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Most Memorable Encounter

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I stumbled upon Solo Touch two months ago and I sure enjoy it.


This encounter occurred nearly 20 years ago but do I ever remember it. At the time, it was sure needed and who it involved was one very special lady.

At the time, my wife and I were seperated which eventually ended in a divorce. She had been gone for two or so months. On this Spring morning, I went out into my back yard to do some watering. I hadn't been out there five minutes when I noticed my neighbor one house up was also out watering. We knew each other and she knew about the separation. Her name was Karen and she was around 28 at the time and divorced.

We waved at each other. Of course I couldn't help but notice her dressed as she was. She was a tall woman and a perfect weight. On this morning, she was wearing a pair of shorts that really showed off her long beautiful legs. The house between us was unoccupied at the time and I just had to have a better (and closer) look at her. So, I laid down my water hose and went across the empty house's back yard to get right next to her yard.

We talked as she watered and all the while I was taking in her body with my eyes. Karen noticed this and said 'How long have you been without now'? I answered 'Excuse me'? She then said 'You know what I mean: a woman'. This caught me by surprise and I wasn't sure how to answer her. I answered 'Well, to tell you the truth, it has been months'. She then said 'Poor man. That's got to be rough'. I answered 'I guess you noticed' referring to my standing there checking her body out like I was.

She then said 'Phil, what say let's go inside and I'll treat you to a woman's touch, for a change'. I again was caught off guard and wasn't sure what to say and I just stood there. She then said 'Come on now. The way you've been eyeing my legs I know you'd love to get your hands on them. Men always have'. When she said this that did it. I now couldn't wait to get into her house! I, of course, had in mind getting between those legs and into her pussy as we went in.

We got in and Karen told me 'I'm not talking about us having intercourse. But, we can sure do other things, if you know what I mean'. I answered 'Fine with me'. Anything would had been fine just so long as I could get my hands on that fine piece of flesh standing before me. I was already hard as a rock and it was easy to see in the shorts I was wearing. Karen walked over to me giving me a kiss and running her hand over my hard cock. I reached around her cupping her beautiful ass in my hands. Karen then said 'Let's get out of these things'.

We both took off our clothes. Karen was absolutely stunning looking as she stood before me nude. We came together with her hand around my cock and me with my hand between her legs against her pussy. We soon made it over to her sofa and sat down. I then went to kissing and sucking on her tits. They felt fantastic. All the while, my hand and fingers were busy with her pussy. She soon came twice before pushing my hand away telling me 'Easy'. It took her a minute to get her breath back.

She then started concentrating on my cock. She laid her head on my stomach looking at it telling me 'I just love watching a man cum' as she stroked her hand up and down the shaft. She took her hand down to her pussy getting it wet with pussy juice and back to my cock. I had my hand between her legs feeling the wonderful softness of her inner thighs. I didn't last any time at all before going off. She had my cock pointing straight up and when I came my cum went straight up and back down on my cock and her hand. It felt fantastic. I sure needed this. Both the getting off and the feel of a woman's flesh.

I ended up going over to visit Karen quite often after this first encounter and she also came over to see me. But, she finally ended up finding her a gentleman friend much more her age and our thing with each other came to an end. It sure hurt at the time when I'd see his car over at Karen's house and knowing that he was over there between those legs of hers. I know he was sure enjoying it. I sure did!



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