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This is a 100% true experience I had back in the early 1980's


Years ago, when citizen's band radio first arrived in the UK, I was working as a company representative and traveling extensively so I bought a CB set and fitted it in my car to help pass the long hours of driving. Shortly after I started using the radio, I began talking to a woman in the next town from mine. At first our conversation fluttered around general topics like news, weather, what we were going to do on the weekend and other casual subjects. After a short time our conversations became more, I wouldn't say sexual, but definitely full of innuendo and suggestive banter. Some of it was really suggestive!

You have to realise that this was CB radio so anyone with a CB radio could listen to what we were saying, though we were of course completely anonymous.

Anyway, this particular afternoon I was trying to explain to her how she was making me sort of uncomfortable with her comments and she pressed me for details. In a roundabout way I told her that I had an erection like nothing I'd had in some time and was having a hard time sitting still. I could hear the smile in her voice as she asked me what I was going to do about it.

I told her that I was parked in a lane near her house and was masturbating, not in those exact words since I knew others were listening intently, but she knew what I meant. Her voice changed and an excitement filled the air waves. She made it clear that she wanted, no needed to get to me and asked for my location, she told me later that she was intending to cycle there. At this time, the other people that had been conversing on that channel had gone quiet, probably listening closely for more details. I don't think they could quite believe what they were hearing. I tried to explain where I was discretely but she couldn't follow my hints and my over excited babble. Frustrated she was going to miss the moment, she suggested I might like a little more comfort at her house.

We had never met before and we didn't know each other apart from our CB conversations, which were many. She lived just a mile or so away from where I was parked so I followed her directions and was soon on her street and seeing this woman, a few years younger than me standing by the side of the road. I guess she wanted to make sure I didn't drive past. I had already described my car to her so when I pulled up she walked over, leaned on the passenger door and asked if I was, well me. I said yes, voice a bit shaky, and she immediately pulled the front of her sweater down displaying her naked breasts to me and asked 'Do you think these might help?' I stared for a few seconds and whispered 'yes, they certainly would'.

She was quite an attractive young lady. I would say in her late 20's to early 30's. Her nipples were already hard and her face just a tad flushed. I knew she was just as aroused as I was.

She asked if I wanted to go into the house with her, making it very clear that no one else was home, and we'd be all alone. Throwing all caution to the wind I eagerly accepted and followed her inside. As soon as the door closed behind us, she told me I had made her so excited she just had to meet me. She said she loved everything about male masturbation, but had only ever seen it once and that her husband refused to give her that pleasure. I asked if she wanted to watch me, god recalling this is making me so horny, and she just nodded, eyes wide and filled with excitement.

At first it was a bit awkward, I wasn't sure what she expected me to do or what she wanted to see or where I was suppose to go. Did she want me to strip right there in the hallway and begin? I hesitantly told my concerns, not wanting to spoil anything that might happen, but she immediately understood.

'Just do what you're comfortable with and I'll help,' she replied in the softest, soothing voice. She crossed her arms and peeled off her top. Her small, round breasts were bare and her nipples were rock hard as she cupped her breasts, offering them to me. We moved together and I kissed her, my hands on her breasts. She reached down between us and gave my cock a squeeze, already it was getting hard again and she whispered 'do it for me'. She sat on the stairs and asked me to stand in front of her, right up close so she could see everything. I slowly dropped my trousers and underwear then reached for my cock and started stroking. I tried to keep things slow at first, giving her a chance to get a good look. I heard her breath catch when I reached down with my other hand and began to play with my balls. She seemed mesmerised, watching my hands work and then she would look at my face. Seeing the excitement on her face soon got me fully hard and the awkwardness disappeared. She definitely wanted a front row view of me masturbating. After a minute or so of watching me stroke my cock, she wriggled to the edge of the stair and reaching under her skirt, removed her panties. She then leaned back against the stairs and pulled her skirt up. Slowly, she spread her legs, her pussy was hairless and the lips were swollen and open. Most men would want to fuck at this point, but I just watched her, knew that what I was doing was for her and she loved it. Looking me in the eye, she reached between her legs and started fingering herself. I could see the wetness on her fingertips as she fucked herself with them and the sound of her fingers moving inside her was about all I could take. Seconds later I was cumming like crazy, my sperm shot all over her thighs and feet. As it hit her, she too started cumming, arching her back and strumming her clit like crazy and God, was she wet.

We took a moment to relax and then she got up and went to the other room for some tissues to wipe us clean. After, she cradled my softening cock in her hands, gave me a long deep kiss and said 'I really want to do this again.' and we did, quite a few times.



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