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Watching Her Really Turned Me On

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I'm 24 and am in a serious relationship with a man. I have been having an 'affair' with a lesbian who is also in a relationship. She's a few years older than me. We met about a year ago and hit it off right away. We started having an emotional (non physical) relationship but talked about sex quite often. If it weren't for the fact that we live a few hours apart and are both involved with other people we would have already had sex months prior.
I've known I liked women since I was about 17. But when I met my boyfriend a few years later, any sexual thoughts I had of women basically disappeared. About two years ago I started thinking about women again. I began to have strong sexual urges and thought about being with a woman almost every day.... perhaps more. Within months I had finally 'experienced a woman' and loved it. My boyfriend knew about this and was fine with it.
So anyway, Last year I met this girl, whom I'll call CC, and started to have a non-physically romantic relationship. My boyfriend has no idea and assumes we're just friends. About nine or ten months into our 'affair' is when we finally kissed. Since then we have fooled around only a few times but whenever we have the chance.
Just recently I went on vacation with CC and her girlfriend. I was hoping (but not expecting) that we'd somehow find some time alone. As it turns out, we did. Her girlfriend went out for the night and left us alone in the room. A few minutes after she left CC asked me if I would give her a massage. We both knew what this was starting but couldn't control ourselves. We are both incredibly horny people. As I was rubbing her shoulders I could tell she was getting very turned on and the massage slowly turned into something 'a little less innocent.'
CC kind of felt guilty because her girlfriend obviously trusted her alone with me. I totally understood. So we decided to masturbate for each other rather than have sex. Yes, it's still bad but better than what could have happened. The room was small and there were two single beds on each side. The beds were only about three feet from each other so we weren't very far apart.
I kept my eyes glued on CC as I slipped my hand down my pants and into my panties. She had lifted up her shirt and had no bra on. She has gorgeous breasts and her nipples were standing straight up. This, of course, really turned me on and made me anticipate her next move. She then took her pants off and slipped her panties down to her ankles. I started fingering myself a bit faster at this point. I was watching her fingers rub her clit and became very wet. I was so into what she was doing that it was hard to concentrate on myself. My eyes went back and forth from her face to her fingers. She began to moan and I could tell she was really enjoying what she was doing, as was I. Then she repositioned so I could have a better view. She spread her legs wide open and her pussy was facing me. This turned me on immensely and made me even hornier. I started rubbing myself harder and faster. All of the sudden her moans became louder and I knew she was coming. I continued to rub myself as I watched her have her orgasm. A few minutes after she came I exploded and had my own amazing orgasm. I think I was throbbing all night long after that.
I loved that she put on that little show for me. What a turn on! She is so sexy and I can't wait to do it again.



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