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Watching Susan

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I have many stories since I was single until age 35, then married for 12 years, then single for another 10 years.


Mid 1970's, age 35 at the time.

I had resigned my position to relocate to another state and it was during my last couple of days of my current employment. On Wednesday, the boss announced that the following day at 2:00pm the Senior VP would hold a meeting to discuss future projects. Since I was a short-timer I was not invited to the meeting and the boss assigned me and Susan (the department secretary) to baby-sit the office while I cleaned up my files to turn over to other co-workers.

A little background on Susan: early 20's, blonde, about 5' 1.1/2', petite build, no tits to speak of, but a nice ass. She lived close to New York City and often would go home after work, catch a few hours sleep, go to the NY clubs around midnight, then home for a couple of hours sleep and back to work. She was a might bit on the wild side, one might say at that time.

About our office setup: The office was in the shape of an L with double glass doors at the top of the L leading into a perpendicular hallway and a bank of elevators beyond the hall. Thus, from my desk I could see anyone getting on or off the elevators and tell if they were coming into our office or taking the hallway left or right to another office. Susan's desk was at the base of the L and to the right; she had no view of the door. Also at the base of the L and opposite Susan's desk was a wall of filing cabinets, also out of view of the door.

On the day of the meeting and after everyone left for it, Susan (wearing a thin one-piece summer dress) came over to my desk and leaned over it facing me. I had a nice view down the front of her top and could almost make out her pert nipples resting inside her bra. As I said, she had tiny tits that barely needed a bra anyway. She said to me, I know you are a pervert and try to look down my dress and up my skirt. (Both true!) But it excites me that you do this. I am going to give you a little going away present, but it is also a gift to myself. You see, I like having an audience when I do naughty things. And I have just gotten off my period and I am totally horny. So I am going to go over in front of the file cabinets and get myself off right here. I want you to watch me, but you have to stay here at your desk to watch the door and let me know if someone is coming in. And this NEVER happened, right?

Talk about a dream cum true! I readily agreed and sat back in my chair praying that the fucking elevators would have a malfunction and NO-one would arrive on our floor. Those prayers were not answered, but the following DID happen.

Susan went over to the files, lifted her skirt and removed her panties. She then came back to my desk and handed them to me saying, Something to remember me by, and went back to the filing cabinets. I quickly stuffed her panties into my attache case. She then squatted down (in a baseball catcher's stance) and lifted her skirt up to her waist and spread her beautiful thighs wide facing me, about 15 feet away.

I had a full view of her snatch. She had a small tuft of wispy blond hair around her pussy. Susan licked two fingers of her right hand and lowered them to her crotch and immediately began vigorously stroking her clit. Oh, damn, she said, God, I need this! And she then proceeded to alternate between jamming those two fingers into her cunt and rubbing her clit. Are you watching? Is your cock hard? she asked. YES is all I could answer (while watching her and the damned elevators and the office door).

Then she totally blew me away by saying, I usually want to shoot piss when I cum, but I can't here in the office. But you can think about me squirting my pee as I cum. Oh, how I wish we could do that, and have you jerk your cock and shoot your cum on my face while I cum and shoot my piss.

You can imagine how hard and horny I was at this moment. And to have her panties to take home was just heaven. It took only about five minutes of her masturbating and moaning with her fingers in her pussy, and then she yelled, Cumming, I'm fucking cumming for us! She got up, lowered her skirt, went to her desk, picked up her purse and marched out the door toward the restroom, I guess to clean up (or maybe cum again?).

The next day I arrived at work anxious to see Susan. But she called in sick. And at the end of the day, the boss came over to me and said, Since all of your work has been turned over, and there is nothing left for you to do, you can have your final day off tomorrow with full pay. In other words, Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. I never saw Susan again except in my memories as I stroked my dick while holding her panties up to my nose and mouth.



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