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Water Park Fun

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I just had one of those moments where they are so hot and make you so horny, I just had to write it. I'll have to admit this may not be as interesting for some people; but before we get to that I should provide you with a little background:

I'm gay and most of my friends are cool with it. That includes my (straight) friend Jimmy. He is one of those 'down home country boy' types with blond hair and the bluest eyes you have ever seen. He also has an amazing body, smooth with just the right amount of muscle. I found out from his ex that he has a seven inch cut dick and he knows how to use it. So, yes if you haven't figured it out, I think he is very cute.

Anyway, last year a church group of us took a trip to a new water park near where we live and he decided to bring his new girlfriend and two of her friends. We all hung out together and it was all cool until we decided to sit down.

He was wearing those swim trunks which don't have a liner or anything in them. I decided to lay down on a beach chair on my stomach facing them and he was sitting in the chair across from me and just happened to look up his shorts only to find his balls hanging out in my full view! Now, I understand that may sound gross and everything but trust me, it was awesome. And this was only the first of many peeks I got throughout the day; whether it be us fooling around on a tube in the lazy river up to the point that he put his thumbs in his shorts and flashed his girlfriend with me standing right there. It was very hot for me and, I'm not ashamed to say it made me very horny.

But the real fun came when it was time to leave. We both walked into the locker room together and got ready to change into some dry clothes. He started to put a towel around his waist and then he said,

'You know what man this isn't working, so you better get a good look cause this is the only time I'm showing you'

And with that he unveiled the best looking cock ever! It was actually all darker than the rest of his body. He had a dirty blond bush that almost looked brown surrounding his soft cock which had a perfect line where you could tell he was circumcised. He actually had a pretty nice sized pink head too. Under that were some low hanging balls that were also darker than his tan body with some hair on them I was memorized every time he would walk around making his dick bounce up and down; and the view from the back was even better. Unfortunately the moment which felt like eternity snapped back into 10 seconds and he put his boxers on.

At this point, I was nervous to take my shorts off. To describe myself, I have red hair and I'm kind of hairy all over, and my cock isn't the biggest only around 5.5 inches cut so I was worried about being made fun of. But I over came my fear and got dressed surprisingly not getting a boner the whole time.

After we left everyone was standing around and I whispered in his ear,

'I think your dick is cute.' and he just laughed and said, 'Thanks man'.

In the van ride home it was dark and I took a moment to look back to the seat behind me where his girlfriend and him were sitting. I noticed her hand was in his pants and the look on his face told me they were a little busy. A little while later he put his legs on the back of the seat right next to my face so I took the opportunity to rub his leg with my hand and he didn't seem to mind at all.

At this point, I wanted to get home so I could take care of myself, and after I got into bed I had the most amazing jackoff ever. I imagined we had each others cocks in our hands making out with each other and making each other cum. I literally came in two minutes and shot so hard it hit the headboard!

Now lets fast-foreword to what happened today:

The church had a free swim thing at a different smaller water park; it's really just a pool with some slides. But Jimmy was there and he brought his Girlfriend again. At one point, his girlfriend and I were trying to pull him under, one of us with each of his legs and, on accident, I touched his dick though his shorts. Then later, he was telling her he was trying to 'get rid of something' me being smart I went underwater and saw him playing with his boner under his shorts. It actually looked bigger than seven inches and I know he saw me cause he said to me when his girlfriend wasn't around, 'Don't tell anyone you saw that.'.

It also happened that we got dressed again but there were other people around so he wore a shirt while taking off his trunks but I got a really good look at his hairy butt; it's also cute. So, as expected, when I got home I jacked off again to that vision of his butt and dick burned in my mind. It only took like 30 seconds to cum.

Overall, just from other things he does I think he is bi-curious, but trust me, it's not a big deal. He knows that I like him and think that he is cute and all. I would love to see him naked again and maybe even have some fun!



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