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We Went across the Border

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Went across into Mexico and what was known then as 'boy's town'.


This happened in the early 60's. I had gone on a hunting trip with my uncle on a ranch just north of Laredo, Texas. We were there for the weekend.

It was Friday evening and my uncle and his buddy told me they were going to go across the border into Nuevo Laredo for awhile. I had never been out of the country so I asked if I could go. My uncle took me aside and said 'if you go you have to promise me you won't say a word about this to anyone when we get back home'. I told him I wouldn't. I didn't have any idea what he was getting at but was soon to find out.

We got there and went into a night club in what I was to later learn was an area called 'boy's town'. We sat down and ordered drinks. Soon afterwards, these beautiful Mexican girls came over to our table and asked if they could join us. My uncle and his buddy said 'sure, have a seat' and the girls joined us. The girl that sat by me was a very pretty woman probably in her mid twenties. She was dressed in a very low cut ruffled top that barely covered her breast. At the bottom end she was in a very short, tight fitting skirt.

The girls all had there arms around our shoulders and were very friendly. I could over hear my uncle and his girl talking about 'pinocha' or something like this which I later figured out was Mexican for pussy. About this time, the girl with me started doing the same asking me something like 'wanting some pussy tonight?' and rubbing her hand over my chest. About this time, my uncle got up and motioned me to come with him. We went to the rest room and he told me 'I know she's asking you to fuck but don't even think about it. No telling what you'd get. Just get yourself a good feel and let her play with you a little' motioning a hand job with his hand. Thinking back, he sure didn't want to get back home to find I'd returned with a case of VD.

We got back to our table. My uncle's buddy and his girl were gone. I later found out that they'd gone up stairs to 'take care of business'. I sat down and my girl resumed her position of setting right next to me with her arm around me giving me a good view of her beautiful brown tits. She then put her hand on my thigh rubbing it up and down and getting higher and higher. It was certainly having an effect on my body, of course meaning a good hard on.

She then told me in her broken English that I could do the same to her while patting her hand on my thigh. At the time, the most I'd ever done with a girl was to kiss and some light petting meaning squeezing on some tit in there clothes. Here this woman was telling me I could touch her in what had always been a forbidden place for a boy to touch. I slowly reached over and laid my hand on top her thigh. I could hardly believe how it felt to me. I literally gasp at my first feel. I then moved my hand on it and what I was feeling got my dick so hard it was about to burst thru my pants! I'd never been so hard or felt anything so good. My hand was now going all over her thigh. About this time, the girl's hand touched my dick and when she felt it she said 'oouuu, mama mia. Nice' and she put her hand on it a squeezed it. I knew I couldn't take much more of this.

She then said 'we go upstairs and fuck, no'? I remembered what my uncle had told me and I answered her 'no, but can we just go and play a little'? She knew what I meant and asked for several pacos. I gave her the money and up we went. We went into a room and she closed and locked the door. I immediately put my hands back on her thighs wanting to feel more of this wonderful flesh. She then went to rubbing on my dick again. I quickly dropped my pants and let a girl see my dick for the first time in my life and then got my first girl's hand around it. She might had given it 5 or 6 jerks when I exploded! I'd never cum so hard or so much in my young life as I did then. I knew a girl's thighs would feel good but I didn't know they'd feel THAT good.

After this trip, thanks to that beautiful Mexican girl that night, I quickly got into some heavy petting with my girlfriends and soon got to feel some tits and ass as well as legs while feeling girl's hands stroking my dick. That Mexican girl showed me there was a lot more to having sex with a girl than just getting pussy.



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