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Time Flies When You're Wanking Together

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A first-time and real story, from the best of my memory of the day. How an ad for a "wank mate" became a marathon session, and the start of a great friendship.


I'm 35, and have had a couple of friends in the past who were very much into porn, like most normal guys are, and we used to swap video CDs back in our university days and jerk off while watching one or more together. These sessions didn't involve all three of us together, but were separate, although the guys knew of the other and the sessions. There was never any mutual jerking, although we'd copped some stray friendly fire a couple of times, which was the cause of a lot of laughter. As I've read so many times here, and as things go, people get hitched, priorities change and some move on. I still catch up with one every few months just to have a few drinks and hang out, but it seems like our porn catch-ups are years behind us; which I'm completely cool with as we're really good friends in general.

I put an ad online five years ago one weekend for a 'wank mate'. I referred to this situation, and was surprised at how many responses I received back. Most were one-line replies with dick-pics and leading questions for sex, which I definitely wasn't looking for.

Eventually, a day later I received a down-to-earth reply from an East Asian guy who I'll call Bryan; who was two years younger than me, and who messaged to say that he'd sometimes jerked off to porn with a roommate early in college while he was overseas on exchange. It had been a few years since he'd had done that with anyone. We hit it off really well in back-and-forth replies, eventually swapped email addresses, and arranged to catch up the next week. He lived in another area, a couple of hours away, and I told him I could head there with no problems. He was completely fine with me heading to his place, and seemed extremely trusting, so I offered to meet in public and decide whether to take things from there. We agreed to meet on the next Saturday morning at a train station near his place, instead of him just handing out his address.

I offered to bring some porn on a USB stick, which was a mix of straight professional/amateur couples and orgy porn. He told me that he had some as well, but to bring mine for sure. We'd already chatted a little about wanking habits and our dicks. Mine is 6 inches uncut when hard, but he wasn't sure about his own, as it never really occurred to him to measure up, which I found unusual but honest. He guessed that it was around the same. He told me that he was partially-cut from a tightness issue from an early age, but that it was practically uncut-looking when soft, and loose enough around the head when hard. We didn't swap photos, but we both agreed that it would be great to watch and wank like old times - just with someone new.

We met up as planned, and we were definitely a little nervous in-person, but we got along pretty well from the get-go. We headed to his apartment on foot, and got a couple of alcoholic drinks along the way to take back. Bryan was roughly the same medium build and height as me (slightly shorter), with good looks. I like to keep active and was happy to know I hadn't met up with a basement-dwelling, and really out-of-shape guy. We kept the chat to regular topics, and I got the feeling that we would've been content to just hang out in any normal situation. It was a fairly hot and humid day. I've traveled around a lot, but Sydney's heat always gets to me after a while, so we were fairly eager to get inside on that front at least!

When we got inside his place, we made what I'd call 'elephant in the room' chat about everything else for what seemed like ages, and I decided to break the ice by taking out my loaded-up USB stick. Bryan brought up the previews on his tv, and we scrolled through to one that seemed promising, which was one of an orgy in a European dance club. His place was a studio apartment, which was set up a little like a living room/study, with some pretty cool stuff, but no sofa. We sat on the floor side-by-side, and propped up against the edge of his bed, (with Bryan to my right), in front of the tv with our cans of drinks. We were mostly quiet for a bit while we watched what was going on, on the screen. We made a few comments how intense the scene was, and he said he liked it and that it was a great choice. I was getting hard, although I had a small combination of the shakes from nerves and the freezing air conditioner (which I jokingly blamed him for later). I pressed my cock a little through my shorts to get things going fully down there. Although we were focused on the action in the porno, after a while, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Bryan had nudged his own growing bulge with his arm, so I took the lead in being more open about pawing mine and pulling at it gently.

Eventually I unzipped my shorts, and slid my hand inside to play with my cock through my briefs. I couldn't be sure at the time that my new friend was paying much or any attention to what I was doing; but after what seemed like an eternity, he unzipped his own shorts to reveal his loose and tented cotton boxers. We continued what we were doing for a few minutes, before I took the lead again, and released my swollen cock from its prison. I openly jerked it slowly at a gentle pace. It had been about four days since I'd last jerked off- so that and the intense situation was something which could have sent me beyond the point of no return very easily. One thing about me is that I leak precum like no tomorrow, so I'd had a fair build up in the meantime. I glanced over and Bryan had finally decided to take his fully-hard cock out and was slowly jerking it.

