burst out and sprung a few times. I'm not huge but I'm a solid 7" with trimmed up black pubes. He then played with my balls a little and gave my cock a nice few tugs to get me going. His soft chubby hand felt incredible on my cock and took a deep gasp and he continued. it was the first man's hand I had experienced beside mine and it felt amazing. I then got up and and pushed him back because I wanted to make this a fair game. Now I had remembered what he told me new Years and it was in the back of my mind and I rubbed his hairy chest and got closer. I could see and feel his cocks through his shorts and I unzipped his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles leaving him in his underwear. With his white boxed briefs you could basically see the size of his cock and it was just massive looking. I got a little excited and pulled his underwear off and his cock just popped out, all 8.5 inches of it right in front of my face. I was just in awe. He was for sure everything he said he was with a little bush around his cock and some on his balls. I had never seen a dick this big and hard before so I was just in shock. All 5'10" of him was naked in plane sight and seemed to be loving every minute. I then started rubbing his cock to full length and he just put his head back and let out a deep moan you know he had been saving up for a while. I continued to play around as he reached over and grabbed my dick and started to wank it. This lasted for what seamed forever. I was now on my knees as Frank was on his back and we were jerking each other off like nothing. We both were sharing deep moans as I started to feel it. I was dripping in pre-cum as it was using as a great lube sensation. He would do it right over the head of my dick harder and softer and then harder. My breath got heavier and heavier. At this point I was on the edge! "Frank I'm going to cum!" I blurted out in-between breathes. "Go ahead cum right on top of my chest Mike! Let it all out!" And with that I couldn't hold it any longer and I shot the biggest and strongest load I have ever shot all over his stomach, chest, and a little on his neck. I was out of breath when I realized what I had done. He kept milking me out and it was amazing till the end. It was like he knew exactly how I did it to myself and to what extent. He then said "wow that was impressive!" I got up and laid on my back and told him "now its my turn to do the favor." He got up on his knees in front of me with all my jizz still on his chest. I grabbed his cock again and started to really going at it. Using one hand up and down his shaft and the other rubbing his balls. I could tell by looking at his face he was loving it and was going to last much longer so I sped up a little. For a fairly old man he was extremely hard and his pre-cum was basically spraying out of his high head. The head was glistening in the light and was very moist making it really easy to get bigger moans. His breathes got deeper fast and faster and within minutes he was screaming: "AWWWWWWW Ben I'm cummingggg!!!!" Right there his massive cock spurted 7-8 thick ropes of cum all over my cock, stomach, and chest. I even got a sprinkle on my face. He then started to subside from his high and look down at me and basically fell on me. Our cum filled cock and stomach's mixed as he gave me on the kiss on the cheek many times before and he whispered in my ear "thanks! that was awesome. We need to do that more often!" and I replied "of course. That was the best cum I have ever had." and grabbed his cock and gave him a few more tugs to make him remember. With that he rolled over and we laid there for a few minutes not wanting to move because we were so spent. He then got up and headed to the shower. He turned the shower head on and went in leaving the door wipe opened inviting me in. I walked in and we cleaned up, which is for another time. After that I have thought about that almost every time I think about jerking off and this experience has made me cum several more times since then.



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