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Paula Watched

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This story is about masturbation, even though it may not sound like it at first.


I grew up at the beach and my small group of friends consisted of two other guys and one gal named Paula. Paula surfed with us so it was only natural that she tagged along home with us for lunch. Paula was built like a "Brick shit-house", as my friend's dad used to say. She was tall, blonde and looked like a glamour model, not one of those twiggy types but not the least bit fat. None of us were, we were outdoors so much. If it wasn't surfing, it was swimming or kayaking. Skiing in the winter, north of us in Mammoth.

One day it rained so we decided to stay in and play poker. We never played for much money, maybe a dollar, tops as the maximum bet. With acey ducey it could get much more than that though. To make a long story short Paula lost a couple hundred dollars on a bet she really shouldn't have made, since she couldn't afford to lose it. We all felt bad about it cause we talked her into making it since it was almost a sure thing. We would have been truly happy for her had she won. She started crying and saying she wasn't going to be able to pay her rent. She then had an idea, she said her blowjobs were worth a couple of hundred and would anybody like one?

We all thought she was kidding and started to laugh. Paula was a babe and everything but she had a BF we all knew about and so sex was never part of the picture between us. Albeit I did love looking at her in a bikini. I was first to say I'd give her the money for a Beege, as we used to call it. Before the guys knew what was going on Paula and I were walking to a back bed room. She started taking off her clothes in front of a mirror while I sat on the bed behind her so I had a perfect view, either looking directly between the crack of her ass at the most perfect pussy I had ever seen, or from the front via the mirror at her blonde bush.

Now this was not part of the deal, I thought I'd just pull out my cock and she would stay dressed, but hell if I was going to argue. She then asked if maybe we should make out first to get in the mood. My cock was straining in my pants as soon as I saw her cunt, but again, why argue? As I was kissing her I just naturally made my way back down to her beaver and started licking, after I was done with her magnificent tits. In less than thirty seconds she started to shake and arched her back into my tongue. She said she had never come so fast in her life and I was the best pussy licker she ever had. She wished her BF could take lessons from me but he wasn't in to that. I was into whatever Paula was into. I told her I wanted to fuck her but she said that wouldn't be fair to her BF. I guess BJ's are fine but fucking is out. I never could get that logic. But I wasn't there to argue, I was there to get my boner sucked.

She kneeled over me and put her pussy back in my face while she lowered her lips around my cock and started going to town on it. All this time I was getting a eyeful of the perfect pussy. It was so tight I had trouble getting my thumb into it. To this day I have only met one girl with a snapper other than Paula. Paule was such a large gal I would never have suspected her pussy to be so small. Like I said she was tall, maybe five ten, if I recall. At about this time I realized she wasn't really any good at giving a blow job.

After a while she said her mouth was getting tired. A lot of gals have that problem with me since my penis is a good six and half inches around. A least it's straight as an arrow. Paula commented on that too, she said most cocks curve to on way or another. She said mine was perfect and her pussy was getting wetter just looking at it. I should have taken that as a hint she now wanted me to fuck her but was kinda new at the game. She got up to take a drink of soda and again I got a great view of her body so my hand just naturally went to stroking my cock. This, it turns out, is her ultimate fantasy, to see a guy jerk off. She asks if I'd do it for her cause her pussy was just dripping now, she said.

I'm laying there stroking and all the time she's just staring at my cock and saying how beautiful it is. She's got both hands buried in her crotch and she's kind of bouncing on bent knees. She sensed I was getting close to shooting and asked where the jism was going to go. I replied straight up, maybe to the ceiling. She said it would be shame for it to go to waste so she'd swallow it, just tell her when. When I gave her the high sign she took just the head in her mouth and sucked the come right out of it. It was wonderful to feel that warmth at the perfect time. Paula made a face as she swallowed it, quick got up and took a swallow of soda.

After this some times while surfing she'd ask again to watch me, we'd paddle out far from shore and I'd sit straddling my board and pull my cock out of my OP's with my back to land. Paula would giggle in delight when seeing it shoot. She also loved watching me pee. She said my penis was mesmerizing. To this day I love pulling it out and seeing the expression of girl's faces, first of disbelief, then of subtle approval. Sometimes there hand joins in to help.

What can I say, when you have a perfect penis girls can't help themselves. Just like us guys can't when we such a gorgeous cunt.



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