His cock was a little thicker than mine, while mine was thinner but slightly longer. I noticed as well, that we were both prolific leakers, so I asked him to pass a conveniently-placed tissue box to mop up, as it can get a bit annoying for me with too little friction. Bryan did so, and surprised me by then sliding his shorts down and kicked them to the side. Now, he was  only wearing a black tee; and his leg was touching mine. His balls were also slightly larger, looked very full, and he had an impressive set all-round. I followed suit and took my shorts and underwear off completely. After hesitating slightly, wondering if he'd purposely made physical contact before, I moved my slightly shaky leg to rest against his.

We continued jerking for what seemed like another 5 minutes, watching the video intently. That video ended, and we changed to another which was similarly action-packed. I joked about having to continually having to mop up, and that it was a good sign of horniness. Bryan agreed and took another tissue to attend to his own stream of pre.

I said something along the lines of "this is crazy", as I paused my stroking to hold my cock down to wipe the wet head. Bryan grinned in agreement, then after maybe another minute or so, turned to me, frowned slightly and gently asked, "Can I try?"

I hadn't expected that at all, as we'd agreed over email that we weren't up for anything but a hands-to-ourselves wank session; but there was no way I was saying no, given how horny I was, and that we got along really well from the get-go.

Bryan moved his left hand over to my cock, as I released my grip, and took it lightly, and ran his index finger around the head. I leaned back slightly, relaxed my legs with my right leg now firmly up against his; giving him the all-clear, as he ran his hand down the shaft and cupped my balls gently. I breathed deeply while he started to pump my cock, and I placed my hand on his shoulder. Bryan continued to jerk his cock at the same time, and the feeling and sight was incredible.

I asked him to stop for a moment, and gave my cock another wipe while he did the same, and he returned to jerking me at a moderate pace. I said something along the lines of "alright, let me help you, too", and he moved his arm enough for me to take hold of his cock.  It felt thick and slightly stumpy to the touch, in the seated position; and played with his warm balls before taking his cock fully in my hand to jerk it.

I thought that the movements would have been awkward with the arm overlap, but surprisingly we were able to mutually jerk each other off easily. A couple of times, I nearly brought Bryan to the edge, and likewise I was close to cumming a couple of times myself. We alternated between jerking each other and ourselves, and took a few breaks to mop up over and over. Bryan eventually said that he needed a break, went over to his kitchenette to get some water. Being somewhat curious, I was amazed at how good his bare butt looked, from across the room.

I got up to follow him to get some water too, and we stood around chatting at the sink with our now half-hard cocks facing each other. We were still glancing at the vid which was playing, while standing side-on to it. We compared cocks while still facing each other, and we moved closer to see how they paired up, our cocks nudging together briefly. As we were no longer sitting, we had a good sense of the slight differences in our cock lengths and sizes, and we talked about how good it feels to cum inside girls, while checking out a creampie situation on the tv. We continued to lightly mutually jack each other, and we both looked at the tv on-and-off.

Bryan changed videos which we watched for a little before he laughed, nodded towards the screen and said "I don't think we need 'that' all that much now."

I laughed and agreed, and we moved to the centre of the room, sat on the floor facing each other, positioned ourselves in the 'scissors' position, and continued on with out combination of mutual and solo jerking. We were intensely watching the other, and made eye contact a few times and gave other encouragemt. 

Seeing Bryan's cock and heavy balls was ultimately getting too much for me to handle, and I breathed, "I have to cum soon.'"

Bryan replied, "Me too, man!"

We both leaned back, watching the other wank intently. I moaned, tensed my legs as a sign that I was about to cum, and shot a huge series of streams of cum up to my chest.

Bryan breathed loudly and trembled, as he released an even larger load all over his torso.

Instead of hurrying to clean up, we stayed like that for a couple of minutes, commenting on how unbelievably great that had all been.

Eventually Bryan says "Whoo. Well I guess we'd better shower, if you want one."

I picked up his cue that it was an open invitation, and we showered and helped each other clean up. After that, we hung around in his place for a little, chatting about regular movies, and then went to get dinner before I headed back again.

To this date, we've become fantastic friends, and have repeated our sessions and more, almost each time we catch up. The one thing we're both baffled on with the first encounter above, is how it's we started at roughly 10:30am, and left his place for food at around 6pm. Thinking back, we'd thought we'd watched just a couple of pornos, and the whole experience feels like it took place within an hour. Hence the title!

I've tried to get the story as accurate to my memory as possible, mostly as a tribute to the event, but it's one of my best inspirations for a solo wank. Thanks for reading!



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